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Dimitri, a guy who can changes lives

A topic by Murilo Vargas created Nov 19, 2019 Views: 192 Replies: 1
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First of all I apologize for two things:
1st - my english is not fluent so there may be spelling errors on the text; Yeap, brazilian guy here \o/

2 ° - this is going to be a big text lol.

Dimitri, I don't know if your goal was to make people care about each other, but that's what happened to me!
I have recently been studying to pass medical school and because of this I turned away from some colleagues, friends and my religion (Christianism in this case); I became a closed person with only one purpose, to be the best doctor they have ever seen! And for that, in addition to isolating myself from other people(to study), I also aimed to remove any and all feelings from my life ... this included love, anger, happiness, etc.
I believed that such feelings would only make my decisions more uncertain and not straightforward as they should be in my profession ...
But everything changed when I found your game ...
At first I thought it was another cliche game, that you will be loved by everything and everyone, and in the end you need to choose one.
That was changing throughout the gameplay, I started to see the student biography, which I was playing in the game, and suddenly I had a flash back from my high school period.
Where I tried to sit isolated from everyone and eating the snack my mother made while reading my books ... and along with me were two friends (girls) who always tried to chat with me, but I never gave value ...
As the game unfolded I had deeper and deeper memories of my past and I literally started to cry! I started to cry because, although I'm reaching my goal (medicine), I threw it all away, friends, dating, my religion, EVERYTHING!
This happened exactly last night at 3 am (in my country), and thanks to that I feel feelings that I never felt before; I feel like leaving home again and being able to convey this joy and love to everyone.
Your characters Sdy, Steph, Maisy and Jayda, oh god JAYDA, they really got me, they perfectly represented my high school scenario and most of my lived experiences, if this is not a gift I don't know what it is (gift regarding your script writing skills).
So, I finish here my "little"text... thank you  Dimitri! For now, I can only do this as a way of retribution, but don't worry, I have big surprises for you soon :), more specifically when I start my residency in medicine.
I am currently 20 years old and I am moving from town too so ... maybe it was because of this one of the factors that helped make this radical change? who knows .... anyway, thanks for changing my life, I hope you continue with your wonderful project and I wish this can provide the same changes you offered me, or at least the emotions I had to other people ...
God bless you (if you believe any) or good luck!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hello Murilo. It's a pleasure to hear from you. 
Wow. I can't thank you enough to for trying out my game and for writing to me directly. 
This is deeply moving feedback to hear about my game. I am really honoured to hear such kind words from someone.

I've never been so lucky as to hear my writing be called a gift before. But it really pleases me to hear it. Thank you.
I'm also even more glad to hear this game's characters and scenarios affected you so personally - there is no greater praise for a writer like me than to hear this. As you can tell, I wrote this game from my heart - and it's inspired by a combination of various real and fictional experiences from my life. It makes me so happy to hear something inspired by my own life could resonate with someone else's life and stir emotion within them too. LoveSick Darlings is all about relationships and connection - but there's also a layer of nostalgia that's always been a part of the game. Hearing that LoveSick Darlings made you think back on your own experiences in high school is really great to hear.

I am glad Maisy, Syd, Steph, and especially Jayda could bring such joy and positive emotion to you. I hope these positive feelings and my characters continue to stay with you! 

I'm also very happy to hear that LoveSick Darlings subverted your expectations. One of the main things I wanted to do was to make sure the cast felt really and didn't just love Syd (the player) automatically no matter what. All three main girls have their own unique perspectives and opinions, and the choices Syd can make can drastically alter what they think of him. I'm glad you appreciated that so much, and to hear it was a part of how it changed your outlook on life.

If LoveSick Darlings played even a small part in these decisions in your life, then I am honoured to be a part of that. To affect people and potentially change someone's life is a great compliment to receive. I know this as someone who reads,  plays, and watches all kinds of media. It's why I write. So many stories have shaped who I am, and I've always wanted something I made to be a part of shaping someone's elses life and being. Sincerely, thank you for playing my game and writing to me. I have never been so moved by the kind words of a stranger. I will be sure to remember your kindness for a long time to come!

God bless you too, my friend! I wish you all the best in your medicine studies - but most of all, I hope you get the opportunity to follow your heart and reconnect with friends, dating, and religion too.
In the meantime, I'm going to keep working hard to keep making and finish LoveSick Darlings for you and the rest of the world to enjoy. You and the others who also reach out to me and tell me about their experiences player as what keep me motivated to get this game made! I've never felt so inspired. Thank you.
I sincerely hope you achieve all your goals!

Don't worry about your english - it's great. I understood you completely. And your message length was no issue at all. I loved reading all of it.