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Bitsy Game Maker

Make little games, worlds, and stories! · By Adam Le Doux

Add your game to the Bitsy games collection!

A topic by Adam Le Doux created Jan 28, 2017 Views: 5,610 Replies: 194
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I'm making a list of games made with Bitsy:

Let me know if you want me to add yours!


Here's one I made yesterday:


oh nice! I'm gonna try it right now :)


add my game tooo!


sure!! p.s. nice color choices :)


Thanks :^) I love pastel kinda colours and it was nice to be able to change the colour palette. Definitely one of bitsy's best features so far!


yay pastels :) I <3 color palettes as well ~~~ I'm thinking of adding support for multiple palettes so you can change colors from room to room - let me know what you think!


Yes!! That would be awesome! I was definitely thinking of that when making my game, so you should definitely consider it. On the topic, my only wishes for this game is an option to make so you can't walk of the screen and a way to make a certain tile a wall in all rooms.


ah those are all good ideas! thanks! walking off screen is a bug actually haha I should fix that..


hi papercookies! I just uploaded bitsy v2.2 which makes it so you can't walk off screen and lets you apply wall settings to all rooms at once - let me know if you have more ideas or feedback!


Awesome! Thanks for listening :)


Oh, I have a bit more feedback.

- sometimes when I fill a room where every tile has something in it, the room will eventually crash and become unusable and overall the entire engine will start acting weird where the room is half rendered and the number of the rooms get messed up.

- It would be cool if we could pick up sprites and give it to other sprites and make dialogue or rooms change.



- I've seen this bug too. Still trying to figure out what the deal is though.

- That would be cool! It would definitely open up a lot of possibilities for interaction. I've been mulling over some kind of "trigger" system to do something similar for a while, but I haven't figured out a nice way to do it yet..


Good to know it wans't just me :) Looking forward to the updates. Thanks for the quick feedback as always!


That gosh-darn smooth-talkin' plant tricked me! Really like this game

Thank you! :)


funny/fun game. love the blobby trees


Hey, I just finished a relaxing town exploration game, I actually got some inspiration from PaperCookies for the color, Can you add it please?


Thanks for being inspired <3, I liked your game, your lake is definitely way better looking than mine. You should change the view window in your game settings in to be a bit bigger though because the game cuts off a bit at the bottom!


Added! Thanks for sharing. I love the ant village :)


Thank you guys so much!


Hi! Can you add the little bitsy game I made today:

I love this tool! It's so easy and fun to work with!


sure thing! glad you like the tool :)


Hiya! I made another little game:

I'm pretty obsessed with Bitsy :)

oh, this is very nice! I love the flags on the castle

I added it to the list :)

did you actually have a cat called deedee?

Nope. But I love cats :D

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I'm back again with another game! I tried going all out in terms of graphics this time! Add it please and tell me what you think. :)


I really liked this! I like how some npcs were background tiles and their dialog was contained in sprites above the path

Thanks :) It was really fun to try and make a sidescroller with Bitsy. I'm glad you liked my workarounds haha


great work on the graphics and animation! you might also be interested in playing "holt" (, which also uses bitsy to make a sidescrolling game :)

by the way, I can't help thinking the protagonist may not get a positive reception when he returns home with that letter...

Ah! You're never alone with an idea! I'm really glad you liked this one, I spent a lot of time on the graphics. It was nice to do something with a narrative for once.

I know my last bitsy game also took place in the desert, but despite the name it has nothing else to do with my previous game. Also, my first bitsy game with animations and multiple rooms.

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nice! love the giant cowboy on the roof but I wish I could get up there to talk to him :)

You can! There's a stairwell in the upper left of the saloon.


oh awesome! I missed that the first time around


okay i made another one, its for a game jam, its pretty good.

This was awesome. I loved the style of it. Didn't make much sense, but it was great. :) Keep it up!

I like the implication that the game the protagonist is making is the game the player is playing. very interesting!

Coming in hot with another one. After two desert games in a row I'm switching it up with a game where you play as a knight. I was really inspired by Papercookie's "The King's Message" with it's side scrolling and linearity. Hope you all like it!

