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Sitelock Update Sticky

A topic by leafo created 56 days ago Views: 2,229 Replies: 41
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We’ve recently pushed out an update to all HTML5 games that adds a JavaScript based sitelock. If it detects a game from’s CDN is being loaded from a URL it will show a warning and provide a link to the page.

There are over 100k HTML5 games extracted to HTML on our servers. Although we tested as best we could, there’s still the potential that things break.

If you’re having an issue with the sitelock then please leave a reply here describing what’s happening, and include information about your setup/browser. If you run any browser extensions please try disabling them and trying again before reporting the issue (include the extension that caused a problem).

I'm a game owner trying to embed my game...

You can use the upload embed tool on your game’s dashboard. Please do not use the direct link for our CDN. That is not allowed, and this sitelock will now block that type of access. Thanks


Wow, great update. Nearly all of my games at hijacked by browser game hosting sites. I wanted to add some site lock mechanism at first but probably it won't work correctly, plus it will block the legitimate players as well. Also its not big deal for my side, as long as my game is played I'm happy. My only concern was, my connection with the player is cut by some silly ad bloated thief site :) . Maybe player wants to make a bug report or write some comment, but can't reach me. 

I noticed I've been getting extra traffic on my game pages in these days. Mostly from external game hosting sites. So auto site lock update works perfectly, nice work. 

Admin (1 edit) (+1)

That’s great news that you’re seeing new traffic! On the referrer analytics, look for a URL that looks like and that will tell you how many people are coming directly from the automated sitelock.

Hey !

One of my game for a gamejam doesn't work anymore, and a link leads here so...

Can you help me ? I already look a little bit stupid on streams showing your hotlink issue... 🥺

At least it was not a stream for the gamejam results... 😀

Hey! I got it!

It must be because the game loads itself in an iframe at the end!

Actually my game jam entry is an adaptation of the game jam entries themselves and you can play my game in my game. And yes, I must confess that it's silly.

But when you check that the game is not hotlinked, do you look at the domain ? Or a game loaded from an iframe is considered an hotlinked one ?

Thanks !


If you’re embedding your own game, then I recommend using the official game embed support detailed here:

For embedding other games, I’m not sure I have a solution for that right now. Are you doing that?

No, I only embed mine. The other ones were only videos.

Thanks a lot. I will follow your link.

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