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Developer Collaboration features

A topic by Donni created Jan 25, 2017 Views: 586 Replies: 2
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Some suggestion features:

  • Multiple Owners of game- If two or more companies are working on a game together, developers could add other accounts to be assigned with the game.
  • Multi Payments - If two or more companies are working on a game together, one of the game devs could have a payment option to send a set percent of the game profits to other account(s). For example when a player buys the game, sends 50% of the payment to Joe's account and 40% of the payment to John's account.
  • Game page permissions- If two or more companies are working on a game together, one of the companies could give acess permission to other account(s), to modify the game page.
Well these are my suggestions,



I want to second this!

I would like to collaborate with other indies I know on smaller games for jams, but I don't like that only one of us will be the project owner. Right now you can add an admin to a project (the third bullet point above already exists) and set the admin user to "contributor" so that he or she appears on the details on the game page, but what I really need is the game to appear on my main profile page as one of my projects. Right now the only way I could find to force that to happen is for the dev that didn't upload the game to add it to a collection and have the collection displayed on the main profile page. This is not an ideal solution when you do a lot of work toward building a specific branding around your work.

The multiple payments solution would be an absolute godsend, but I suspect there are legal things involved. In my opinion, though, I would happily sign a disclaimer/waiver when setting it up for a collaboration project through itch because I want to be able to collaborate so bad. I view my gamedev work as more of an art gig, and artists ought to be able to work together from time to time.


Yes please!!