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This gravity-defying 3D Platformer takes you on a surreal trip through a twisted virtual network. · By Odrez (Fumiko Games)

Fumiko arrived on! Sticky

A topic by Odrez (Fumiko Games) created Feb 16, 2017 Views: 247 Replies: 4
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Hey folks and Indie Game lovers! To provide you a DRM free version of Fumiko! that you can copy around and share with your friends, I uploaded this game to this beautiful site. Please leave me your feedback if you played the game!


Thanks for posting. I noticed that you're currently hosting your demos on another site. You can host demos directly on! Just upload the file, and select the Demo checkbox next to the file. Thanks


That sounds great! I'll do that right away.


I'll use that as a reason to update the demos to a new version and combine them into a single download.