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A topic by Dasius created Jan 19, 2017 Views: 55,842 Replies: 1,117
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I did a bit more research for myself and realized something that makes me look stupid, because I didn't understand the pricing system for awhile. 

      So if you go back to that Board With Shop Sales On The Wall you can also click each of those sales and find out more details about them. In doing so, I learned how the prices are actually calculated. So each item sold IS getting a profit no matter what because it starts by Adding Together All Of The Parts' Cost (ingots, grips, guards) then adding the Base 10% Mark Up to that amount for a subtotal and then it goes on to adding the Charisma Bonus, which is +1% profit/mark up for every Charisma skill point that is allocated. And finally, there IS a bonus amount of money you gain based on How Fast You Deliver The Weapon

Heres another screenshot, this one shows the page I'm speaking of and I have underlined each factor for pricing.


Yeah Math!


No worries Tripster,

I didnt make the feature obvious so most people might not have even noticed it. Good on you and anyone else for finding it.


One thing that would be really useful would be you would press a button and there will be a lit on any container so when you are moving it the content would not fly out.

I'm assuming you meant "Lid" and not "Lit"? 

It's a good idea but the items don't really fly out anymore like they used to before this new shop was made. The items used to all spawn inside of each other so when one of them moved they shot out like a 360 shotgun, good times.

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Ooo, hey guys theres a screenshot sneak peak for the 0.0.8(something) update on the My Little Blacksmith Shop page. scroll through the picture banner at the top of the page, the outside now has a cobble stone path.

Try'na  be sneaky about it Dasius, can't fool me *Inserts Smirking Face*

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


New suggestion, crystals used for enchantments. I kind of thought thats where you were going with it but if not that would be really cool and another aspect used to calculate price (or raise reputation in future updates.)

If you've seen a game called puzzle forge 2 where it makes legendary weapons if certain pieces are made together that'll be real cool. But definitely can see aspects of that game implemented here.

A simple .txt file in the game files that simply states what version of the game you have, so it's easier to tell if you're outdated or not.

So I recently found this game. It's actually the exact thing I was looking for. I've played a few hours. What I would like to see is an increase in customer frequency. I seem to have a lot of "down time". I wouldn't even mind a customer queue where I can get multiple orders at once. 

Another thing I would love to see is an actual store area, where perhaps customers could just show up and buy what they want from a pre-made selection from the shelves. 

Custom orders, like a dagger model two with a fancy hilt order, instead of the same ole same ole over and over. 

I'll apologize in advance if this stuff has already been suggested/on the roadmap. I didn't cruise the topic much. 

Legendary items would be cool, if you could have the an extremely rare drop in the mining (like 2%) and when used it makes a special item.  Like a flaming sword, and also just as rare have a customer who comes seeking legendary items, just a thought

Developer (1 edit)

Hey dkdavegaming,

That is a really cool idea and one that I am working towards. Once all the basic system is fully implemented and working near flawless then i'll add special items and weapons with special fx when certain combinations are made etc..

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey ReyGames,

I agree! :)

I'm not sure what's been suggested already, there was just too much to read to catch up.

That being said, I think it'd be cool to see all of this stuff added.

Armor Pieces 

  • Helmet
  • Cuirass
  • Pauldron
  • Vembrace / Bracer
  • Faulds
  • Greaves
  • Boots


  • Viking Shields
  • Bouche Shield
  • Buckler Shield
  • Heater Shield
  • Kite Shield
  • Pavise Shield
  • Targe Shield

Hey CaptainLemming,

Thanx for your suggestions. Armor is on my todo list and I already have some made but not ready for mass production. Once I finish fixing all the bugs with making and selling weapons, i'll transition the system with shields and armor which will use the same system.

I've just had a quick look up this list and seen someone else mention it but is there a chance of getting a lid on the boxes ? or maby a small inventory on your character for ores and logs maby ?


Hey psychoando, 

Yes! Something like a lid is on my todo list. Thank you! :)

nice :) i got a bit bored of running back and forth with my ore to the horse and cart so i took a box from the store and figured it would either work or go horribly wrong and stuff would fly everywhere.. it turns out i  was somewhere in between  :p

please make so you can melt hammer heads and all the odders and make chest plates and do so you can take a handle of a head


Hey williamjseim,

Thanx for the suggestion. I believe i've received the request to melt down weapons to their basic form. I'll look into it.


can you make small signs you can place around the blacksmith

like sticky notes ? 


Hey Williamjseim,

That's a good idea. I'll look into it.

Its really foggy, to the point where it gets annoying and its like that everyday in game, at first I thought itw was just my graphic settings so I messed around with those but it wasn't, maybe you can tone down on the fog?

You can turn off rain in the settings which will remove the fog as well, that's what I did

that doesn't work for me.. it turns the rain off but the fog stays :/ options - rain fx - click the box so its grayed out right ?


make the ore smelting furnace also be able to recycle old tools and be able to craft your own handles from wood

(1 edit)

I'll second this one. Like making the fourth tool slot for a dagger to whittle with or something

How about adding the game to steam? it will really increase the amount of people looking and playing the game? (P.S. in it's current form i'd pay about 5 dollars for it)


Hey ScoutingJ,

I do plan on bringing it to Steam one day. The game still needs alot og work before I put it  up on Steam


i think wold be cool if in game had an bag to the player carry or if can carry some ores in the hand because is really bad carry one by one itens


Hey Fofuxolilito,

You can use a crate or the horse if you don't want to carry things one by one, but I understand that these are slithly broken.

Yes, but be very cool if, idk, have something like a list on the upper right side showing the ores you have and if you can carry a maximum of 10 ores of 3 tipes or something

could you possibly make older versions available like 0.072 as it run the best on my laptop

Would an Android version be possible in the future?


Hey JohnOliver. 

I can't make any promises.

you should make it so we can upgrade the work areas

It gets kinda annoying whenever I look at my ingot shelf and see they're all strewn about, maybe you can have them snap neatly into place like they do on the anvil? And stackable as well, should make for a easy and neat storage

is there any chance of a command we can type or maby a temporary button somewhere we can press to clear all the duplicate ore that we keep getting ? i'm loving all the free money but my pc is starting to struggle with the thousands of ore that is scattered all over the place xD

Someone in the discord created a tool for that. It should delete all ores in your game.

(1 edit)


edit - might of been a bit hasty there.. what do i do with it ?

Right click it, select "Open With..." and select Java(TM) Platform SE Binary

(3 edits)

Any chance of making the ore veins refresh completely on sleep (or at least spawn based of hammer level or something) instead of having to close the game? I've restarted the game 4 times now (and gotten the extra pickaxes that come with that) and only yielded a single copper vein.


Instead of closing the entire game, you can enter sandbox mode, then enter shop mode again.

(1 edit)

There is something I've noticed. With the short ingot cool time, quenching isn't even necessary. By the time you get the tool head to the beach and start out to put it together the head has already cooled. I don't know what the best method to deal with that might be, but the days also seem fairly short. Maybe stretching out the day a bit?


After a bit of experimentation, I've also discovered that putting head on a grip will instantly cool the head and attach it. Dont know if this is a bug or intentional.


Hey Athelian, 

In a future version, I'll implement being able to adjust the day length along with other features. Thanx for the suggestion.

I would like the game to have an update to Portuguese br because I really like the game and it would be better if it were translated. Thank you for your attention.


Hey nooberck,

I apologize, atm moment, translations are low on my priorities list until i've implemented all the important features and squished game breaking bugs.

Hi Dasius, I'm not sure if its a Unity issue or something you could implement but is there a way to bind controls to the cursor keys.

I am a disabled gamer and find the lack of this feature frustrating.

(don't worry if you cant, Fallout 4 had a squillion dollar budget  and they couldn't figure it our either - I had to use Autohotkey to rebind)

BTW awesome game otherwise, keep up the good work.


Hey Norbuck,

I can certainly look into how to implement the feature.

Thank you!!

Thanks for the reply Dasius.

Because I'm stubborn I tried to figure it out myself and it turns out you can bind the cursor keys, but they are somehow also pre-bound to menu navigation so attempting to input them as bindings is difficult as the often the key presses navigate away from selection field before it registers the Key change. I noticed this as while attempting to bind the cursors I noticed a faint highlight box would appear around the sandbox mode button.

I guess this should be in bug reports then...


Hey Dasius i have two suggestions. Maybe you could add a arena system where you can watch people fight and make the weapons that they use in the fight and you can also bet and make money off the fights. second suggestion is that maybe the player could be able to make swords and actually equip them and do duels against npc's and they could then be rewared with money or high value ores. keep up the great work with the game.


Hey Dragoblast1,

Thanx for your suggestions!

A quick suggestion to add depth to the game.  Make the customers have different fantasy races like dwarf, elf, orc and human.  And give each race a preference for the 'STYLE' of the weapon.  Like dwarves like the big flat blades, elves like the scimitars, orcs like the cleaver looking one etc.  But don't tell the player who likes which one.  Then the blacksmith could get a bonus tip for figuring out which race likes a particular style.

Also, please make the customers less rude.  I work in customer service in real life and simply saying please goes a long way.


Hey Legion3000, 

Interesting ideas. I'll think about it.

I agree with customers saying please goes a long way but you do get the occasional rude customer. If you don't like them, you can always just cancel the order and shoo them out the door :)

Change the movements for left and right to strafe left and right, instead of turn. mouse control already changes point of view, and having to look away from the tool bench to shuffle further along instead of being able to sidestep feels weird for a first person perspective game.


Hey Norbuck,

Good point, I made the change. Thank you!

how and can we make shields loving the update just wish there was some type of information about how to do certain stuff even us youtubers are still have problems figuring this out

love the game btw


Hey BadCook,

Shields are not fully implemented so craft them at your risk. Since its in Alpha, I'm still adding features and changing old ones so a tutorial is out of the question for the moment.

Thank you!

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Hi, please add toggle hold item button.  When holding and carring a long distance its a bit stress on finger :)

Be able to sell grips and guards at less than you bought them, that way if you accidentally buy something you can sell it back fro a bit less

I just make some cheap copper weapons with them and put them on the counter.  That way you can sell them fast and get rid of extra stock with the speed bonus.


Hey h20rq,

I should have implemented that idea and I will work on it.

Thank you!!

make blueprints for special weapons

Perhaps a button to "store" an item in a crate which will prevent an item from exploding if you move the crate.
With empty hands pressing a button to remove a item from the crate.

Cons you lose the ability to pull specific things out so you want to put similar items items.
I see this as a way to bundle similar items together...

