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​Why do you play your particular guitar?

A topic by JamieD created Feb 02, 2017 Views: 238 Replies: 2
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There are so many guitars out there to choose from I am curious why people play the one that they do. Is a comfort, is it the sound,? You might have multiple Guitars but there's probably one that you would consider your main guitar what - makes it your main guitar?

Hi, Jamie!

I will not say for everyone, but here is my experience. When it comes to my first electric guitar it was something like 'ok, the guys that I likes plays on this guitar so I should buy the same for myself and I will be supercool'. Now, when I become more experienced and get some style of playing I know that first of all it is hands, then guitar and then amps and FX. I can take any guitar and find something interesting in its sound and make accent on that, and as I move on exploring my way of sound I find more and more this 'somethings' that inspires me and guitar that have it becomes my main guitar. In siply words - 'this is my main guitar, because I can get what I need with it'.

My main guitar is an Ovation acoustic-electric hybrid. I love it because it has great tone for acoustic stuff, and the built-in pickup is decent and works well as an electric. The action is great, and it really gets the sound I want.

When I want a more explicitly electric sound I go with my Epiphone semi-hollowbody. Its action is similar and its pickups are amazing. But I usually prefer the acoustic sound as I feel like it has a very nice contrast with my otherwise electronic production style.

Both guitars were reasonably inexpensive - I think they were $600 each when I bought them (years ago).