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Gameplay / Let's Play and First Look in the Concept Demo

A topic by Neco The Sergal created Nov 01, 2019 Views: 380 Replies: 4
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Aesthetically very pleasing


(This comment has been copied and pasted from the above video in order to provide some insight to players here on

Thanks for all the feedback Neco! I'm glad you think it looks nice, I'd be sad if ya didnt cause visual art is my thing lol.
I'm gonna clear up some misconceptions and spill some beans.

First off... I'm not a team of people lol. I've been working on this in my little free time over the past 5 months. Crunching at it like a lunatic to get it out at 00:00 on Halloween. Stood up almost 2 days straight to finish it and was still 8 hours late.

The analogy to RE2R is correct, but not the one to RE7. Its inspired by how PT went FPS mode.

Definitely Blender.

Definitely won't be continued.

I never voice acted before and the lines were recorded in one take, while sleep deprived lol. Yeah it sucks but the game wouldve been too flat without it. The cursing was something I now see I kind of abused. Didnt mean to be edgy but, more realism. I'll update it out. I dont think Harry had much of a personality to begin with, so I added some (too much) flare. He DID say what the hell a lot though so I just stretched the concept a little too far. As a father myself I'd be losing my shit even worse in this situation I would think, definitely cursing unnecessarily (When is it actually ever necessary though? I think this situation is a GREAT example of when its ok lol). Also, in the book (which an english translation of can be found by looking up DUCKYS SILENT HILL TRANSLATION), Harry has more attitude and if I recall correctly swore lightly, like PG13 lightly. He also has his own pistol. I'd like to think he was still more of a badass. Being that he kept his shit together all the way through to the end of the game. Homie fought Samael (pretty much baphomet) and won.

Graphically I want all my games to intentionally have a weird combo of Gens. This was no different. The goal is to balance performance and a nice aesthetic.

And yeah no clicky doors. All physics. Will be doing that from here forward. Well, except for space doors.

As for legality, yeah I won't be allowed to continue this and I sadly accepted that from the beginning. But I LOVE the first Silent Hill to hell and back my friend. It contributed heavily to who I am today as an artist. I never intended to finish the whole game nor make money off it. The patreon is to support my original work, which I'm going to be revealing extremely soon.

Unless Konami changes their mind, we'll never get a true remake. This is just a little somethin somethin for the other fans like me. Not really the general audience.

I'm glad you like how it looks though, that was what I was looking for the most in reactions. I wanted to show what I'm capable of in an unorthodox game engine. Although I know very few people will understand the difference between unreal, unity, and blender, others will know of the blood, sweat, and literal tears I spilled in the wonderful 5 month journey of making this. I had a lot of fun. And it was intimate as hell getting so close to what it was like for team silent to build this nightmare.

Thanks for playing Neco! I've been following you on my other account for about a year now. It's awesome that you're the first to upload about this!

Thanks for the response! Not a team even huh? Then I'm a bit more impressed, I've seen what many solo devs can do, the shitty kinds and the really good kinds. Most notably at least for me, 'greater realms of solo devs' being Adam - Lost Memories.

I reference it to RE7 because I more or less perceive Capcom seeing P.T. and going "Yes, we need to do that", since RE7 wasn't shown until after P.T. came out - perhaps it is coincidental but I imagine it helped influence them just as RE4 influenced Dead Space.

Blender is a strange engine at least from my perspective as an indie-gamer, the only other game I've seen having used it recently was SNS000 and that game is very.....different? Visually speaking. Only thing I dislike about it is how slow it boots up or how it starts up weird and inefficiently.

Yeah, I'd view Harry as someone who was weirded out but held his own and just pushed on, because finding his daughter meant more than being afraid or stopping progress so to speak, a badass dad who wasn't some Chad Bro but 'A Good Dad who does whatever it takes'. The kind that'd normally just go read quietly or go build a deck or craft a table in the mean time. lmao.

Whether physics like Amnesia or Physics based on other means, always good to me.

I'd not expect Konami to really do a turn-around, not until they get a new CEO at least. Otherwise, am sure you've seen Simulacrum, why not imagine a spiritual successor for SH1 instead of 'respectfully replicating SH1' ? The people behind Simulacrum are doing a good job imo. I can't imagine the love of SH from their hardened or veteran fans - that none of them, who may grow up to be game devs, would be unable to replicate the passion and desires of the original Silent Hill team, like they were a Once in a generation ordeal. Especially since the original SH team were under budget and Konami had no faith in them doing anything, they were the perceived 'duds thrown into a room with eachother'.

Crazy to hear at least that many know of me or watch my stuff, am humbled and glad :O


(I want to reply to all this but I'm so tired so I'll do it when I wake up, didnt mean to leave you hangin Neco!)


Aight so boom.

Lol no prob Neco, and I'll be sure to check that game out. Always lookin at other solo devs accomplishments in inspire my own!

Fair enough, I just went FPPOV since PT was going to (and also I personally wanted to be in Harry's shoes) on par sort of with how RE2 went from fixed angles to over the shoulder. In fact, this remakes player mechanics was made out of an over the shoulder player set up I made for my upcoming game (which ironically I started before the SH remake) DEAD ENGINE, a Dead Space mini clone.  So before it was first person it was over the shoulder, "Dead Silent Space Hill" if I may. I was thinking about patching it in, but its kind of broken now.

Yeah it's a, for the lack of a better term, UNIQUE engine.  No asset store, no presets, no templates. One of the few 3D engines where you have to do most things from scratch. AND there are many versions since theres no longer any official support from the Blender Foundation. So now there are the old official( and poorly optimized)  releases, and the newer community modded versions, which I'm using one of and it performs much better (although STILL slower than other engines. I played SNS000 and found it runs on an older version. 

As a NY native whose around millions of people who curse often, I think it's heavily subjective to define someone who curses a lot as a "chad bro" lol, but I see your point. Still, his original personality was a result of bad translation and mediocre acting. Don't get me wrong but I still love it. Yet the book definitely gave him more pizzazz also, inviting me to do so even more. I updated my remake to have only 1 curse now, fitting the modernization I wanted it to have, with WAY less of the edge it didnt need, check it out and let me know if you think its better!

I mean clicky as in click, and a static animation plays lol. Click and drag doors are dope!

Oh BEST BELIEVE I'm going to make a spiritual successor. THAT, is why I've been building my skills up for about 5 years. This remake is a slice of what I'm capable of. I've released stuff before under a different name a few years back that atmospherically blew many indie horrors of out the water, but gameplay wise wasnt very good. So I've been practicing and theres more to come.  Although the two games I'm working on now are still more practice. So that spiritual successor is a long ways off, because I want to make it when I'm actually doing this full time. It will be the true beginning to a fruitful career.

And yes! You're awesome to watch! And the games you choose are interesting most times.

Thanks for the thorough discussion!