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Astro Hammer - A simple retro shooter

A topic by jewelthrone created Oct 19, 2019 Views: 111
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Hey folks my little game got released today here: and there's a quick vid here:

It's my first ever gamedev project (so be gentle) and although it's pretty simple in nature I did put quite a lot of thought into it and tried to make sure it's worthwhile for a quick blast. I wanted to do something small in scale and that way I at least had a decent chance of finishing the game. :-) It was primarily targeted at Android but is pretty nice to play on Mac and PC too. There is an iOS build but I have to go through the App Store shenanigans there so we'll see how long that takes. For fellow devs, it was written with libGDX and Java and I used Aseprite and Audacity to build out the graphics and audio.

Anyway, as small-scale as this is, I'm pretty proud of it and I hope it wont be the end of my gamedev story. A huge thank you to for providing a platform for people like me and I hope all the other devs on here get a lot of success and satisfaction with their game development efforts.

Best wishes!


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