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Propaganda Llama - A Tower-Indoctrination Game from Global Game Jam 2017!

A topic by MattWoelk created Jan 25, 2017 Views: 161
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Spread propaganda to your fellow llamas in this skill-based puzzler!

There are 5 levels, and for an added challenge you can try to get ALL the llamas in each one!

Background: This was made by Matt Woelk ( and Ben Bergman ( with music by Justin Koop ( for Global Game Jam 2017 (last weekend).

We thought it was topical. ;)

The reaction dialog was randomly generated, and I hope you enjoy the humor and references. :)

Let me know how far you get, or if you take the challenge of getting all llamas in the last level! (Which I have only done once so far.)

Thanks for playing! :D