In previous versions I had this odd thing where I put all my ingots in chest, and my handles inside a chest on my table...
I guess everyone has there own work flow, im really excited to check out the sexy horse ive heard about.

(1 edit) (+2)

Maybe being able to close a crate with a lid by pressing  c C=Close keep the good work up :-D


Hey Emil6dk.

Done :) ! It will be in the upcoming patch.

Thank you!


Being able to combine ores to create different ingots (such as copper ore + tin ore = bronze ingot, or iron ore + coal = steel ingot) would be very cool!


YES PLEASE!!  I haven't gotten far enough but I was hoping this would be in the game.  The Tin metals tier needs to be replaced with Bronze (copper+tin).  Tin is not actually suitable for weapons or armor.   You could also add in zinc for Brass (Copper+zinc) which is actually a very useful metal. 

ehi Dasius! It will be grat work with you, i'm a 3D generalist and i'm studing at VFX wizard.This is my e-mail if you're interested i'll send you some of my works :)


Hey Thanx Lykan.


The suggestion about Alloy metal got me thinking.  Right now we can just buy every level of grip and guard.  But what if we could only buy the basic (common) level from the order board.  Then we had to combine the guard and a decorative metal ingot (copper, brass, silver, gold) to get the higher tier grips and guards.  I think that adds a lot of depth and options.  More mining , smelting, and building, which is really what the game does best.

I second this


Hey LEGION3000,

That's a really cool suggestion. It is on my todo list. The grips were all originaly made in seperate parts with the intent of allowing players to combine them. I'm hoping to have that feature in a future release.

Thanx you!!

(1 edit)

Seconding this motion as well, in my higher now gone save, I was only ever buying rare grips at the point I was at, but they really weren't at all "worth fretting about" I could've just as easily attached a 1$ handle instead of a 12$ one, and still gotten 99.99% of what I got with the 12$ one.

the way I could see it panning out a bit more, not sure if that's necessarily what you meant.

Plain common untextured - purchasable and craftable - 1-3wood (1h 2h pole)

+ 1 copper ingot -> Looks similar to uncommon uncommon wood grip

1-3 rare wood (1h 2h pole) +1 tin/bronze ingot -> Rare/fancy wood grip

Iron tier/unlock

hand guards -> purchaseable/craftable

Selection (non head/tool parts/whatver (since it highly defines "Heads" when in it currently))

1 Iron ingot -> common Iron grip

1 iron ingot -> common 1h guard - until this point you have to purchase guards (like you have to anyway, They're cruder (iron?) metal than what you'll make (heck, maybe v1 = crude iron and v2/3 = iron and pricing will reflect in future)

That said I want to say common 1h guard + some other non iron metal = v2 guard (since it looks like a mix, where as v3 looks just one type)

Common Iron grip + bronze - uncommon Iron grip

CIG + Iron (maybe?) -> Socketable? Uncommon iron grip - Maybe the Crystals can be used as reusable gems (not actually being used up) or those glowing crystals in the cave can be gem deposits (low chance)

Either uncommon iron grip + brass -> Fancy/rare Iron grip

  • Titanium would require Steel grip - or maybe higher, I dunno
  • Wood can be used up to Steel weapon
  • Iron can be used up to Mithril, /maybe/ Adamantine
  • Steel can be used up to ???
  • Mith, Ada, Titanium can be used up to ???

Basically this would mean that A copper head could be affixed to any handle you can get your hands on, tin/bronze, iron/steel etc pre-steel - would allow for all of them, too.

But then at Mithril - You'd /have/ to stop using wood-based grips - and by this point, You'd have Iron, Steel, and maybe Mithril, grips to work with - And Iron should be easily attainable for you. - MAYBE you could still use Crude-iron grips - But I'd probably say not so much and say you'd have to upgrade to basic iron at minimum. (Perhaps Brass could serve also as a Guard upgrade from crude/basic guards Maybe Brass would be required guard at mithril stage - brass guards and iron grips (or better)

Adamantine Guard v2 + Mithril (red?) grip, mixed with a mithril ignot (socket) (uncommon) mixed with Steel (instead of brass)= Legendary Grip + guard (Socket with light crystal/light based gem) (Yellow or red, mixed results, most common seems to be yellow/golden yellow)

So Red Handle, Steel accents, Yellow/light socket, purple guard (adamantine is purple, I think?) and a Iron, steel, or Titanium (undecided) Blade - (there's one that kinda looks like it has grooves in it (not hole) that I feel fits the bill of "master sword"

Legendary Master sword recipe ^ - Obviously I feel titanium would be wisest, but that's pretty dark - additionally, the master sword can actually somehow rust, apparently, Thx BotW - so realistically, It seems like its "Iron" - Suppose that maybe since it can be "reforged" in various versions to lv 2 and lv 3- that it kinda makes sense the blade itself is not the best it can be...(maybe we'll skip all that drama and just make it Mithril too - Since one of the upgrades is red. (plot twist best Master sword is actually Brass/Copper/Gold LOGIC BE DAMNED)

Blade must be quality upgraded at least once.

Then You can stick it in the Pedestal and the Pedestal will act like the anvil does with ingots, snapping it into position.

Audio cue - Music near pedestal will forever be different at this point - more Tranquil/holy sounding.

You'll need a really high level Blacksmith to pull it back out (stats in Str, namely, but agility too, etc) so don't put it in unless you ready to part with it. - you should be happy knowing it's going to be used by good, hylian/hyrulean hands, and that you're the badasterisk that crafted it (According to ALTTP, The master sword was forged to fight Ganondorf's apparent triforce related power - Mere mortals, not the goddess, crafted that version of the master sword -) (also explains why Blacksmiths can oh so casually upgrade it. You know, Like a blacksmith do, to a supposed "goddess" crafted blade, then forged in golden goddess fires into the master sword. (cause remember, logic be damned))

Where was I again...? tldr?

  • so wood - common
  • rare wood - fancy
  • Iron - iron common
  • Iron + things - unc/socket/fancy
  • Steel - steeel common
  • Steel + things - unc/socket/fancy (Likely gold? maybe iron/brass)
  • Mith - Mith common
  • Mith + things - Unc/socket/fancy/legendary (correct recipe only)
  • Ada - ada common
  • ada + things - Unc/socket/fancy
  • Titan - Titan common
  • Titan + things - unc/socket/fancy (potentially others)
  • Once a Grip is "a grip" by its lonesome - Smacking it maybe will change between an appearance or two? question mark? - For example - Diamond wrapped handle - to make the curved 1-side one hand blade look oriental - with v3 guard and diamond looking decoration on the handle - Bada bing bada boom - maybe give it a special theme bonus price (correct Recipe related, not all encompassing, makes it "special" but not "Why would I make anything else, this is the best profit" ) - and then have "grip" (make it look like a wrap/sleeve over the accenting metal's color) and then also "coiled" (Make it so the accenting metal coils up the handle)
  • ^--- In other words, "diamond" = oriental/katana/asian/whatever
  • ^--- "grip" = the Handle's metal is accenting the accenting metal, rather than the other way around for example the master sword I spoke - You have this ribbed kinda "sleeve" of red with a pummel and "guard" that look "iron/steel" - and then the "guard", the purple wings extending away from the steel.
  • ^--- coiled would be the opposite - your accenting metal would appear to coil up from the pummel (base grip metal)  - basically, It'd look like the uncommon grip currently does, but instead of iron ends and looking like wood, coiled ontop of wood (grooves cut out of a wood handle) - it'd look like a (very tiny) dumbell of say - all mithril - with say adamantine coiled around the mid section
  • ^^--- so red, red/purple(coiling), red
    • Yes. I am horribly at explaining my thoughts, Thank you for noticing, and getting to the end (question mark?)
      • edit 1 - figured out something to put right here - mentioning that 1-3 wood = 1h 2h pole - 1-3 rare, 1-3 of each of the ingots also equates to that, for the initial grip phase, equating to a common of each size, after they're grips, combining them with additional ingots adjusts them accordingly
(2 edits)
  • New list of metals and changes - thought of new ideas to implement in alloying.
    • First off - Changes to Steel -> Adelite becomes Vanadium and Vanadium becomes an accenting metal like Zinc and Tin -> Coal (non-metal Carbon) and Iron will make Alloy Steel -Alloy Steel + Vanadium can make a steel ingots stronger - Vanadium Steel can mine Mithril.
    • Copper - unchanged
      • New Metal Zinc
        • Brass - upgraded guards, price increase - cannot be purchased at all -must be made.
      • No gear for Tin on its own
        • Bronze - Low-tin and High-tin Bronze. High-tin bronze can mine Iron -> Low tin is crafted with a single tin ingot in the smelter (Do not exceed or it will attempt to make high-tin bronze, and spit the ingots out(reject them)
          • Low tin 5x copper 1x tin (flexible amount - but no more than 1 tin) - makes 2 Low-tin Bronze ingots
          • Low Tin bronze can only be crafted into a Bronze one-hand hammer - This hammer is required to work HT-Bronze into gear
            • (High tin Bronze ratio is Less copper - More Tin - It'll still use only 1 tin, but must have more tin to trigger - 3:1 ratio -> 1 bronze ingot, need to be making at least 2 bronze ingots at any one time - so you need 6 copper and 2 tin before firing up the smelter.
          • HT Bronze is required to make a bronze pickaxe, which can allow you to mine iron - or you can wait, sell bronze gear and buy iron.
          • Iron can be worked with LT (Bronze One-hand Hammer) - Iron can also be worked with anything above that, that goes without saying really.
    • Coal - Unchanged (aside from being able to melt it down in the smelter with Iron present - perhaps made more rare
    • Iron - itself remains the same
      • Iron Alloys
        • New Metal/ore - Nickel - useless on its own (for now) can be combined with iron in 2:1 ratio (2 iron, 1 nickel) (invar 36)
          • Invar can't really be used to benefit the blacksmith in his chores, but can be sold for a much better price than Steel (whether its actually better or not remains to be seen) Invar 36 is quote "five times more expensive than 304 steel" (regardless if its actually better or not, I don't care, It exists, its a thing, it fine.)
            • Invar appears to be harder to work with - so counter-balancing its price, is the number of hits WHILE HEATED it requires to take form - Yes, I'm implying that if you mis-click or don't have 5+ str, you may find yourself incapable of forging Invar gear, as it will cool off before you get it finished.
        •  Steel -> Iron + Iron/Carbon = Steel  - for the most part this seeeems like it'd be a 4:1 ratio Iron + 3:1 Iron/Carbon- Can mass
          produce "Cementite" out of coal and iron (3:1) so that you can toss a bunch of iron and cementite into the smelter and pump out Steel - Otherwise you'll need to load a ton of iron in, and toss another coal in after each ingot. (but honestly, I'm having trouble finding exact amounts in terms with a more crude variant of steel.)
          • Steel  and Vanadium(replaces Adelite) -> Vanadium Steel - seen to be stronger. (Steel and Vanadium steel require stronger Hammers to workk - and Potentially vanadium steel will require more than 5 strength (every 5 str reduces number of hits)
          • Vanadium Steel makes up for use what it lacks in price comparison to Invar - Iron and Vanadium Steel can also be used as Guard Price/tier upgrades, additionally, It can be used to upgrade Blacksmith's pick tier and allow them to mine Mithril pre-mithril pick - In line with the previous tier ups mentioned.
        • New Ore- Cobalt
          • Requires Mithril Pick to mine
          • 10 (invar) : 1 cobalt -> 10 super Invar (yes, this is a real name, of a real material - Super Invar 32-5 (63% iron, 32% nickel, 5% (5.5%) Cobalt -> Produces 10...I said that already,
            • This is one of the rare moments where you're basically just exchanging a whole stack of old ingots, for a whole stack of new ingots.
              • All questionable logic or inaccuracies in price/worth/etc can be chalked up to Era/knowledge - This is fantasy Medieval Blacksmithing game - Consider yourself a Genius pioneer blacksmith, and You're literally making brand new unheard of alloys (excluding something like bronze)
              • The Masses have never heard of Invar, whether its weaker, equal, or stronger than steel or Vanadium steel - It (insert reason) sells absurdly well. - It's like having a Decorative sword that's barely a bat, Looks flippin amazing, doesn't actually function well as a sword, Expensive as taint.
              • Equally so with Super Invar - The applications of this metal are - modern... for the most part it seems - But its basically Better than invar, and so, It's going to skyrocket the price - Putting it in line with mith/adaman prices - and if you had a lot of invar left over and actually manage to find a cobalt vein and not strike out only stone - you deserve the upgrade, you little genius inventor you. - Super Invar's only purpose will be gold - I'm even half tempted to say it and invar mine 1 tier /under/ their respective levels, further discouraging their actual usage over steel/vanadium/adamantine
    • Mithril remains largely unchanged
    • Adamantine remains largely unchanged
      • New Ore - Palladium - Accentory metal, much like Brass - this will be used to bolster appearance/price - Every Blacksmith knows they wanna sell dank epic rare fancy lookin loot. Not Sure If Palladium would make an actual "decent" guard, but maybe it can crank up the price when combined with a grip - as I previously suggested for grip production. Palladium is often used in Jewelry, it has a natural look of that "White-gold" platinum look - albeit, being less dense in comparison.
        • Perhaps additionally - we could say Palladium accents would mesh well with Electrical/lightning elements - if gems/elements/etc are incorporated, these two would work very well together, making a better elemental weapon
        • Invar/Super invar, and granted, I'm basically clueless about what i'm actually talking about here - But Potentially might mesh well with Fire element, or might mesh well with ice? Super Invar (and Invar) retain their "form" (don't expand much if any) in a temperature range of negative 67*F to 203*F - "pretty cold" and "pretty hot" not "super hot/cold" sure. but That's why it makes sense?
        • Anyway- mined with Ada-pick, Obviously, since its under this section. - Only suitable for Non-head work, again, accenting the item, not making it.
    • Titanium remains largely unchanged.
      • Titanium accents would likely function well with Corrosive/poison - Improve Heat element - as it can withstand higher heat tempatures (though I do not know if it would warp its shape under constant abuse of higher than avg heat)
      • Titanium would "Control" (one of the quality stats) better than most would expect of a strong material - It is actually "known" for its high strength to weight ratio - which can translate to our usage of it meaning "It stays light, controlable, and still deals a flip ton of damage." - I imagine eventually these stats can play a better part in worth and desire (i.e You'll get occassional customers who go "blah blah blah 'needs to deal xx damage but still be yy control-able - And You'll need to gun for an insane good quality of something, or just run of the mill quality titanium.
  • Room for other materials obviously exists, as mention, please, let sky be your limit
  • Anything Not detailed is either Detailed unchanged, or I don't really know what I'd make the details out to be.
  • I didn't look up brass composition, for example, nor do I know whether I want to say "brass can be mined by copper" (reduced price drastically, but increases chance to get out of copper hell) or say "Has to be bronze" (increases price in line to just under tin or just at/higher than bronze - which I'd say bronze would likely be around 600-800$ - high-tin bronze would have 500 from the tin, and a few 10s from copper in each ingot, and I'd say it would also still need to be a mark-up in value from Tin. (plus its pretty good stuff)

