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Game released "Raumfahrer 3017" - Fly trough space

A topic by Signal17 created Jan 22, 2017 Views: 158 Replies: 2
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i just released a small game called "Raumfahrer 3017". "Raumfahrer" is german for "space rider".. however it's a small 2d (pseudo 3d) game. You have to steer a spaceship trough and asteroid cluster and also have to avoid aliens.

It's not completly finished yet. Many textures need a lot of work and i'm also planning to add a system, that makes the game harder, the longer you survive.

However, i would already love to get some feedback from you guys. here it is.



Hello, thanks for posting. Please upload more screenshots to your project's page, and add a gameplay video or gif if possible. People are more likely to check out your game if you show them what it is you made. Thanks

thanks for your suggestions. :)

since the game is an endless "runner" like flappy bird for example adding more pictures doesn't really make sense in my opinion, but i will ad a video or gif.