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A Review

A topic by lewisinches created Feb 09, 2017 Views: 53 Replies: 1
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An interesting concept that the developer of this game has failed to execute properly. The main menu has buttons that fail to work and a load button which would be a nice feature if it was actually possible to save one of your games. And to top this so called game off the final level is physically impossible to complete. The person responsible for this 'game' should probably do the world a favour and not make any more of his 'games'. A solid 4/11

UPDATE 09/03/17

Usually when a developer releases an update it fixes bugs and improves the game but it appears this developer hasn't understood that. The game is still broken and I am now unable to complete the game due to an overabundance of flaming balls in one level. I would inform the developer of which level this was so he could fix this glaring error but he has neglected to actually inform the player of the level that they are currently on. I am still disgusted at this game and wonder why this has been made as I though things like this were banned under the Geneva convention. A solid 3/10


Thank you for your constructive criticism. I have moved forward very much so and have corrected the error in which you seemed to be getting in this level of my game. Having done so I hope that you can go forth and complete up to what I have done so far and I am looking forward to more criticism.