  • Not sure why spacing got out of control, editted it out.

    I know this will be a lot of work, but if you took it on slowly I think it could be possible. It would be amazing if you added in a grindstone so you have to sharpen your weapons before selling them, on top of that it would be cool if a finer point or edge sold for more money than one sloppily made. Thanks for reading this.


    Hey GaminExposedYT,

    I would like to add grindstones for weapon refining. I started already on weapon refinements and hope to continue doing so for future updates.

    Thank you!!


    I really like the mining in 0.8, but it is really anoying sometimes because of the weird physics.  One way that would improve mining would be to add more to the mine shaft, and have mincarts that you can push around to carry ore.  Also, when you go futhur in the mineshaft there could be a slight increase in chance to get rarer ores (e.g. titanium).


    Hey Popfly335. 

    Thats not a bad suggestion. I'll take it into consideration.

    Thank you!!!


    Can you consider adding bosses to the mines and gear that you can collect if you defeat them such as a very rare guard/material. (Sorry if this is already a thing I'm just getting into the new update).

    xd I don't think the player will be able to fight  :]


    Hey Soviet Stew, 

    This is meant to be a simple a game about blacksmithing.. Maybe another game I can have those features next to making weapons. We'll see.

    how about new ingots?


    Hey Saturn325,

    I am hoping to add Alloys in the very near future. 

    So hyped ! I already see the bronze alloy in my shop haha ! Thanks Dasius for being active.


    Hey, Dasius!
    I must say, even in this stage of Alpha, the game is still pretty fun to play. Even more for someone like me - someone who loves (Medieval) styled games etc.. ^^
    Anyway, I've come up with some suggestions that I would LOVE to see in the game, sooner or later :P

    1) More weapon types -  now, I'm sure that you are planning on adding more weapons (weapon heads) for us to be able to make. I think it would be nice adding Flails, Halberdiers and maybe even War Hammers and Maces.

    2) Woodworking - from what I've seen in the shop, you might be planning on adding woodworking. That is a great idea! Being able to make your own grips and such would be a nice way to save money. Also, if adding the possibility of making grips, why not add the posiibility of making Short Bows, Longbows, Crossbows and Shields (which I'm sure are going to be in the game quite soon) ? I know that bowmaking might not be the job for a blacksmith, but eh :P

    3) Armor making? - This could either be a complex matter or just a simple "combine a few ingots and magically spawn an armor piece" one. Armors could be made from different metals, for example and therefore have multiple phases of creation (same as shields).

    4) Of course, fixing bugs - Bugs like the ore/coal multiplying have already been reported enough. Also, I haven't really searched the forum for this, but I'm not able to sell Pickaxes.

    Let me know your opinion ^^


    Hey SirAxart,

    Glad you are enjoying the game :)

    I am looking into implementing flails in the game next to your other suggestions. Some of which are on my todo list. 

    Thank you! 

    Glad to know im on the right track.

    Oh Oh. Rereading some of the suggestion posts reminded me about something.

    Namely this one about its bows - Reminded me that the 3rd Small-blade/dagger model - The tiny "tip" blade

    Totally looks like it could be an Arrowhead.

    That + wood/rare wood = arrows (simple) (And maybe it'll be a few arrows? would probably be a pain making and selling arrows 1 at a time... althought BotW does it.... urgh... arrows.. Always need more.



    blade tip + wood + leaves = Arrows (little more complex and more... proper recipe?) (Smack a tree with Mallet, get leaves, smack a tree/log with hatchet, get wood) (or just add feathers in some way

    (+2) suggestion is that the game automatically puts all graphic settings on low so that people can actually play because other wise the graphics crash their game before they can change the settings to low,where as this way people can get on the game then change settings higher.         Please consider this....or at least provide a way to change settings without going into the game.


    Hey Tangoethan,

    I took yoiur suggestions into consideration and will lower the default graphic settings.

    Thank you!


    Hey i think it would be a good idea to have a tutorial or to be able to remove handles because it gets annoying to waste the handles


    you can remove handles, just take the item with the handle that you want to remove to the anvil and hit it

    thank you jarhead I've having problems with that for a while

    jars got the part about anvil

    And you get a blueprint on top shelf or you can dip out to sandbox and see what works for you and then apply to shop mode


    I Think you can add some exp for this game but not the normal exp how : if you get 30 you recieve 30% of speed in forge. i mean that with the exp you make better the swords or hammers or whatever it is. :D

    sorry for bad english xD


    And if You put an enchanting (or whatever it is writed)  way for swords how sell it to an Wizard and make him enchant the weapon then he will deliver you the weapon and this ... enchanting phase will upgrade the buy cost . :D


    A Tutorial straight from the up-go? When I booted up the game I had no idea what to do and still trying to figure it out.


    there's a blueprint for a good number of items up on the top shelf.

    Try sandbox mode to get a feel of how things work. Then apply to shop mode.

    Could also try gut instinct. If you put something together and it doesnt say you made something... Then do it over differently...

    If smithing was the roadblock.. You need hot ingots on the anvil to make selection

    Theres a problem I have, maybe I'm using the wrong version or something, but I cant switch from making heads for shields when I press the Z key... Do I need some form of blueprint to change it? Or is there something I'm missing?

