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A tycoon game where you are running an airline. · By Tjoeker, pjank42

Can't choose destination

A topic by wertousekCZE created 43 days ago Views: 33 Replies: 1
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When i want to make a new route, i can't choose destination, It shows me only the one airport and that's my home airport from where i want to fly, can you help me please?


Have you already made reservations for slots?

If not: go to the airports list. (click on 'airports' in the menu) and rent slots for the airports you want to fly to.

If you did: some airports are slot controlled which means you can't fly to them immediately. You have to wait for the next season. To create these routes in advance you have to select 'for next season' at the top of the route create window.

I hope this helps.