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Patch notes Sticky

A topic by Dr. Whoop created 242 days ago Views: 516 Replies: 1
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Developer (Edited 8 times)

0.9.4 - 26/03/2017

This patch contains many foundation changes & fixes preparing the game for the upcoming gameplay and objective additions.

  • Improved train behaviour
    • More tweaks to physics to make the train less likely to jump off the track unintentionally
    • Added a cabin light indicator showing if your target speed is forward, stationary or backwards
    • Made it easier to come to a complete stop
    • Tweaked camera position to make it easier to see where you are going
    • Improved behaviour when leaving the track: A train which is rolling along the floor can now hop back onto an approaching track piece, and will no longer flip sideways if it becomes confused
  • Replaced the old place-holder music with new place-holder music
  • Improved behaviour and visibility of cursor
  • Menu changes & improvements
  • Sample track for the furniture room

0.9.3 - 26/02/2017

  • Added reversing. Not much use now but will be necessary when carriages are added. You can reverse by reducing your speed control all the way down, or by going up a slope too slowly.
  • Music toggle
  • Improved train behaviour at very high and very low speeds
  • Going up and down slopes in a loop should no longer increase your speed over time.
  • Fixed a crash if there was no track in the train starting location
  • Track highlighting and the cursor should now be correctly hidden when in train mode
  • New tool tips
  • Fixed low texture resolution on some furniture and added LoD models for performance

0.9.2 - 20/02/2017

  • Various improvements to track suggestions and compatibility
  • Reverse direction now works properly on bridges
  • Selecting a turn and trying to build a straight section will now offer the choice of a junction
  • Physics have been refined so you should now only get enough air to leave the track if you go fast off an upwards ramp. Removed 'stick' mode as it should hopefully no longer be necessary
  • Fixed a bug which meant the train would repeatedly phase through the track after restarting
  • Added some tooltip pop-ups
  • Remade Undo to work better
  • Train is now automatically reset when the track is cleared

0.9.1 - 19/02/2017

  • Removed broken game shortcut
  • Moved the starting location of the train camera to make dashboard controls more visible
  • Attempting to jump from a Turn piece should now work properly
  • Sound attenuation for the train
  • Basic Save/Load feature - Current only supports 1 track set at a time
  • Fixed a problem preventing the building of a Crossing if it would join up with a Junction
  • Fixed some shading problems on Bridges

0.9.0 - 17/02/2017

  • Proper gravity, momentum and slope acceleration
    • The train now speeds up going downhill and jumps off slopes if you are going fast. If you just want the train to stick to the track, pressing Space will keep the train safely attached (indicated by the green light in the train)
  • Basic graphics options and performance improvements
  • Flying movement is now the default, you can still switch between modes by pressing F
  • Fixed the 'Clear' option binding so you can now properly deselect pieces
  • Bridge sections can now be selected when you have no current piece
  • Smoother and faster changing of current height in flying mode
  • Train movement is now smoother on turns and bridges
  • Fixed horizontal speed changing depending on framerate
  • Fixed horizontal speed changing depending on how far up/down you were looking

0.8.5 - 15/02/2017

  • Train can now be reset back to the default position by holding T, and this will automatically happen if the train leaves the tracks.
  • The movement mode you were previously in is now remembered and used after selecting a piece.
  • Altered main menu, added fullscreen button
  • Pieces available for selection are now highlighted when you hover over them.
  • Improved Flying mode controls, plus a new 3D cursor to give a better sense of depth and location.

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