    You'll need to also have ingots hot and ready on the anvil for that. (Which is what I was talking about for "smithing")

    1. Get ingots
    2. Place them on the forge and turn the bellows on
    3. wait for them to change from cooled (insert type) ingot to Heated
    4. Take the heated ingot and set it near the top of the anvil (rectangle area)
    5. It'll snap into place, however, they can stack ontop of each other, try and make sure to scootch them over a bit before dropping them
    6. Open Radial
      1. 1 Heated Ingot on anvil -> Shield accessories (no real use yet, also not included on part blueprint); Sword tab lights up and is selectable -> Small Blade (used in making daggers and Spears for now)
      2. 2 heated ingots on avil -> Shield edging (no use), Normal Blade/1h sword, All other tabs are lit; Blunt tab produces "Small hammer head" for 1h hammer (Mallet) and polehammer - axe tab produces "small axe head" for 1h axe (hatchet)
      3. 3 heated ingots -> Shield Tab still selectable, but no actual recipe exists (Hopefully eventually you'll be able to make full Metal shields and this will be the meat of it) - Large Blades (Greatsword), Large Blunts (Greathammer) and Large axes (First model is 2h axe (battle axe) and the second model is Pickaxe (strike a "heated" tool head to change models, just like if you were hitting the ingots))
    7. After Striking the heated ingots until an item is produced (they will make a striking sound if you're actually making them into something) - drag the tool head to the bowl of oil next to the anvil to immediately cool it off, and then you can take that and assemble it.
      1. this is where the Blueprint comes into play
        1. The Blueprint is a piece of Parchment/scroll paper up on the top, right shelf, you can see it when you're leaving your bedroom
          1. It'll show "Pole grip + small blade" (Spear/Polearm variant 1)
          2. "2h grip + 2h guard + large blade" (2h sword/ Greatsword)
          3. 1h grip + 1h guard + normal blade (1h sword)
          4. 1h grip + small blade (dagger/knife)
            1. Not Shown: Pickaxe, Polehammer,
          5. 2h grip + Large Blunt (Greathammer)
          6. 1h grip + small blunt (1h hammer (I call them Mallets))
          7. 1h grip + small axe (1h axe (Hatchet))
          8. 2h grip + large axe (2h axe (Battle Axe) (Note I suppose that technically this means Pixkaxe is shown, because it's a 2nd model of the large axe head, rather than its own selection... ) (Pickaxe is properly crafted with a 2h grip and pickaxe head, and can only be sold as such, The Blacksmith can wield any pickaxe head - whether its 1h, 2h, or pole)
            1. .
              1. Sub note... I just learned that if you move the Blueprint, or maybe it just does it on its own.... It duplicates itself multiply times... I tried to move my just not and had 6 of them jammed together, they moved slow, thought they were lagging the game but a customer came in
                1. You can incinerate the blueprint, which is good if this happens to you, maybe rule of thumb, Incinerate blueprint if you touch it and before you quit playing, just so it has less to stack and duplicate.

    Thank you! This explains alot, now time to get smithing!

    Ok- two questions, and this may seem stupid but I genuinely don't know.

    1. How do I sell my weapons?

    2. Can you make grips/guards?


    2) It is planned, but currently, no. - You buy grips from either shipping (window/chart near anvil and forge) or from partsmith Geofrey

    when you buy from geofrey, there's a really uber cheap 1h/2h grip (1$/2$ respectively) however - Bear in mind you need to be verrrrrryy delicate shopping at his place currently

    Use his shopping basket, and carefully set the grips inside, crouch, and pick it up gently, and then uncrouch and carry it out when you're ready

    If you mess up, or decide one of the grips isn't affordable for you - Give up, and put the rest back too - If you have a pricing error - it'll ding you and call you a thief and mark all the grips as stolen (not entirely true, it might only mark a couple, but still), once the items are stolen, they're stolen forever.

    1) you'll need to hand your weapons to NPCs who request them - you can set up some of them behind the tapestry on your counter, handle side in, and the NPCs will usually see them from the first and second shelf

    If you haven't seen how to open shop yet, there's fine print on the door - you have to click the actual "Shop closed" plaque ontop of the door to change to open, just opening the door won't do it for npcs to come in.


    when You're selling just copper, it can be hard to make each day seem profitable and progressive - but I assure you, it won't always feel that way, copper is just the slowest tier (that said, I've been having trouble myself in 0.0.82 getting NPCs to desire my most expensive metal...)

    The Main reason copper's so hard to progress through is because its so "cheap" and grips and guards are still required, almost as expensive.

    Where a great sword gets you maybe 50 or so $, and costs about as much to make in copper

    A great sword in tin is 1500 for the tin, and only 20ish for the rest - 10% of 1500 (mark up) is 150 -> easily paying for 4 more grips/guards, ontop of a replacement 3 tin


    Do not close the lid of the shopping basket, btw.

    Well. You can, just don't have it lidded when you leave - it will trap the items forever - when the shopping basket crosses the threshhold of the store, It swaps the basket for a regular crate, The items inside must be free if they're to remain usable -

    IF they're locked in the "Shopping basket" - That's what they'll remain because the "Shopping basket" erases itself from existence as it swaps out for a crate, leaving "Locked" until you "Unlock" the shopping basket, which doesn't exist to unlock.


    Thanks! I'll try this out now. Hopefully I don't have to come back!


    So, I have a really bad computer. Every game that uses UE4 doesn't run more than 15 FPS on my computer. Could you add lower settings to the graphics option? You could tell me how to change them manually.

    I played on 600p Min setting, 10 FPS.

    Spec- Core i3- 2100 3.1 GHZ, RAM 8 GB, GPU: AMD Radeon 5450 (dreadful), Case- Microwave.

    I understand that Good games trades with great FPS.

    - Thankyou and have a good day! ^^


    Hey 360,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I did lower the settings for players with lower specs.  However, I can't guarantee that it will run better on your computer. 


    It would be nice to be able to talk to people walking by to tell them about your shop, maybe you see someone with full armor walking to a tavern and you tell him about your blacksmith shop with armor that is better then the stuff he's wearing. Other than that, progression feels a bit slow and gets boring fast, it would be nice to level up faster. I'm on day eleven with like 3 hours in the game and still on copper, very hard to feel a sense of progression, but you probably already knew  this. Good luck on development of the game, I hope to keep playing it. 

    I mentioned this to a youtuber worried on the same problem, with tin being "so expensive"

    once you get your first tin ingot - Progression becomes loads easier.

    for one - Grips and guards - These are the primary grind in copper

    If you didn't have to spend a fair bit on pole grips, or on both grips and guards - copper wouldn't likely be quite as slow - at copper, you're basically paying for both parts out of pocket, and relying on both to get you results.

    but at tin, You're relying solely on Tin, as you will be in every other tier

    Additionally, you won't struggle with stock as much after tin either, as you'll always be able to ring out a stack of copper to fill an order in a pinch, and grips and guards are a fraction of a higher-tier's ingot price - meaning more sales, meaning more spare change for misc, and more exp for more (I'd go with charisma honestly, it'll eventually mean a whole stack of a tier down in bonus funds, and that, gets you good stock/reserves.) stats

    But yeah - Coppers main detractors are that its all you can use in terms of ingots, grips and guards rival its price, and you need both with every sale, and mark up is only 10%, and some change.

    10% of tin is 5 copper ingots, just off the bat (500-> 550)

    Or its a replacement rare grip and guard, along side the tin spent

    the one tin, pays for the entire weapon - rather than the one copper, and its grip, and its guard, barely paying for itself.

    And when you get to 1 ingot of the next tier, take a moment to look at your options.

    if there's no ore for that tier, focus on fulfilling customer demands for those ingots, and reap the immediate replacement of them and slowly but much more steadily, climb to two ingots, then 3, then awhole stock full

    Then 1 ingot of the next tier, rapidly builds to two, eventually it'll start rapidly building to three -and once again, check for ore There's no point in upgrading your hammer or pick if there's no use to be garnered from it, but on the flip side, you'll get an immediate, drastic boost if you can get to the pick, and there's 2+ veins waiting for you to plunder.


    Would it be possible to make the 'alt' rotation relative to the angle of the camera, rather than the angle of the object you're rotating? This just hit me as something that might make that mechanic feel more consistent, even though it's only really needed to get objects unstuck.


    Guess what has been changed in 0.0.82 :D

    chiming in behind Slipcor for a differing point - rotation can help some things fit better into small places, like shoving an entire log into the smelter before hacking it to pieces so you don't have to chuck each piece in individually (once it's wedged in a small bit, use another log or crate to tap it in, like a mallet hammering in a peg)

    Additionally, I like to stuff my smelter fully of ore, and then turn the box 45* so that it catches the ingots while I do other things

    then I carry the box full of ingots to the forge, lit er up, and heat the entire box of goodies all at once, tilting it over towards me while I'm waiting so they're easier to grab out of it. (90* side rotate, open to anvil)

    I also like setting delivery boxes ontop of crates so that most of the items fall into them, and then use the crate to dump them on a smaller area that the delivery box couldn't fit.


    I'd like a backpack, maybe not to start with, but one you can buy, as well as making the horse and cart progression based. Mining is great, I always love being able to save money in games like this, but it's really annoying and time consuming to drag ore up the mine shaft piece by piece, and it looks like some of it is despawning by the time I get back.


    in 0.0.82, the crates have lids so instead of a backpack you can now actually safely use crates - close them - carry and throw them around and keep your stuff :)

    Ah, figured it out. That works just fine, thank you.

    Well then, with that settled, the only thing I don't know if you're working on already is a lantern to carry around. That cave is really dark.

    stick your lantern from Shop shelf into ore/mining crate, close lid, stuff ore ontop of lantern, close lid, return to door with lantern, in crate, and ore, in crate, and crate, in hand.

    That doesn't sound convoluted and tedious at all.


    eh no worries, its a lot less convoluted than I made it sound, ....I think?

    I have tried equip on the lantern, it is not tool number 4 - but anyway. You start with a lantern above the crafting bench

    its pretty easy to just chuck it into your mining crate and close the lid - I don't think carrying the crate really slows you down, but if you feel it does, you can just lob the crate towards the cave (bonus: the lantern inside helps (potentially hurts) your throw, just have to throw it right)

    Then just load up with whatever you can mine.

    don't worry about "losing" space for ore

    you can actually stack the ore higher now thanks to the lid, which will close through objects, locking them inside - so now the stack can be higher and you won't have to worry about it toppling over. (though maybe, some of "you" are daredevils and stacked it absurdly high anyway...)

    Having the Lantern as tool 4 would be the only thing easier and better. (since you have your pick/hammer still out while carrying the crate, the light would still be out, and work far better than when its in the crate)

    But, for now, having it in the crate is 100x better than just having a  lantern. (which we do have "just a lantern".. its above the crafting bench) because you can only carry one thing at a time... and the way I speak of gives you both light enough to see what you're doing and where you're going, and carrying both things

    if you couldn't put it in the crate, you'd have to choose between carrying the lamp, or carrying your ore out of the cave, and that would be the real tedious thing.


    nearly forgot that I wanted to add a suggestion - Let us whack the crates we have with the hatchet tool

    What whacking the crate with the hatchet will cause to happen -> Change crate dimensions.