I made a game about hurrying to a sale I think it's pretty good


I like these side-scrolling games! This one is particularly funny :) who knew bitsy could do destructable environments? ;)


I made one, ha! Nice engine. :) Cute and very simple.

aw thanks! nice game :D I shouldn't be telling you this, since I made a promise... but I found that cat at the end ;)

Thanks! <3 Haha, she'll be mad at you!

(the sound of pots and pans banging together) new game new game

this is a little different than my last few games. I wanted to create a little world to wander around in, and what better world to wander in than an alien one!

It's called "Juh" :

love the use of perspective for the faraway buildings :D


Hi, I'm really enjoying this tool! I tried making this little game today:

thanks! this is really great work ~ I love the sprites so much :D

Thank you! I saw.the post in the other topic (subforum?) about a bitsy game jam and would love to participate if it happens.

that would be great! and you're welcome to suggest game jam theme ideas too :)

The jam is up, and the theme is "breakfast!"

Thank you! I've signed up (ΦωΦ)

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yay! :)

It is very small.

this is neat! reminds me of getting lost in the Lost Woods in Zelda ~ thanks for sharing it!

p.s. nice Glitch avatar :) that was a good game

Thank you!

Glitch. ;__; I miss it so.

I have emerged from my dark cave of making bad unfinished, un uploaded platformers and created a game! It is very short, but I think it is good!

The end choice is SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT.

oooh thanks for sharing! :D (I think I made a good choice in the end) we're doing a bitsy game jam this month if you want to join (and make a game about ~~breakfast~~)

I made a tiny tiny game about a cat in Kowloon Walled City! It’s here:

Thanks for Bitsy, it’s wonderful!

Thank ~ you ~ !! This game is wonderful :D I love the way the rain drips off things



In all seriousness though, I have created a new game called "Art". A psycological horror game that scared me while I was making it. Hope you guys like the game.

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pretty scary! 😭 I like how you used the spacing of the rooms and the flickering background to create suspense :) 👍

I made this just as a test

cool! I've added it to the list :)

Please add my project:

I made a game as well! Would love to get added to the collection <3

added! sorry I missed this game before, but the comments have now spilled over to the second page of the forum and I didn't realize..

anyway this was really interesting to play! it has a very ominous vibe

Talk to a cat. It's definitely a cat.

this was very cute! I've added it to the list :) I enjoyed how you took Bitsy's "default scene" and expanded it in a clever way

one note: you should go into the settings for the game and expand the window because I think the bottom of your game is getting cropped off

I uploaded Penroses today for the June Jam! This one was a lot of fun and I've really been enjoying figuring out efficient workarounds in Bitsy to fake some effects. Enjoy the journey, wanderer~

I loved the art and atmosphere in this game :) looking forward to seeing what else you make

finished R.E.M.-scape, a first person exploration game

this one took a long while, but I think it was worth it


this was a really impressive game!

thanks! which ending was your favorite?

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I made a game and published it for Jam.
I would be happy if you added my game to the collection. :)

Go inside... In your mind

thanks for being part of the jam!! I added your game to the list :)


Check mine out:

I think I mentioned on twitter? but I liked the progression in this game a lot - anyway I added it to the collection!


Yeah, you already did, but thank you!  :)

Could you please add my game Minotaur to the list?

the minotaur keeps eating me (I think)! I added it to the list too

also, I replied to your comment about getting rid of the white border in the other thread - let me know if it makes sense or not!


That's the idea! ;)

Thanks for replying to the other thread as well.

I just finished my first Bitsy game!! It's here:

nice work! I added it to the list

one comment: I think the frame for your game is a little off-center, which is cutting off part of it. try going into the settings and making it 512 by 512 pixels :)

Thanks for the tip, but I already did that. It helped a lot but for some reason is still a bit off center *shrug*

im done with a game that you might add to the list

great! I've added it! :) btw, I got eaten by a bear :(


yay you should try part 2 when it comes oue

I will!

Deleted 2 years ago

sure! that would be great if you can :)

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I made the first one some days ago, the latter I just finished.

I should proably work more on the one for the bitsy jam.

oh my gosh "just a head" is hilarious - nice job! I added them both :)


heres one I made

awesome - thanks for sharing! I'll add all the bitsy jam games to the list once the jam is finished :)

thank you so much

I Made a new game I hope you enjoy it and add it

Hey! I made a game using your program! I really like how easy it is to use! Can you add my game?

