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Nightclub Showdown - neonpunk John Wick extravaganza

A topic by Halloween Astronaut created 30 days ago Views: 31
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I come to to play games like this. Easily accessible, smart, thematically driven, challenging but doable, short but saturating, replayable eventually. Nightclub Showdown - linked HERE - has it all, plus, it runs in a web browser, which eliminates the problem of particular system compatibility. Look also how lightweight the application is, roughly 10 MB. May I additionally point out the game feels very detailed and good looking, with nice soundtrack and appropriate soundscape? This is what I am talking about. Description of Nightclub Showdown declares it to be a turn based game, but what it feels like, is more kind of a modulated slow-motion, quasi fluent action. Infact, waiting does affect the scenario outcome. In the end, if you feel like playing something well done, having a good time and actually completing the adventure possibly in one single sitting, without overstretching your schedule, go for this one. It is a bullseye hit.