    Obviously I see the primary crate serves as ore/part transport, and that (maybe) balancing results in them being "smaller" to be more "limiting" in their convenience.

    But I like to stick the delivery box onto a crate and smack it open, showering the crate with items - Most will usually land in it

    If there was a "smaller" (height) but wider and longer (same size as base of delivery box) - i would be immensely happy

    • in short - Current --> square, equal in all dimensions. -> crate
    • Proposed
      • keep crate -> 1x1x1 (relatively speaking, not accurate measurement)
      • add "tub" /bin-> 1/2 (h) x 1 1/2 (W) x 1 1/2(L) - wide enough to allow all contents of basic delivery crate to just plop right in, no hassle, Lid it, move it. unlid it, use contents, lid it back up for later delivery receiving
      • Add "pallet"/bed - 1/4 the height - matching W/L  with the polearm/large delivery crate - line er up, pop her open, no hassle, lid, move, pray and praise the godsend - This would also assist for the Shopping basket/crate - as right now I pretty much just chuck his polearms out the front door instead of trying to weigh them on the crate scale. - yes. I have lost pole-grips this way... never finding where they've landed at times....
      • add a new "mega-crate", not liddable, can't fit it through cave door at all - this crate will be capable of easily having the basic square delivery box dropped inside of it and busted open  - Preventing mega orders from exploding in all directions (rotating it towards a wall/window will help 90% more with containing open-end explosion - allowing ease of order any and all ingots at the same time, but preventing the mega crate from being a "I'm just going to mine and carry the entire cave back in one box." (though one could argue a mega crate could be left outside, and the other crates piled into it, and then carried back.. alleviating the use of horse for mass transport (even though the horse is still neat, it's early, it's painful watching a crate blast off again * ting *
      • Possible others? - maybe one that is /really/ tall that we can slot a bunch of premade gear into and set it near counter so customers can easily grab "big" items without me needing to fumble it over things and hopefully not sending 8 (1) of the same item across the room, knocking hundreds of other weapons and parts (dozens) into a hot mess.
      • maybe /two/ really tall ones like that, one that accepts a lot of pole-grips (square/large opening "1x1") and one that accepts great swords (rectangle opening 1x2, but shorter as the sword is both shorter and needs less height to avoid toppling over)

    Put options in the start menu

    (1 edit)

    Hey Dasius,

    I've been working hard on the My Little Blacksmith Shop Wikia over the last few days.

    I've put in a lot of content, media, and even a bug/issue list over there. Check it out here!

    I would greatly appreciate it if you found the time to check out our Wiki!

    And to all the community members reading this: this wiki is for you, by you! I'm just a guy who enjoys playing this game, and thought I would help out the community by helping grow the wiki. Anybody can edit and add content, but if you'd like someone with a little more experience to do it, please message me your ideas in my message box.

    If you have any problem with media or content I've posted on the MLBSS wiki, please let me know by messaging me here. I definitely want to be sure that this wiki isn't conflicting with anything copyright-related or anything you feel might detract from the gameplay or anything else.

    Thanks for your time! Keep up the great work on My Little Blacksmith Shop, Dasius.



    Hey LazyHippo, 

    I had found your wiki a month or so ago and created a post and stickied it..

    Thank you so much for creating it. Hopefully it will help people out. 


    Thanks Dasius! I just started working on the wiki about three or four days ago, trying to make major improvements to the layout and content. Your shout-outs will help the wiki's community grow, and when more and more people know about the wiki, it will sustain itself!

    I wanted to credit NerdToob for the original creation of the site - and if you're out there NerdToob, I'm interested in helping you run it as an Admin.

    Thanks again for the awesome indie game, Dasius! Keep up the fantastic work.


    you should add in a way to make it multiplayer like 2v2 battles or 1v1v1v1 and what the battles do is that who makes more money in 5 mins or something

    and also going to different like demensions

    if you know what I mean


    "Battle" is something that has been shot down befoore - albeit, not multiplayer wise.

    If Multiplayer were added (which usually isn't something a small team for a singleplayer-esque game does)

    I'd imagine it'd be more so, co-op, 1-4 (pushing it) and the essential reasoning would be specialization and multitasking.


    Making it so in Co-op/multiplayer, and further down the developement road

    Where friends/players/teammates/etc - would have to choose "Armorsmith" or "Weaponsmith" or "Miner" kinda things.

    One would be off mining or tending the counter.

    The others would be toiling away at the hammer, and there'd likely be a 2nd anvil - or potentially Both buildings we currently see would have to be owned, and the 3rd or 4th person (the miner) would have to help both locations, running back and forth (So instead of Str ever being a stat the Miner would use, he'd primarily be all charisma and agility - while the other two were mostly str and int, with a hint of agility)

    The only way battle would fit into that, if it was strictly a "Who can get and fill the requests of the most customers in a day/week/month"

    But Bosses, Monsters in the cave, "battle" with us wielding some form of weapon - Has been mentioned, and "shot down" (Paraphrase: "Simple casual blacksmith game, maybe if I make another game I'll put that in there")


    Left a mention of this on my bug list cause I lost an item to it, its not really technically a bug as much as it is a.. technical flaw...

    Suggested Alternatives for Incinerator Location.

    1. Add on/off Button to Incinerator
    2. Add an On/off, and change location so that it is detached from the shop, far away from any surfaces that items on the other side may or may not glitch into.
    3. Just change location , maybe giving it some form of housing that separates it more.

    Hey Y´all

    I have a problem that comes up every now and then when I press P when I lvl up... My character looks straight up and I can´t select anything. I don´t know what to do or search on to find the problem. 

    Thank you all for your time. Reset Player model

    These correlate to using your Horse/Wagon, Also. Use them at your own risk and save before doing anything important with them.

    Thank you sir

    can we please have acces to the options in the main menu 


    if possible, either set a turn angle limit to the wagon, or make the front wheels smaller so when the cart turns, the wheels dont clip through the wagon and send your load flying


    I would like to see armour implemented,maybe you can put items on shelves and the people would just come in buy it and leave, unless they dont see what they want already made, maybe the ability to melt ingots and fuse them into compunds.But the biggest issue for me right now is performance, i beleive that the performance should be better if possible, the graphics look like they are easily runnable, but dont run well. Just some little suggestions, i love the game though, great work! :)


    Graphics: Turn Foliage down, or off

    Foliage is the least pure in terms of "Graphics" - and the "Less pure" something is graphically, the more it has additional stress associated with it - and Foliage, is the main antagonist for performance issues.

    Low is off - anything above is still partially on. - Personally I never have things like Foliage on. - And in almost any game, additional separate foliage is usually laggy, but as a result, it's also once of the easiest to look for and go "Well that's useless bs, so Off woo huge performance gain!"

    as for the rest of the comment.

    Most of those have been mentioned.

    Alloys, for example

    was at the top of this page before (and after) you added this post.

    armor is acknowledged  - but not currently being worked on - Shields are being worked on however, and "repairing" (I assume repair orders to fix an npcs weapon/armor/shield) has also been acknowledged

    Shelving recognition/more space/storage has been acknowledged too - maybe worked on, in some ways. - The NPCs see about a 15* or so cone in front of them, starting from behind their head and ended just at the edge of the back of your counter -

    items in that cone can be grabbed for if they match tier and type - Foreign Tiers however can cause an NPC to freeze though - They'll try and grab for the type - but its the wrong tier, and they'll remain staring at that specific item - until it is removed from their reach

    Example - You have a customer asking for "tin" "Greatsword"

    and have a copper greatsword on the counter - He'll look at "Greatsword" and lock on, only to see "copper" =/= "tin"

    No matter how close to the npc you place the Tin Greatsword, he'll still be locked onto the copper one, and refuse to take the tin one, -so like I said, until copper one is removed from their sight/reach - at which point they'll immediately take the correct one.... provided more wrong ones are not closer and also in sight - They'll see the one closest first.

    There used to be more area the npcs could see - but the code wasn't behaving well and was eventually disabled/removed but I saw a reply on that topic where Dasius said that he mighta actually seen what was going wrong and might know how to fix it - but the feature isn't really being worked on atm.

    You can look over at Trello for what's being worked on or accepted/acknowledged features

    (1 edit) (+1)

    Okay I didnt see that thanks for the dope reply man, Could not have been politer. But i still think that a game like this should run smoother, I can run games like rainbow at medium low settings with solid 50 frames, h1z1 medium settings solid 60,. on this game im hitting 20 - 50 depending where im looking. I am not sure if its me or the game, but im more confident in saying its the game.

    Maybe there soemthing else i can do to increase fps, im already pre much lowest settings with low resolution windowed mode.


    is the save new, old version, or aged?

    If you've been playing for a while you may try clearing the orders filled board every once in a while (right when you load up and after 10 or so orders)

    You /could/ try deleting the orders completed code from save file but.... I don't really know how or if that'd cause any damage. - so unless you figure out how, don't recommend.

    Additionally if you've been woodcutting for a while - You might have several dozens of trees with several dozens of stacked trees spawned on them.

    You can completely, including fuel which may not be desirable remove the duplication by opening Save file with notepad++ and searching for and replacing all instances of "Nature" with any other 6 letter word (For example Naturd, or Dragon)

    Nature is the sub-asset category for all things Touched by you involving wood. - Tree-base (0-100%) (Tree's do not become "Tree base" until you strike them with your axe for the first time, and they start at 100% after the first hit, and then start chopping down.) (Deleting tree bases will not remove trees, they remove the duplicated trees. Trees are spawned by engine, not save game.) Log (1-100%) and "chopped wood" (firewood) (1-100%)

    Whatever keeps the "0%" tree-base from properly removing itself from save file

    and later restores it to "100%" is also the same bug that restores 1-100% coal and Firewood to "100%" on reload.

    Additionally as I was just informing someone else - If you've been saving and reloading alot - Also Delete the Blueprint near Greatsword display.

    It duplicates, and I don't exactly know whether its just, anytime you reload, or when its touched by something - and if its not moved "much" it spawns a new one into the old one almost perfectly. - you could have 13+ of them occupying the same physical area - causing a mess of engine stress  - You can incinerate these once you know how to build stuff and do so every reload.

    It could be Unreal Engine. Some people have complained UE4/UE just doesn't work well on their computers, no matter the game.


    Can you make it possible to make multiple different saves, so I don't have to overwrite my old saves if I want to start a new game?


    Hey DwarvenGuardian,

    I can most certainly look into adding 1 or 2 more save slots.

