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A topic by Artsicle created Feb 11, 2017 Views: 272 Replies: 26
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How do I ask someone to buy me this game, without getting them to say no?

I can't afford it

mooch off your parents

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give me an ACTUAL answer. Thats not how you beg for a game. Thats not begging

Well an easy way to do it is to go to your neighbor ask if they need any help with manual labor for 10 bucks and do it. Or ask your parent for 10 dollars saying that you will do 1 job for it.

I live in the middle of nowhere. Also thats not begging.

... afford money to get your mind extracted and get killed by me!

I could probably beat you if I got the game.

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From the looks of things hes a mark 3 sword robot programmed in to deal with the countermeasures we pathetic humans use against him.



I can't I've never played before.

the profile picture shows how easily I can kill you, human

Are you sure that's me?

(Commentatron) MK3 Combat Archer #7777!? Shouldn't you be at the Archer Training/Building Facility!?

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*ERROR ERROR* Im a sword robot if you mean me.

(Commentatron) Oops, I mean, shouldn't you be training the new robots at the Sword Training/Building Facility!?