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Desire Den

A scalie/furry swinger club simulator for PC with VR and Android versions included · By Frosted Brain

Desire Den PC 1.07 with Desire Villa Android Demo (No VR Update) Sticky

A topic by Frosted Brain created Nov 08, 2019 Views: 146
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Developer (1 edit)

- Fixes to the scene where the player subs to Lucid (Animation loop fixed, no more seams!)

- A new M/M/M scene with Aleph and a Digi Dog in place of the old M/M scene (More to be added) 

- Colorspace/Graphical changes

- Performance improvements

- Dialogue UI Changes

- New Main Menu

This update will also include a small demo of "Desire Villa" (Android APK for now, PC and VR Demo coming soon)

Desire Villa will be a more personal experience where you can use your hands (VR) mouse (PC) or touch screen (Mobile) to play with characters in your very own island villa. Desire Villa will use fancy smut tech to simulate penetration (see the video above for an early demonstration)