    Awesome game.  Love that mining is in the game, but it was extremely frustrating for me to actually get the ore out of the mine, so please take the following suggestions into consideration

    1. Please let us equip the lantern as a tool.  Failing that please make it brighter so that it is still of use when carried in a closed box.

    2.  Please make the boxes a little harder to tip over (clipping the side of it with a piece of ore as I'm positioning it to drop in shouldn't make the box tip over).

    3. give us at multiple lanterns/other light sources  (If I've found an ore vein I want - or a bunch of my scattered ore - in a dark corner of the cave, I should be able to mark the spot with a light source and still have another light source to find my way to wherever I last set my box down).


    Should pay the $100 Steam Direct fee and get this gem on Steam asap!


    Hey o PazzuzU o,

    I will one day, Steam is beautiful place but it's also a cold and harsh environment and my game will get ripped to shreds by the creatures living there. Would like to do things right and not take gamers hard earned cash and give them a broken game, imho. :)

    Very true, and that is very admirable of you. Keep up the good work, love the game so far can't wait to see whats is 0.0.83 :)


    Thank you!!

    Can't you put up games for free? I mean, like sell them for free.


    Hey MasonatorRoblox



    This is more of a suggestion after you can buy the hill house, but it would be nice to choice, to an extent, where things like shelfs, crafting table, the little cubby things, fire wood rack, etc can go and add more if needed. You would proabably have it so you choice what goes where and pay a fee for it to get move, add or removed.

    Related suggestion is to have upgraded versions of the forge and smelter, for the foage upgades: bigger and hotter (heats up metal faster) and for the smelter: faster smelting and less fuel use.

    Another related suggestion, (related to shelfs) boxes that can hold stacked of items with a area at them bottom to take them out for easy storge and access so you could put something like pickaxe heads in and get them easily from the bottom, also have it so you can use them next to the smelter for coal.

    It would be nice to be able to order lanterns and lid boxes.

    Last but big thing, bigger size lid boxes.

    Thanks for all that you've done so far and going to do. It's a really fun game and has a lot of potential!


    You should be able to recycle metal parts by placing them in the ore smelter.

    Also about the ore smelter, you should be able to see how much of what is in the smelter with a sign on the side.



    • 1 ingot - shoulder pad - gloves
    • 2 ingots - helmet - boots
    • 3 ingots - breastplate - leggings

    The multiple items would be made from the same combination of ingots in the same way as the double axe head and the pickaxe head.

    Armor is planned, but not currently being worked on, I think they mentioned repairing too.

    I think you can register on the Trello service and add points to the topic there, not entirely sure.

    I've seen other discussions on planned/progress/etc - but haven't registered myself.


    Hey Yuki To Ame,

    I appreciate your suggestion. 

    As Kurzidan mentioned, it is in the plan and some work has been done on it but I would like to fix all the issues currently with crafting weapons before working on Shields and Armor, which unfortunately require new code. I am really looking forward to working on shields and armor and finally getting it into your hands to enjoy, so it will come. :)

    (1 edit)

    Could you maybe make it so you can drop the tool in your hand with E, and make it so that weapons aren't pre-programmed to a certain spot? Also, you could implement the swords by making some sort of cursed mine that when entered releases zombies or some sort of creature you can kill, which drop gold. You could turn into a sort of dungeon, with a cooldown time on the creature spawning similar to the ore regeneration. You could have multiple floors that each require you to be a certain level increasing with each floor. You could have tougher and tougher enemies as the floors go down. This would be very helpful if you ran out of money and had no grips, which means that you cannot do anything because to earn money you have to make weapons and to make weapons you need grips.

    Offhand slot for a torch (maybe made by combining a piece of firewood and a piece of coal on the crafting table), which you would ignite by going up to some other torch and clicking on it (maybe hold down the scroll wheel and left click to ignite).


    Hey MasonatorRoblox,

    I added lanterns you can equip and hold in your left hand. However I like the idea of crafting a torch so I'll look into that as well.

    I tried to press E while looking at the lantern but nothing happened. I tried the one in the shop, so is there another one I don't know of or am I pressing the wrong button?

    By the way, I found an easter egg.

    Well. the current version is "Hold in your hand"

    It's been suggested/planned/discussed for the "equip" one and I assume that just means the next version (content version) will have it

    along side flails and the beginnings of some other things... ( think tax... Alloys and handles might also been in that too.. maybe.. I dunno. we'll see what all can fit nicely when we finally see a stable update/release for the next content version (Content version like "0.0.9" like how this is "0.0.8" with the additional version/hotfix/etc being "x.x.x2"))

    Do you know of any easter eggs other than the crystals?

    Not unless you include the Not-Master-Sword-Altar (which has a crystal) and the Not-Hylian-Kite-Shield...

    Ok, then I found one you don't know of.

    Some more ideas (Yes I'm full of ideas):

    (Just so you know, I will talk about my ideas as if they are already in the game. Also, if you do plan on adding any of my ideas, feel free to change them however you want)

    • Machines: There are a few different machines you can buy. There is a new store down the left path that sells machines, which allow you to make your blacksmith life easier. The machines are only obtainable at this shop, and cost a fortune (In the range of 10,000 coins to 50,000 coins). When you buy a machine, it will go into a box which will shrink to about the size of an ingot. It will then open another slot  in your inventory and be put there. When you want to place it, select the item with the number keys, and there will be green models of that machine in certain spots on your property. It will also show red models of other machines, all transparent, in their respective places. All of the green ones will also be almost transparent, while the one nearest to you will be solid green. The one that is solid green is the one that the machine will be placed at when you left click. You can change where  it is placed by moving to different green models. When you left click with the place you want it to be built in solid green, it will show an animation of the box appearing there, enlarging again, and unfolding itself so it is flat. The player will wonder why the machine is upside down, but then the machine flips over, unfolded box on top, and then the box flies up into the air in a ragdoll sort of way.  The different machines are the Storage, Auto Anvil, and Item Transporter. 
      • The Storage can only be placed on the back wall next to the crafting bench. It is, essentially, a storage, but it is special. It has an intake funnel, where you drop in items that you want to be stored in there (Only tool heads, grips, and guards). They will show up on a grid on a screen under the main storage system. To take out an item, click on the item you want to take out, press + or - to change how many, an press enter. The items will be dropped onto the crafting bench, allowing you to craft items quickly.
      • The Auto Anvil is an anvil, not replacing the normal one, that can be placed at (REDACTED). It forges items for you. It has a queue of up to 5 items in its memory. When you give it one or more tool heads to make using the selection menu, it will ask for the types and amounts of ingots necessary to create the tool heads. You just put them into the input funnel, and the Auto Anvil will heat them up itself. The Auto Anvil also NEVER GETS ONES on the quality minigame and adds a 5% bonus to all types of quality. When the tool head has been forged, it is dropped into a tub of oil and put onto a table. It takes twice as long to make the heads, but that is a small price to pay for auto forging and higher quality.
      • The Item Transporter, through the wonders of TECHNALUGY, makes it possible to WIRELESSLY TRANSPORT ITEMS! At the moment, the Item transporter can only be placed above the Auto Anvil's output table and above the Storage's item funnel. When bought, you get two Transport Hub Item Node Gauntlets (T.H.I.N.G.s). When placed above the Auto Anvil output table, the vacuum end will be placed, which sucks up tool heads, grips, and guards. When placed above the Storage's funnel, the Spitting end will be placed, which spits the items into the funnel.
    • My name on the credits list.



    Hey MasonatorRoblox,

    I actually really like this idea. I'll put it in my list of suggestions on Trello.


    I'm sure you could find this on your own but just it case it slips by I'll just cheekily slide this link in here.

    I too didn't know the Trello was quite so much the "Hub" of .... Progress?... Roadmap? - Just thought at the time (a while back) that it was something akin to Discord/Teamspeak/Ventrillo (Mostly though it was some new Vent- I mean 'Trillo" "Trello")

    You are SO LUCKY that Jacksepticeye played your game!

    Wait... that was six months ago... never mind.

    (2 edits)
    • Be able to middle click on an item to carry it and NOT have it collide with objects. This would be useful when you are making a polearm and you have a lamp on your crafting bench. You could middle click and the item, when jolting forward, won't give your lamp the idea to blast off out your door in search of the 5th dimension. Instead, the polearm would pass through the lamp.
    • Kind of going with the last one, if you put the polearm inside another item, which would be made possible by no item collision, the two will probably spazz out and do all sorts of things you didn't think a polearm and a box could do together. But if you add a code where when an item is stuck inside of a wall or other item, then it will teleport itself repeatedly to one side until it is not colliding with the wall or item. I don't know how you would make it so it could tell whether or not the two are inside each other or not. If you do this, you miiiiight just want to move the incinerator away from the workbench.
    Put linguase portuguese

    It would be nice to be able to smelt tool/weapon heads back into ingots! It would save people who haven't made a pick but used up the last of their ingots and money on building the wrong weapons. Also, we wouldn't need the incinerator if re-smelting were an option!

    Well... you would need the incinerator for the large amounts of blueprint sheets... 

    a few ideas for the horse cart/ mining

    -instead of guiding it, click the horse to go from house to mines     

    -make the door on the back of the cart open up

    -make it where you can equip a lantern in the 4th slot to see

    on the furnace, you should make the number of ores inside it.

    also, are you adding something with the rock percentage, or did i miss something?

    MacOs version please

    Put the Portuguese language because I want to play the game a lot !!

    Please don't keep saying that...

    Apart from that.

    Afaik there only a few... or perhaps. Simply only Dasius. Working on this game.

    If you want it in Portuguese, The only way its likely going to happen is if you or someone else who Speaks English and Portuguese semi-fluently - pitches in a fan-translation.

    Pretty much the same story as it is with Mac, and any other language. - They don't have it, and likely won't have it for quite some unknown amount of time. Unless Someone else contributes "it"...

    If you want, you could use Google Translate to translate the in-game text yourself and then make some changes so that it would be gramatically correct in Portuguese. When you think you have it done you can send the individual dialogs to Dasius and tell him that you made a Portuguese translation. Make sure you associate the original with the translation so that he knows where to put what.

    Or, I could use Google Translate to translate it and then I could send it to you to touch it up and make it grammatically correct according to Portuguese grammar laws.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    I have some ideas to sum up : 

    first, transporting ingots from the foundry to the "BBQ" make the process a bit slowy to me, would it be a good idea to add like a conveyor type stuff that would convey ingots from the foundry directly on the BBQ, it could also be built using some materials, it is up to you to decide :) do you think it would kinda ruin this part of the game spirit ?

    secondly : would it be possible to add a menu which would inform the customer of the type of metal you treat by ticking or unticking options referring to each metal : for example if you don't want to work with copper, you untick the copper option so that customers will not ask for coppered stuff anymore, it would be useful when customers start asking another metal and not the one you were currently working with so you can sell your first metal wares, then you would not have to incenerate the wares or be overstocked of it
    Currently, my customers just started asking for tined wares and I do not know if they are going to ask for coppered ones again, hence my question.

