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Bitsy Game Maker

Make little games, worlds, and stories! · By Adam Le Doux

Fun To Play With - A Few More Elements Would Be Great

A topic by Nate Taylor created Jan 19, 2017 Views: 523 Replies: 16
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If the avatar had some stats - life & treasure (or user-creatable) for example ...

& tiles or sprites could add to or reduce these stats ...

& objects could be added (either as power ups or to be used on certain sprites or tiles) ..

then it would be a full game engine.

I'd love to see some dialog options too, but thats more a nicety for me than whats needed.

Thanks for the feedback Nate! I've been thinking about adding a "trigger" system that would let you change variable values after walking on a space or talking to a sprite. They could also be used to change tiles or move sprites. Would something like that do what you need? (I'm still thinking about how to make it user friendly.)

A trigger system would work well, and changing tiles or moving sprites would make it all the more dynamic.

Any model in which values are affected by actions can be used to add more game elements.

Keeping it relatively simple will keep it accessible.

Your game creator got me thinking that in most games -

Some characters / creatures (sprites) are helpful or harmful and this is the same with locations (tiles).

The ability to hold objects enables quests, specialized encounters, and reward the player - objects can be a quest item, a weapon, a power-up, or a mcguffin (a hidden object that indicates a condition test)

If tiles, objects and NPCs can change based on objects, stats or encounters you have a story.

So, I tried to boil this down to the smallest amount of data and tests to be able to implement such a game without getting the creator to do any programming.

Player data -

  • stat1-3
  • objects1-3 held

Tile data (none or ...) -

  • impacts stat# by #
  • if player has x Tile changes to y

Object data -

  • Impacts stat# by #
  • Carryable? Invisible?

Sprite data -

  • Impacts stat# by #
  • Gives x object to player
  • Receives y object from player
  • If player has x changes to z
Alternatively if all of this is extensible with a simple sets of conditions that would work too.

This is really well thought out! Thanks for taking the time to post this. This will definitely help me when I work on adding more interactivity. :)

If some of the user friendliness has to be sacrificed to make some of these elements work, can I suggest giving Bitsy two different modes? Essentially a "basic" and "advanced" mode, having a few more tools to play around with would be great, but splitting them up in this kind of way would just mean new users wouldn't get overwhelmed by the number or complexity of the tools. 


Yeah, that might become necessary eventually. For now I'm hopeful I can avoid modes by adding functionality via new tool windows - that way new users can add tools as they need them. One thing I'm considering is preset "workspaces" that open a set of related tools automatically.

I dont know if this has been mentioned, but a sound system would be great. The ability to implement music and sfx is just a little thing that would be cool, but i dont know if it is really necessary for a level creator.

I think you're the first to mention it, but I like the idea! A tiny bleepy-bloopy piano or something would be cool.

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That sounds great

I second this :D
Either provided or upload-able, it will be a very nice touch!

I think it would be fun to have one built-in, but maybe that's just because I like building stuff ^_^;

a short sequencer with some baked-in samples would be good. Like, a couple (2, 3?) channels and each channel could have a sound that goes with it. the sounds could be something like this? tps://

Hi, I just found out today that there's a bitsy community here/// Awesome ;A;

And I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, or just an extension of Nate's suggestions, but I've been thinking of the flow of the dialogs/conversation. Right now, the avatar is only able to pop up a dialog box and if he wants a conversation, we have to cramp all the replies in the same box.

(A) It would be cool if there was an actual reply from the sprite we're talking to, and

(B) an option to generate a new/the next dialog when we revisit the sprite, instead of reading the same dialog.

So far, I'm using the room exit tool to change the scene if I want to pop a new dialog from the same sprite. This feature would open possibilities to story-branching (with reply options probably, like choose the wrong answer and you get the bad ending, for example) and goes many ways with action choices/other choices as well.

good ideas! yes, at the moment the exits are kind of the work around for all complex interaction; clearly we need more options

I think it would be super nice to be able to add more than two frames of animation to the sprites?

Do you think that could be possible?

it would be possible, but I think limiting to 2 frames is nice because it keeps things simple. can you give me an example of what you want to make with more than 2 frames, so I can have an idea of what you're trying to achieve?

(p.s. thanks for commenting!)