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Looking for people to interview about significant moments

A topic by tomcole created Oct 31, 2019 Views: 236 Replies: 5
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Hi itch!,

My name is Tom and I'm a researcher from Goldsmiths, University of London, UK who studies emotional engagement in video games. Much of my work involves interviewing video game players about their game playing habits and experiences, and analysing what's said.

For my latest project I'm interested in asking people about:

- "significant or memorable moments from your games playing."

I'd be most grateful if any of you could spare an hour or two some time to be interviewed over instant messenger.

Your identity would remain completely confidential and should any quotes end up being used in a publication then your identity will be kept entirely anonymous.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. Those wanting more details about my work can look here:

If you're interested, then please email me at t.cole[at]

Many thanks in advance to those interested in taking part!

The ending of NieR.

Hiya - sorry for slow reply. I've been ill.

By all means we could talk about the ending of NieR, amongst anything else that comes to mind whilst we're talking. Would you be able to email me at the address in my post above and we can take it from there? Let me know here when you have so that I'm expecting something and we don't fall foul of a silly spam filter or similar! Thanks!


I emailed you


how about somewhere that isn't facebook, you know another way to talk that doesnt require people giving up data to facebook or require an account to use instant messenger.

Hi Firecat, sorry for slow reply - I've been ill.

Didn't specify Facebook - that's why I said an instant messenger of the person's choice. Whilst many people *do* choose Facebook, I can use most other things - I've also used discord, and I think I'll be using icq with someone soon. I'm adaptable and happy to use whatever people feel comfortable with. But I'd like to  a messeging protocol of some sort for real-time conversation as opposed to email or forums. Did you have another suggestion that you'd find more appropriate to your situation?

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