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Keyboard Kommander

Your keyboard is the weapon to save the world from the Orthographimancer! · By keyboardkommander, Chris Dougherty, Germlord, cloudhero

Combo Coins

A topic by keyboardkommander created Feb 16, 2017 Views: 262 Replies: 4
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So one of the major new changes in the latest update are combo coins. I didn't make any major changes to how combo coins work but you can now see your active combo coins in your fort at any given time.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this new UI change?


I nerfed combo coins a bit. They were overpowered. I'm not sure if I'll be changing these again.


The Coin Generator is also a little too powerful even on Keyboard Kommander mode. I can quickly amass a large number of coins, which is nice since it makes it easier, but in harder modes it'd be nice to get a more fierce challenge.


Have you tried in the latest build. I made it so you can only regenerate after hitting a zombie.

Yes, the Coin Generator is still overpowered, but it's less IDKFA godmode and more secret turbo mode. Maybe only allow two purchases per level?