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Race To Treasure Island - The Dark Souls of Pirate Ship Racing

A topic by johnhartzell created Jan 24, 2017 Views: 171
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Race to Treasure Island

Total Time: 48 hours

This game was a product of the 2017 global game jam. I was the main programmer for this game and also did a fair amount of design. We had a group of amazing artists, programmers, designers, enthusiasts, and sound engineers working on this project

The idea was to start with 1 or 2 mechanics then run with it once we had those 1 or 2 mechanics implemented. Small scope is what makes great game jam games. That is what I kept saying during our design pow wow in the first few hours. I think this was very important to stress to the less experienced members. They had great potential ideas but man oh man were they way to big for a 48 hour crunch. Overall we only had a few people drop off the team early on. Which was luckily not a big deal since we had a large team due to having over 150 people at the event. I am very happy with how my team performed and am glad to say we are all proud of our GGJ17 entry. Hope you have as much fun playing it as we did creating it!

Race to Treasure Island is a top-down perspective racing game about pirates. Captain Quinn, the feared Blind Pirate of Butcher Bay, managed to steal the entire treasury from the British Navy, but it's location has been given away, and Quinn must race to get it back before someone else gets it first. With the aid of his seeing eye parrot, Dixie, Quinn must brave Commodore Winters and his British soldiers, the rival pirate Luco and his men, and even the local sea life in a race to the island he buried the treasure at.