Sure thing! I added it. :) Glad you enjoyed using Bitsy.

Did you know you can go in your game's settings page here on and make it so the game can be played in the browser? That way players can play your game from the game page without having to download it.

Oh really? Thank you! I think I'll leave it for a download for now!


I just made my first game! Here it is, hope you enjoy :)

that's awesome! it was super cute and I enjoyed the sense of humor in the writing


I made some games. I'd love to be a part of your collection.

Thanks for working on this really fun engine. No joke, your engine has given me the confidence I needed to make bigger steps in game design. Thank you :)

I've put them both in the list - thanks for sharing! and I'm really glad you've enjoyed using bitsy -- I'm just catching up on the comments here and yours made my day! :)


No problem. You deserve it!


Hey, I made a little spooky game for a game jam!


this was funny and cute! thanks for sharing :)

Thank you! :)


I made my first Bitsy game this weekend. Here it is!

Thanks for a really wonderful tool, Adam!

oh no! the link seems like it's broken..

doh! I forgot to make the project public. It should work now!

thanks! you might also want to go into your game's settings on itch and increase the viewport height -- right now the bottom of the game is being cut off



looks great! :)

the implementation of perspective is amazing!


Thanks! I start with a flat, head-on perspective, but as I developed it into more of a theatrical play, I wanted the stage to be more like… a stage!

when is bitsy game maker going to update man

pretty soon I hope! the next release has a lot of features I'm excited about. thanks for checking in :)

ok thanks!


can you add my game please

added! nice work on this game - 3 endings is very ambitious! :)

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Here's a little dog simulator! What an awesome tool you've made.

added! this is lovely and cute - thanks for sharing your dog simulator :)

Heya! I love your tool and decided to publish my 5th game I made in it on, it isn't very good but I really enjoyed making it and I will make many more!

the url you posted says nothing is there - did you move the game?

I changed my mind, I don't think it's good enough to be added to the collection.


Hey, hey. I just made my first Bitsy game. It's called Still Alone (for short) and it's about love, work, and priorities in life. I'd love to know what people think. Hopefully it's not too much of a mess.


added it! you've created a really intriguing world - thanks for sharing! :)


I just released my second Bitsy game today (another quickie!) I'd love for it to be added if possible. :)

added! :) thanks for sharing


Made my first game in Bitsy a couple days ago. :D Would be honored if you added it to your collection

it was so cute! I added it :) thanks for sharing!

I made one, it's called I'll get to this chest!.

This legitimately pissed me off on my first playthrough. GG mate, I really like this one CX

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I made a little game with Bitsy for Ludum Dare, about going on a cozy winter walk:

Helllllllllo! Finally am brave enough to release my game, it would be lovely if you could add it to the collection, although it is just a scene.

I still made one for Bitsy Jam

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It's finished, music and all! (^-^) Would be much appreciated if you added it to the collection.


here's my first bitsy game. I had a lot of fun making it, and working out what was and wasn't possible! I also added some code to change the background colour of the page to match the palette, and I'm very happy to explain how that works if anyone wants to copy it.

amazing work Daniel!


thanks beepyeah!

Great game Daniel - very ingenious!  Here's my first Bitsy game - MUCH more basic but I hope it has its merits!


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hello all! Here's my first bitsy game, 

a short adventure set to one of my favorite songs: "Black Eyed Dog" by Nick Drake

#2 in the series

"Khala My Friend"

Hey thanks for the softwares. Can you add my lil game please! It's about a famous dracula train.

Hey Adam!  I don't think I ever posted mine to be added to the collection!  Here they are!

HI there Adam.  Thanks so much for Bitsy - what an amazing thing it is!  I discovered it last night and uploaded a game to  Here it is!


Hi! I just made my first game ever for the 48 Secret Jam - Februray 2018 The themes were ROBOTS and KINGDOMS.

So  I made a little adventure game in which a little robot is sent on a time traveling mission but something goes wrong, so it has to find a way back. There are two endings to it , adding those was a challenge, thanks to mildmojo for posting his Dialog-Exit mod to these forums! I made the music with Bosca Ceoil which was a first for me as well.

