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Feedback - general

A topic by krijnsent created Dec 12, 2019 Views: 162
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After playing the game on my PC for quite some time I have a couple of bugs/requests. First of all: can we somehow help coding/improving the game? And:

  • The darker colored civs (dark blue mainly) should have white text city names, as black is unreadable
  • In the Civ overview, I can't see which color matches with which Civ, could you add something there?
  • "Next unit" -> this list is set up at the start of the round, but this fails in the following circumstances:
    • I select a unit manually and move it, it will still be selected as "next unit" although it has 0 moves left, so for  "next unit", add a condition: has > 0 moves left.
    • If I have a unit that can attack twice (upgrade), the unit will be selected in "next unit" one time, I attack and then a next unit will be selected, despite my unit having some moves left. Logically, I would expect this unit to show up again in the "next unit" list. So at the end of the list, renew the list with all units that have > 0 moves left and no standing orders (like move, defend, improve).
  • Civ specific stuff: I found out that most civs have a unique building, but there is no way to find them. IIRC, in WoE 1, there was some info on them in the Civ selection, but I don't see that info in WoE 2. Could you re-add that?
  • Settings: 
    • once I loaded a game, I can't change the settings like music, is it an option to add that menu in-game?
    • I'd like to switch off the sound of e.g. archers & catapults shooting, can that be added?
    • Please add an option  "quick units", without animations when attacking.
  • Diplomacy: this works rather rudimentary, any chance it can be updated/improved?
  • AI: also works rather rudimentary, any chance you can open up parts of the code to let people help you with better AI?
  • Maps: see this article for a different/better map generating algorithm example:
  • Nice to have: building orders list

Keep up the good work!