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Multiplayer Won't Work

A topic by Soki37 created Jan 28, 2017 Views: 2,080 Replies: 2
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The picture of the folder you provided is the same as mine . I have everything that is supposted to be in the folder but it still won't work. The tab in the top left which is supposted to be when the mods applied is not there.


You have to overwrite all files in raft_data folder.

I downloaded 1.04 version of Raft and after a while i saw that you can play multiplayer so i thought why not?I went to downloads, i downloaded 1.04 Demp i copied the files to the game file and started the game.It worked but i couldn't play because everyone had 1.02c for 1.05 version of the game but i had 1.02b for 1.04 version of the game..I unistalled 1.04 version and went over to download 1.05 but it is for 64-bit only and i couldn't get it work because i have 32-bit and i was like okay no problem i'll tell my friend to play on 1.04 but when i downloaded 1.04 again and did the same again it didn't work... Any solutions?


same problem here

i dont know how to get the game to start.

can you tell me step for step.