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Nimble Kick

Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle. · By Nimble Tools

Suggestion for Kick FX

A topic by NEKAhc created 98 days ago Views: 46 Replies: 1
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Loving NimbleKick, I've been really enjoying it!

As a hardcore producer we use filter FX on kicks more compared to hardstyle producers, so I have couple of suggestions  for kick FX / filter section to make more types of workflow and sound decisions available for producers:

- Option to switch between X/Y control to separate sections for wider range of control such as:

  1. Option to choose frequency ranges for ex. 100hz -10khz (default), 50hz-15khz and 0hz -20khz
  2. Filter options (such as Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass which I believe is the default)
  3.  Option to tweak the resonance of the filter
  4.  Option to change Dry/Wet of the Kick FX from 0-100% (currently sounds like 0 - 50%?)
  5. Option to changethe Kick FX Gain from 0 - +40db to -40 - +40db

Then what I think is the most imporant:

- Current Kick FX is too loud.
It sounds like dry/wet and gain cause too much unnecessary frequencies to fill up, thus the overall becoming louder even if limiter would be turned on. I think this could be fixed with overall gain of the sample turning down a bit when going near the edges of X/Y controls.

Hope these changes can be applied in some way, can't wait to see what update you bring!

Glad you like the plugin!

I actually have a couple things I still want to do with the Kick FX section. Like you said, it's currently a very simple X/Y control that can't really be tweaked much right now.

These are a lot of great ideas I'll definitely think about, thanks!