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Update (12.02.2017)

A topic by MOKKA created Feb 12, 2017 Views: 311 Replies: 2
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I did a new update! Again, it's a small one but the day where I will add more substantial stuff is coming soonish. I also started using itch's build in patch tools. For this time, you need to download the newest version of the game manually, but for every update after that, the game should automatically update, the next time you start it. That is, if you're using the app, which you totally should.

Now onto the notes:

  • Added a new track that plays when you activate hyper mode at level 4
  • Projectiles do now also hit enemies when you're really close to them (at least they should, let me know if they don't!)
  • Made those jumpy shooty robots hopefully finally unable to shoot while they're jumping
  • Added an alternative idle animation that plays when your health is under 25%
  • Added a hidden timer
  • Made it so that the damage you receive increases with every ten minutes of playing time (might need some adjusting, so please let me know if this is too harsh!)

As always let me know what you think, especially about the damage increase stuff.

I just played some rounds tonight, the game overall feels more advanced. I like the placement of the new enemies, as well as I could not here any sound when I disabled the sounds in the menu ;)

There was one tiny bug with an enemy (the long jumping guy, who fires 3 shots and jumps again) within a room were you enter from the upper right corner on a ladder and leave the room on the left with a ladder again. Maybe (just as a debug / beta test option) you could show a room number / name for each room so we easily tell where we found something strange / weird,.. same for the enemies :D


those jumping dudes are the worst and they keep breaking in new fascinating ways. Today I had one first jump twice in the same direction (which should not be possible) and then he clipped through the floor or something(which is even more impossible).

I need to re-do them or something, because this is getting ridiculous.