Please try it, I would be happy to hear any feedback!

I would love it if you could add my new and first bitsy game: :)

I would appreciate it if you add my first game!

This game is a lot of firsts for me too :D
First game, first jam... Thank you for adding it to the Big List of Bitsy Games!

THis is my first as well. I had a lot of fun making this. Thanks so much for the software.

First Bitsy game.

Here's mine.

I made one!

After wanting to make one for a while, I finally made my first Bitsy game today.

Heya ^-^ me and my friend found the Bitsy game maker yesterday and made a lil thing called bug city! hope you like it

I got caught up in the game maker thing aha so I spent most of the day yesterday making this! hopefully i can world on it to make a bigger and richer world but it should be a nice experience ;w; hope you like it if you check it out!

Deleted post

I made a game about the greative process:

Here's my game. It's in portuguese only, tho.

Made this one a few months ago, but I just noticed it's not in the collection.

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Feel free to add mine -- it's short and my first effort, but I'm proud of how it came out!

Please add my three-part project too - thank you!


And, thank you so much for creating Bitsy - it's super cool & easy for an amateur like me to use! Really love it haha :D

Posting my effort, for consideration :)

I made a game game about losing your wedding ring and either scaping the wedding or finding it. I'd love to be on that list <3



I made the game an adventure, a game for 5 minutes, can you add?

Just discovered this today, love everything about it! Here's my first game:

This was a fun way to kill a day feeling a bit ill! thanks so much for making it!

Thanks for this awesome option! This is my game in Bitsy : >

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Hi! I'd love my fresh game to be on that list if you want to include it:

Thank you very much!

I've wanted to tell this interactive story before in the past, and Bitsy was the perfect outlet for it.

I made a small Mario like game with Bitsy (I mean I tried :D) and aimed to recreate a platformer game in Bitsy.

Check it out:

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Here's mine, it's a digital apology letter for control issues, and is short and exploratory.

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hey!!! if you want here add my game

Here’s a short little game I made. I plan to come back to it in a bit and fix it up.

the first game I made, thanks for bitsy !

hi, if you like, you can add my game:

hi Adam, there is game made by me in bitsy. i would love to be in your list. :)
my first bitsy game

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Hello Adam! Here  is my first Bitsy creation! I hope you like it!

My first one :)

Just made a cool new game about vegetables

I've also got some other games on my page you can add too if you'd like

If you like to, It would be nice seeing my game added to the list. 

It's a short adventure about love, death, a long lost legendary sword, AND coffe,
I tried pushing the boundaries of bitsy a bit, so i ended up using some base functions of borksy in addition. Especially Exit via dialogue was helpful to make temporary doors using items.

It has been showcased on Berlin's TALK AND PLAY recently, and everyone that came to play it, which was quite a few people, were really curious about bitsy, so most of my talks have been like a sales pitch for your engine, but it was really nice, as most of them never heard of it before, and were amazed that it all runs in your browser. One group directly decided to use it for their next game jam. So, yeah, thanks for having made such an accessible tool. It is really fun and easy to use.

Thanks and have a great day,

Here's my project:

Hi there Adam! 

I've just made my first Bitsy game and would love to be added to the list! 

It's here

These are some areas in the game jic it piques anyone's interest uvu

Here's one made with the Bitsy 3D hack.

It's less of a game, and more of a small experience. Just enjoy the trees and music.

Here is my game using Bitsy!

It's story adventure game with simple puzzle and finding a way out.

I finished my new bitsy game Rooftops-part 1. I'm going to put it into more parts because I want to tell a continuing story that would be too long otherwise.  

Rooftops - Part 1

Heyo! I made a game for Games & Politics Game Jam Thessaloniki with the theme “change”.  It's about a workaholic superhero gets his power from his girlfriend trying to balance work and life.
Check it out:

Yay! Loved the tool!

eyo add Fill the Earth please:

And god bless you for making the tool - first thing I've finished in a while.

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Try my game please! It's about an Arcade where you can ENTER inside the games. But something is wrong. Here is the link: I hope you enjoy it ;) (If you like it really much, add it to the list, please)

PD: I love your tool <3

(Sorry if my english is not that good, I'm spanish)

I made a prequel to When I get home. Thank you for making bitsy!