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Questions about Jazz

A topic by adamjohnson created 73 days ago Views: 54
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Hello! I am an Interior Design Student and I'm starting a project for a Jazz Museum. I need anyone and everyone to help out with my questionaire for my beginning research! I know that all of these questions could be talked about in great length, but just short answers are all I'm looking for now. But of course if you'd like to talk in depth, thats ok too. Anything would be helpful and if you have any extras you want to talk about feel free. Thanks!!


What is the heart of jazz?

What are five words to describe jazz?

Would you prefer an intimate venue or one that is more open and grand?

If you are a performer, how do you like your audience to be around you?

Do you prefer an elevated platform or a flat surface for entertaining?

What kinds of things would make you not want to go to a certain place to see jazz?

What are the top five things you think should be covered in a jazz museum?

What colors to you think embody the world of jazz?

Do you see jazz in black and white or in color?

If you could relate jazz to an architectural style, which style would it be?

What would make you feel comfortable in an instrumental classroom setting?

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