    English is not my mother tongue, so I hope I made myself clear, do not hesitate to ask if I have not been accurate enough. Still, keep the good work ;) !


    I could definitely get behind second idea, if it hasn't already been changed, which it very well might have been, since that was...rather largely... mentioned... "mechanic" (*cough bug  ("feature")(I dunno really) cough cough*)

    I dislike dealing with copper at titanium, and yes, while it becomes less and less requested because there's more choice in customer request, Copper is still requested up to just before Titanium, at least... I didn't see Titanium much before I.... decided... That a fresh save was required...Haven't played hard enough since to be back at titanium again yet.

    As for Conveyor. - I know there's ideas suggested/taken into consideration for speed and efficiency of the two units, among other things.. Maybe to "logic" and "theme" something "better" (Conveyor-ish) It can just be an upgrade which "Magically" stores and draws the ingots from one to the other.

    One's stats could maybe determine the availability of the upgrade (it'd still cost money but perhaps wouldn't unlock till level 10 and/or whatever stats) and/or the number of times per day one could use the mechanic before being forced to have to do it by hand - Perhaps 1 absolute last time could be drawn after the fact but it'd force the player into fatigue and prevent further usage of the mechanic - as well, if its the end of the day normally and you're fatigued, it'd result in the same - the inability to use it.

    Perhaps additional to that; Since Storage options have been 'discussed' as well - Perhaps a special crate could be sold or come with the upgrade as well. It'd consume one of those uses every time ore was placed into it (consume the ore like the "turned on" smelter would (when it's already hot/progress (instantly consumes new ore, instead of "melting' them into nothingness)))

    Of course the purpose of the 'special' crate would be to act as a trigger for using "the skill" to transport ore from the mine quickly into the smelter, So that one could remain in the mine for a longer period of time actively mining - since no matter how good a haul or not you get, you're simply incapable of carrying more than one jammed full and over crate at a time, even if you have additional crates to swap off with, it still requires carrying each back out before it's "too late" (fatigue16h/24h)

    Alternatively. the Shining crystal nodes that reside in the mine - could be changed so they could "fuel magic" and be mined/procured and required for the function to work (or perhaps both methods could be used, "free" uses based on stats/level and "fuel" uses based on stock of (fuel item for magic) )

    Apart from that: "conveyor" sounds .. or at least brings to mind, things that would be outside of the "theme" shown so far...

    But that hasn't stop other games from utilizing "technological wonders" far exceeding the theme/era/etc (Dwemer machinations in elder scrolls, for example.)

    So who knows.


    However back to the point of Copper. While i dislike it too, and feel there should be a hard player-controlled way to negate it...

    Part of me does appreciate it's existence... The part that goes "This is a customer either getting what they can afford, or what they can equip"

    When I'm level 12 and can use the "4th" weapon of my class or some such thing in pretty much any other rpg game, I desire, at best, buying the "4th" weapon.

    I wouldn't want a shop offering me the 1st weapon, just like the shop wouldn't want me to demand the 1st weapon if they didn't sell it.

    but at the same time, I wouldn't want a shop offering me weapons 8-12, either, nor one offering 40-50, even if they have a ridiculously good sale that for whatever reason makes a "9th" weapon cost less than a 4th weapon - I can't use it, and I don't have a billion trillion of the currency to go willy nilly spending spree at every deal I see, and then beyond that is ability to equip/use it, which usually by the time I could I'll have found something either rarer and lower tier that is stronger, or better than it in general, perhaps even same tier and rare - or perhaps found literally it, but better stats.

    But I'd still like to be the one in control of that. - Unless.

    Unless there was a feature added which would drastically change smith/store operation.

    a sort've "stock" vs "showcase" - If you've seen Recettear - there's a... sort've... similar thing there.

    What most customers see is what is showcase, but if they're looking for "something" in particular, they can come and ask "you" to see if you have "something" or similar in "stock" (inventory) Even though its not on showcase in the limit space you have to "display" items.

    There way I could something of that scale easily working for MLB - is eventually getting the option to "Upgrade" the store to contain a "specific" stock storage. - like Copper "stock"

    I wouldn't say "require" it to be "fully assembled items" though maybe it should, you /can/ still build them in off-hours, but for the purpose of this post, I'm going to say "not required"

    Basically. It'd be an.. additionally and crate/chest (similar appearance as the customer scroll and coin chest)

    And you'd be able to drop ingots (not ore), and finished tool parts - and fully assembled items matching the metal type (to "discount" the price to "assemble for stock")

    That'd be the function of the crate/chest.

    The function of the scroll would be to

    • a) to display how much of the specific metal type you had stored in the scroll (ingots, Part heads, actual items)
      • Example: (metal) Copper
        • .........................Ingots on hand: 32
          • .................Small Blades on hand: 3
            • ........Normal Blade: 4
              • Large Blade: 1
              • Large 2h axehead: 2
              • Pickaxe head: 1
              • Small hammer: 0
              • Large hammer: 0
              • Small axehead: 2
              • Dagger: 4
              • Sword: 10
              • Greatsword: 0
                • etc
    • B) "Stock" Assembled copper items
      • Example - Tab 2 (similar to Ingots/Grips/guards tab in delivery scroll)
        • Display Cost: (Metal)  (In this case, copper, so "10")
        • Buttons for each possible item ("standard" - I.e "Spear/polearm variant 1" is a small blade and grip (lowest quality) But you can /make/ a "polearm" with the best grip, a 2h guard, and a large blade and sell it for more (because it takes price of parts and marks it up by 10+x%
        • Pressing a button will "Buy" an assembled item without markup ( cost of parts)
          • Minus parts on hand.
            • So since there's 32 copper ingots stored in the scroll, even though there's no Large hammer heads nor greathammers stored in it, It'll only cost 1-3coins (wood 2h common) to make, automatically/instantly, a Greathammer (stored and not removable in/from scroll - Any item that goes into scroll is "gone" forever - Much like Incinerator or smelter+ore)

    That way displayed items can be the Epic magical +45015 enhance murdersword of galactic doom and "Authentic" +9001 "Over 9000 backstab knife" (Collector's edition, rainbow BlackSmith-New skin)

    And the customer can still get their fill of low tier requests, and the player doesn't have to get frustrated over either having to have copper/make it, basically wasting their time or reputation (suggested feature, turning a customer away can happen, but would result in bad publicity/loss of rep)

    I'm unsure whether I'd say "allow grip parts/guard parts" to be stored separately in it because its been talked about as well for grips to see massive changes too - making grips (wood) yourself as well as the possibility of future grips being "upgrades" (metal)


    a lot of things would be "worse" with the "stock" scroll

    Tool heads would "have" to lose their enhances, or rather, They wouldn't lose them, but simply wouldn't benefit from them - The scroll would just treat them as the part they are and nothing more.

    Fully Assembled items would likely only sell for the basic grip/guard+ toolhead price, even if it had a better grip going in - again, for simplicity/code-ease/optimization.

    But you could at least have -124591-580815089 on hand - I mean. once you get to iron/steel prices, you could probably get 100 of every item in copper - not that currently you'd want to cause it'd suck making them for like a month in game... but you could. - That'd be what I'd think is a good way of going about it...

    However, another "worse" would probably be I'd say that "Church/King" requests wouldn't be fillable with it.

    You'd have to fulfill those orders by hand, IMO. Neither of them would want your dime a billion crapstick, even if they still requested for crapsticks, and even if you still make literally the exact same thing stored in stock,


    And Customers would "Query" "Stocks" for their requested item - So If you don't have the stock or don't have it in stock in the stock, and don't have it on display, They'll still stand there at your counter preventing other customers from coming in for the full duration of their "order time" (Unless you manually send them off) (fail or manual send off would still result in whatever future decided drawbacks (loss of rep))

    And of course since there's also suggested talk for hired help or sorts and/or theft...

    I would assume one can hire a "counter" clerk who'd ensure full sale prices while the blacksmith is out of the shop map-cell

    The stock would still sell an item regardless of clerk or smith presence, but might have a chance of like 1-5% at being reduced price by 1-5% (reverse of chance (-5% = 1% chance) ) (and maybe a 0.1 to 0.01% chance of notifying you of "item stolen from stock/display" (100% loss)

    I'm pretty much just rambling off onto different ideas at this point....

    So I'll end it here.


    There should be a button next to the 'decline order' button when a customer buys things that makes the customer come later to pick up the weapon they requested. There should also be a scroll on the wall that tells you what weapons have been requested and how much longer until the person who wants them will pick them up. There should be a box outside the front door where you put items to be picked up. This would get rid of the oh-you-want-this-weapon-so-I-will-make-it-almost-done-yes-I-finally-finished-it-darn-it-they-left-already dilemma. Also, it would give you time to add any perks to the weapon.


    Also, you could add a check box that toggles whether or not the customer comes back to pick it up if they run out of time.

    Hey I absolutely love this game but the most game breaking bug is that when i load the game I cannot open the shop doors. Furthermore I would love to be able to make armour not just weapons/tools. Also the wagon is glitchy af.


    Hey Drak155,

    Glad you are enjoying the game. 

    I am aware of the issues and are working toward the suggestions you mentioned.

    Thank you :)



    Hey TiedStatistic,

    Probably not! Time will tell.


    In regards to mining i think because of the mandatory tool equivalency setup you have you should make it so that even if a resource isnt mined it resets after say i dont know 3 days instead of the normal respawn rate of one day, solves the issue of running out of minable veins but doesnt allow you to just wait it out everyday till you get the ore you want for the earlier players cause I believe I got 3 days of mining or 3 mining trips with 2-3 nodes before being locked out of the ability to mine ore by it all becoming tin and iron


    Hey Whitecoat,

    Appreciate the suggestions. I will take it into consideration.

    until a change is made though - You can save and reload  - when you reload the nodes are all repopulated from scratch, if I recall correctly.

