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Too Much Like Minecraft

A topic by TheBlueBeetle created Jan 28, 2017 Views: 477 Replies: 6
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I have noticed that this game, even most of the tools and crafting recipies are pretty much exactly the same in minecraft. I suggest Making something new instead of remaking a game but with better graphics

However, the actual gameplay is quite good. Please add in a bed which you can sleep in

hah, "too much like minecraft" .... does that mean, 7 days to die is "too much like minecraft" too? what about, "rising world" ? and so many other games in the survival genre, i will say that this is much more like subsistence, both have wolves and rabbits and a non-volxel based static map.. so in other words, barely anything like minecraft

all this game needs is more daylight and a save option, oh and the gun needs a crafting recipe

Noticed that crafting recipies were exact and there were still beds. There are games like Survival craft which are good however does not get a good reputation because it appears to be an almost exact copy to minecraft.

At least change the crafting recipies

It is a good game nevertheless

i say its not like minecraft at all and no the crafting is diff and i have really really high hopes and i wish there was more to do also but for a experiment its amazing