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Disable Anti-aliasing for pixel-art style rendering and other fixes

A topic by vinik created 22 days ago Views: 38
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To match fake pixel-art style rendering, the ability to completely disable AA (or also tune it down to single-pass/FXAA) would be great.

Other  useful features for pixel-art style rendering would be:

1- some sort of toon-shading option, best results being achieved with an optional palette posterization pass, or color-ramp shading materials. 

2- decoupling between horizontal/vertical camera view angles, and ability to set them in degs/radians up to at least three decimals. This level of precision would be necessary to achieve one of the many trimetric setups that render perpendicular lines as integer raster lines, like what happens in typical videogame isometric art, or integer trimetric like the one used in the old fallout games.  The current renderer already can do half the job, but it is limited to pre-programed angles, while there many other useful trimetric views that could only be achieved by typing specific fractional angles (specially arctan of power of 2 values for horizontal rotation, which wield integer lines at 30º top view).

3- decoupling between scaling transforms applied objects, and transforms applied to the viewport, much like what it is already doing to achieve cavalier or oblique perspectives, but also accepting arbitrary scaling values, up to three decimals.