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Your own content

A topic by LiDeLaCreative created 35 days ago Views: 66 Replies: 6
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Hi. I am new to this program. Is there a way to upload your own content? Also animations? If not. This is definitelly a suggestion!


Your own content in what sense? You can upload any files you want. Unless you mean page content, in which case you have to use the edit form. But you can have custom CSS. And you can upload animations for screenshots and game covers. Any other images you want in the page content have to be linked from elsewhere.

I meant your own trees...houses etc...


You mean in a game you make? You can package a game and its assets as a ZIP archive and upload the whole thing to Itch. Many engines do it for you nowadays, or you can do it with tools like 7-Zip. It has a GUI, at least on Windows. And in Linux you can use something like XArchiver.

sorry but thats not what i meant. i meant can I upload my own trees houses ricks ETC in to the game!


Into what game, then?

hola, busco a alguien que pueda hacer sprites y animaciones para un juego que hago