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Suggestions Sticky

A topic by TEDSsword created 142 days ago Views: 113 Replies: 4
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Well, just leave suggestions and i will reply as soon as i can.

Regarding the latest update :

Why night setting ? I liked the day better

Why are the 2 houses the same ?

Keep up the good work


I thought the lighting effects would look good with it (sorry for not putting that in the devlog), but if you guys dont like it, that is fine, and i can change it back to day. I am going to change the house and eventually make the wall colors custumizable, but for now this is the way they are. I will also move some furnature and stuff around.

Before you get into anything thing serious you should consider adding a pause menu so that you dont have to ctrl-alt-delete your way out and in the pause menu have something for the audio? And did you ever consider using unreal engine? It is a lot easier to use and it creates better graphics.

I have not considered using unreal engine, but i will look at it and see if it floats my boat. Also, about the pause menu thing... , We are trying to get that ready for Alpha 4 (after the next update on the 26th), but we have been having lots of problems and errors, therefore, it it not in this upcoming update. Alpha 4 should be out around March 1-5th 2017. For now, what i suggest doing is to exit the game:
  • On windows, press "esc" (escape) then go to the "x" in the corner, if that does not work, try pressing the windows button on your pc and then going to task manager and end task.
  • On mac, use the same method above, and if in full screen, try using windowed.