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Review: RESPITE 2.0

A topic by toseethesea created Oct 25, 2019 Views: 666
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Note; this was originally left with a rating of five stars. Because I just now ended up realising that doesn't let users read reviews, I'm posting it here. I'll probably be doing this with other reviews as time goes on.


I vacillated between four and five stars; certain features you may discover in your own personal RESPITE may be hard to understand, especially if you're getting old and a bit of hard of hearing, but in the end, I feel that it doesn't detract from what RESPITE does.

Finding your way through a personalised relaxation program that can be altered to take you through your favoured ambiences is an idea almost as old as personal computing, and means different things for different people. With one eye always on the lookout for games like this, I feel like I can safely say that if you came here consciously, RESPITE is probably the sort of program you'll enjoy.

Although I always try to avoid comparing games to other games, RESPITE appealed to me beyond the visual and musical style, reminding me deeply of a small unfinished game called soup. Unlike a certain other dream simulator, I felt like it tried to tell a small, very self-contained and personal story. Maybe not the story of the creator(s), but a story all the same.

That's the same reason I'm giving this five stars; I feel I've yet to map out all the relaxation points (and other secrets, perhaps), but having a place of respite to quell your concerns and find your path is important - and for that, I'm truly grateful.

For those who enjoy games with small gameplay elements, peace with an aura of mystery, aesthetic that carries a purpse, and really nice musical loops, give it a look.

It's a strange, peaceful little gem, and I feel that if you read this far, you might just enjoy it.