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A topic by Miektastic created Feb 18, 2017 Views: 141
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the game is way too dark in certain areas, and relies too heavily on modern post-processing and motion blur to even look impressive. "less is more", i'd say, try to make it look realistic, not flashy and bright. and the key to creating a creepy atmosphere is not making a PT clone, it's not drenching the world in darkness, it's not having moving chairs or making people feel like there's a jumpscare coming. you say your game doesn't rely on jumpscares, but you sure as hell rely on the player thinking there will be one. the atmosphere isn't creepy or scary in any way, the only thing lingering in the atmosphere is the possibility that a jumpscare is going to come out at you when walking through narrow hallways and doors that suddenly close by themselves. and as for the darkness, i'd say use shadows, not darkness. focus on making only certain areas dark, use light sources to create shadows that might create a creepy atmosphere or that look creepy. as for just having a lack of light to make everything dark, that's not creepy.

and the wobbling walking bob is kinda awful, so is the movement speed.

and there's a code required for the doors? since this isn't in any way shown or even hinted towards, i really don't think a lot of people are going to figure that out. i certainly didn't think there was a code for the doors, since i never got any indication of going through the right or the wrong door, nor was i told or shown that i had to pick the right door. if anything, i think people are going to think it's like stanley's parable, where you just pick whichever door you want and things happen from there. so that was confusing and unclear.

and i'm not a fan of the hallway clearly just created to show off more of those post-processing details. that's not scary or creepy, it does nothing for a horror game to have a hallway like that. not only does it not keep anyone on their toes, but i think it effectively distances them from the game - something you don't want to do in a horror game, make the player feel less involved and immersed in the game. if anything, i was kinda expecting a platforming section, judging by that hallway. it would fit better in a futuristic action playforming game than in a horror/creepy game.

overall, not horror, not creepy, you included jumpscares despite saying you wouldn't (a jumpscare isn't necessarily a face popping up on screen shouting, but for example a door slamming shut next to the player to make them jump in their chair. and the in-game error message popping up, which first of all only works if the player uses windows 10, which i don't, and second of all is also a jumpscare). you focus and rely way too heavily on post-process effects and darkness, and not in a smart way to create shadows and creepy atmosphere. the walking speed and the wobbling bob is horrible. and the door puzzle was incredibly unclear that it was even a puzzle. and lose the futuristic neon hallway.

this felt more like you testing out new things, new effects, new ideas, and mashed some of them together into just a random project, than an actual planned game, or a planned section out of a game.