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Dive Hard: Secrets of Divasutra a silly game for Android!

A topic by Impressive Entertainment created Feb 17, 2017 Views: 374 Replies: 1
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Hello mates, we are happy to just published a beta version of Dive Hard: Secrets of Divasutra so let us post here is our page first post:

Dive Hard: Secrets of Divasutra page on

We inform you that we just published the first beta version of our vertical-scrolling 2D arcade game for mobile devices: Dive Hard: Secrets of Divasutra. Most Stupid Game of The Year Edition (data taken from the grand jury of our studio).

Dive Hard is a game about how a perfect body hero can perform the most silly acrobatics in a dive without dying in the attemp. We developed this game with on single goal: to cover all of your procrastination demands and we are working hard to achieve it! Dive Hard is made for play in those moments to waste your time. No more, no less.

But at this point we need you. It would be honored if you give try this version and give us the most sincere feedback:



This versions counts with:

  • Game's Tutorial
  • 2 different scenes from where to dive: Beach and Pool (with 3 stages each)
  • 8 unique acrobatics. See:
    • The Trunk (UP)
    • The Pine (DOWN)
    • The Bomb (RIGHT)
    • The Eel (LEFT)
    • The Dancer (UP2)
    • The Twisted towel (DOWN2)
    • The Paratrooper (RIGHT2)
    • The Hip movement (LEFT2)

We're working on more scenes and acrobatics for the upcoming updates. For this enterprise we're collecting new acrobatics to perform into the Ancient Book of Divasutra so anyone who has any acrobatic that would be nice to perform in a dive, please send us a concept or a basic animation and we'll expose the as soon as possible and with luck add some of them to the game!

Finally but not less important, Dive Hard is TOTALLY free for gamers but we are trying hard to fund this project so we would appreciate any kind of donation and for this purpose we gift with the unique Dive Hard OST as a reward for +3€ donations. Do not wait to delight your ears!


Hi Divers,

We've recently updated our release with a substantial patch and we would inform of changes:


Major content changes

  • Added 8 more acrobatics to perform. Including The Jackson Spin, Tha Sanic Spin or The Vitruvius Man
  • 2 new scenes from where to dive
  • Full experience points system to unlock new acrobatics and scenes.
  • You can share your score via Twitter
  • Game Over screen

Minor changes

  • Changed buttons on the selection stage screen
  • Now there won't be any pose left when timer ends in the Pre Dive Party
  • New social buttons into the Settings menu screen
  • Lots of bug fixing

As commented before, if anyone has comments, issues or suggestions about the game, don't hesitate to give us feedback. We invoke your rages to improve the game!

Good Dive!