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My Rebellion Ending as Iscari Bugged?

A topic by TinyT123 created 41 days ago Views: 83 Replies: 3
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So (4th play through) as an Iscari with Health as my mentor. I have yet to get My Rebellion  ending but this is the first time I tried to have a high enough rank with all factions. Is it not possible as an Iscari or what? I tried visiting Mav as much as I could to raise rep with them.  So I am not sure if this is a bug or if my rep with Mavvar is not high enough and I missed something?  I sided with Andrei and asked Morgan to raise rep with Mavvar for me. as well. Can anyone help?  I declared my intention for leadership at the Hotel with the Iscari and in the car with Health when he asked me if I would side with Andrei and I said no I think I want to lead or something like that. So I am pretty confused. I also made the deal with Lazarus if that matters? I don't know but I feel like it might be a bug? 

Also I should mention that no matter who I pick they save me and I do not get shot. So that should mean rep is high enough for My Rebellion right???

Did you talk with Randal about your intentions to lead? Whenever I got the option to declare my rebellion, I without fail had that chat with Randal before that. Since he also is the one to come to your rescue, I assume getting him on your side is vital. (And it definitely works as an Iscari, though I didn't tried it with picking Heath as my mentor at the same time.)

I don't think I ever had that option and I visited the beach house every time I had the chance to because I knew as an Iscari it would hardest to gain rep there. Thanks for the suggestion though. Might try to play through again but I really don't think I missed it.