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Song Request (Blues and Jazz)

A topic by blackcats created 71 days ago Views: 76 Replies: 1
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Can someone please name a:

- Jazz song that can basically be a substitute for the best acid money can buy. I want something that I can get arrested for listening to (if you can understand what I mean). In English: A really trippy Jazz song.

- A very morbid Blues song. Something that actually makes you feel what the performer is feeling. For example: a song about a dead/freed slave recalling his hardships (I don't know if there is a very big market for concept Blues songs >_>). I am not looking to extract a feeling of happiness here (I do also assume the genre is called 'The Blues' for a reason <_<).

I would prefer that the song's main instrumental focus is guitar.


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Hi there!

It's a spacious request. Each song feels different for everyone, it is more abour your own background.

This is not exactly what are you asking for, but here is what I can give you: