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Is it alright for me to review the game?

A topic by Alemismun created Feb 05, 2017 Views: 302 Replies: 5
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Iv had some developers ask me to take down my posts on my review website because they did not like my review, so I wanted to makes sure that the dev was completely fine with it.

The website is small and not many people see it anyways, but even so I would not like to spend 3 hours writeing about a game to have to take it down the next day.

- Alem


It's alright for you to write about the game. I won't ask you to take it down, even if it's only negative.


Well, thanks, I do not tend to rate or talk negatively of games but I do point out flaws.

It is very nice of you to reply.

- Alem

Im sorry but the game is too short for me to review, even so if I was to review this game it would get an 8.6/10, great job.


Yeah, it's really short. Thank you so much for your reply though. =)