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Forklift Simulator 2019

A simulator, training, and evaluation tool for driving forklifts. · By Blind Squirrel Games

Downgrading for weaker systems

A topic by zlsetrdx created 70 days ago Views: 15
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Hi BSG. I want to buy this game but the requirements are too high. Some of us don't want it for the fun but for the simulation. In my case, I want it because I'm doing my forklift course next year (South America) and I want to get familiar with the controls. Like many people who aren't gamers, I have a laptop just for work. If you could implement an option to downgrade the graphics to the bare usable minimum and maybe other cool but unnecessary features so that it can run on weaker systems (Celeron/Atom, generic GPU, 4 GB RAM), that'd be great for people like me.  Thank you!