    Just keep in mind that reloading should be kept to a day to day basis - If you randomly save mid-day and reload - your exhaustion time also resets., meaning you won't get tired at the same point of time as normal - which could impact operating hours of the shop - forcing you to be awake when no customer come, and be asleep at customer prime-time

    Recent development i am currently at say twelve and for some reason every single customer i get has a less than 30 second time limit on thier order and it becomes next to impossible without perfect movements to get them the item before the walk away, currently have a two handed axe and 2 greatswords plus a one hand hammer that all consecutively failed and only one customer said they were in a rush usually getting them thier item with about 2 secondsish left but not getting it far enough across the counter before they leave, is this difficulty spike intended or is this a bug

    at day 12 and its that short???!

    Man I've never had that happen. I'd recommend restarting though if that's the case.

    No. The difficulty spike wasn't intended but that is the way it is currently. I imagine the difference in times is both intended for earlier days and difficulty modes, but the sensitivity isn't set right, or something like that.

    like I said, I've never seen such short times nor before at least a couple weeks in and it does seem like two weeks or so is usually when it starts decreasing more rapidly, but I've been outwards of like.. 80days and more and not seen 30... or maybe I just didn't pay attention.... hmm...

    Anyway. I recommend setting up shop before opening if you're planning to continue in that state - make Tool heads and set them near the counter, and keep handles near the workbench - Keep them on the shelf below, floor below, the three cubbies on the backboard of the bench, or the shelf above. This keeps em close but not combinable so you can make sure the right grip is used.

    Plus if the grip goes on last, you can continue holding the item, so you don't need to regrab the handle when its combined.

    Then you can turn and hand it to them (carefully as to not blast apart your shop in the process)

    Additionally. - I'm recommending tool heads and not completed tools because there's a bug (two) which breaks completed tools after reload, and sometimes even just during session. - and if they're built wrong its more of a hassle to clean them up (example: Customer orders a polearm - but you only have a greatsword on hand, completed) -> ( if you had a large blade instead of a greatsword - you could attach the large blade to a polegrip (with or without guard) and make a polearm - and complete the order in a short timeframe) -> (But If you have a greatsword, (and cannot afford to make the polearm any other way) you would have to take the greatsword and disassemble it at the anvil, then reassemble it at the bench which would take a lot more time (or you could just give up, you have a great sword, go away non-greatsword purchase))

    and the other bug that having completed items does is if you have multiple Metals of the same type of weapon (Copper Greatsword and Steel Greatsword, for example) and the Customer wants a Iron Greatsword - You have to assemble or forge one, but when you hand it to the customer they won't accept it - because They're locked attempting to accept the Greatsword you had near them to begin - its because of something in the code that does it - and to fix it, you either A) can't have any item completely assembled or b) have to remove the other items from the vicinity that the customer an "detect"

    thanks for the input sad to say I'm gonna have to restart and darn I was 50g from tin tools but yeah I'll try again before restart and record it then possibly set aside my save file for you guys if you want to examine why it happened further

    let me know if that would be useful cause I love this game and want to see it perfect


    I just did the recording and im sorry the timer is 39 seconds exact every customer ican send the save file and the video if you would like


    Hey Whitecoat,

    We increased the wait for each customer in the next update.

    (1 edit) (+2)

    Hello I am a huge fan of this game but I just can't play it because I dont have a computer but all I want to say is that this game has a lot of talent and I think the game should be on consoles because it looks like it could be on console but thats my opinion and keep up the great work!(but if its too much to put on console thats fine I will get a computer later on in my life)


    Het DatDonutDoh,

    At the moment, our target audience is for PC. When things are more stable we will be turning our attention to Mac/Linux and in the future, console if the need is there.


    The game could start like this:
    the player starts working as a blacksmith in a someone else's shop and he earns a salary every day. 
    With this money he buys a blacksmith for him, but he has nothing, as time goes by he earns more money to buy the anvil to furnish the horse etc.
    and after several days in his own blacksmith he can hire workers. 
    I know this sounds like a very ambitious plan but I'm sure your game is very promising and that you will get more and more away with it. 
    Never give up on this game, please, I really love to keep up with it even if it's been 3 months without updates. 
    I hope one day your game is on steam and I wish you luck.


    Hey SNOWYJAke,

    Appreciate your suggestions. We're hoping to get an update too everyone VERY soon. No ETA as i dont want to build hype and if something goes wrong, have to push the date.

    a few things that would be awesome would be multi player (although I realize that's a huge change which would probably take a very long time to perform). Also there needs to be some kind of incentive to actually sell things other than to progress toward nothing maybe add in a tax or fee of a set amount each 7 days or so that way there is enough time to do what you want but also gives a little pressure to make enough money. and finally being able to upgrade/customize your shop would be great that way your not just trying to save up money to upgrade your tools but also to upgrade/customize your own shop


    Hey spaceman140,

    I am hoping to add more functionality like the ones you suggested but it does take time. 

    Multiplayer is another beast on its own and unfortunately, I found out that if you don't build the game from the base up with multiplayer set up, it becomes very difficult to implement it later on. So what will happen is, I have to make a second game from scratch, rewriten from ground up with multiplayer code implemented.

    Appreciate your suggestions though. Thank you!!

    I don't know a lot about computers or games and in need of some help. My game is running really slow and I'm not sure why/what to do, HELP?


    First of all, I would like to congratulate you and thank you for designing this extremely entertaining and addictive game. Then I would like to make two suggestions.
    My first will be to have the ability to build ourselves our grips and our guards. The grips could be made from wood that we can cut ourselves. The rare wood could be used for grips of higher quality. The different kinds of ore would produce different qualities of guards.
    My second idea would be to change the concept of sleep. It could be a selection of hours that we wish to sleep, Less sleep time would mean less time before being exhausted. Or to be able to sleep when we want and not only when we are exhausted. It seems to me that time management would really be simplified.


    Hey Tmirald,

    Hey Thanx!

    I am hoping to implement grip and guard crafting.

    Ya, I'd like to add the ability to customise your sleep length. I loved and appreciated how Bethesda games allowed you to choose your sleep length so i'll eventually add it as well. 


    Hey man you made an excellent game.  I'd love to see more story, and maybe fix some of the buggy controls (my character slides on the floor like it's ice).  The game does get a bit repetitive, so anything you could add to keep it interesting would be a welcome addition.  At any rate, great job on this game.


    Hey elinocholson,

    Thank you, glad you are enjoying the game!

    It is repetitive. I initially didnt design the game to be more but since everyone is enjoying it so much, i've dedicated myself to making it better for everyone. So i'm doing my best, with the help of the volunteers, to add more things to the game but it does take time unfortunately. 

    (1 edit) (+2)

    I've been playing the game for some days, I really like it!

    1 I'd like to see customers ordering a weapon, leave and come for it later or that you have to bring the weapons to them, like two queues, the fast queue (the one that alredy is there) and the second one that gives more money but demands more (fancy grips or better stats).

    2 The shelfs between the long shelfs and the workbench could be bought instead of alredy owning them but whatever you put there it gets automatically sored, like if you put some one hand grips, they get arranged instead of being chaotically there, this way we could store more.

    3 The thing with the box and the lid but in the horse's  carriage so anything you put on there doesn't go to the stratosphere with a simple rock. I mean, something that gets the box stuck and it doesn't move untill you want it to.

    4 Some more variables on the axe, other variables look really cool.

    5 A coop mode (but not now,  in the long run).

    6 Dialogues (same as before, eventually).

    7 A meter for the tiredness of the character. 

    8 A way to pour the ore into the smelting thing

    9 To be capable to put a forged thing in the smelting furnace to get back ingots.

    10 Make that you can make bronze out of copper and tin.

    I may add more suggestions in the future, but the game is great and has tons of potential, keep that up!

    no. 9 sounds beautiful! Yes please :)


    Hey thanx for your suggestions Salvatol.

    YES! 9, 2, 3, and 7 Srsly tho. Tiredness bar would mean no more "surprise, your out in the middle of nowhere doing something, and NOW you have to WALK all the way back. Great."

    if posible i think VR support would be amazing for this game


    Hey andrewed08,

    I don't get enough request for VR but i do want to implement it anyways one day but not anytime soon. Plus, I dont have a VR headset with touch controls.


    Could you possibly bring this game to the Xbox One


    Hey antitouchable,

    Maybe one day but I dont see that happening next year. Keep an eye out though, you never know. Anything is possible.


    Hello, i'm red / green colourblind and have been gaming since the Spectrum ZX81 era, I have a suggestion. Could you make the crosshair a different colour? It tends to dissapear on me when i'm on the order scroll by the forge. Also, would it be possible to make it so that the bars heated in the forge take longer to cool down? Say a couple of in game hours? I think it would help when trying to make items that require 3 bars.

    Developer (1 edit)

    Hey Kodemunkey

    In the future, I will look into adding an option to change the color of the crosshair.

    We also did make the adjustments to how fast metal cools down in 0.0.9 builds.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    Hi There!

    My suggestion is to add a story to the game and in that story and upon completion of story quests player would receive higher ranks/role like for example the kings royal blacksmith so you would get a big blacksmith shop in the castle or just money and trust from the king. Also add a workers for example you need to pay like a 50 coins(money) per day per one worker and so you can tell worker what to do either to keep crafting and selling stuff so for example player would create like an axe head and than put it on the crafting table and than if certain criteria would be met the worker would came around and make an axe with the grip or either you could employ your worker to gather resources like chopping wood or mining ores but you would still need to craft tools for your workers and equip those tools to the workers also if you would want to fire certain worker or if he would die somehow than you would get everything that he had on himself(equip-ed) or if he collected some resources and he was carrying them to your shop you would get all that back in a delivery box after he died and a message should appeared by the priest saying " Good Morning Sir ! I am afraid that i have sad news for you today sir, One of your workers just died and it was his death wish that all of this belongings would be yours after he dies. I've just ordered the mailman to deliver you his stuff.  And if you will be anywhere around the church come around will ya ? Anyways, his funeral will be today at 5.00 AM in royal church so feel free to come by. Farewell My Friend " so and than you would get his stuff delivered.

    Best Regards,



    Hey TheBestGamerYT,

    Thanx for your suggestions. I'll take them into consideration.

    No problem, i am glad to help you and your team.


    Love the game so far. Could you add an option to specify monitor in graphics settings ? I am a developer and I have 4 monitors its a bit of a fight to get the game to stick to a certain monitor when I try to full screen the game.  I know its early work and you did an excellent job on graphics options It would be cool for multi monitor people if  you could implement that.

    lol developer is soo busy that he couldn't even reply to my post and my post is here for like a 5 days or so.

     Multiplayer i know that it's not the most easy thing to do, and i shud know because  i have helped made a game before but it would be amazing for this game atleast you shud think about it!!! 

    (btw i love the idea of this game and i wish i could be patreon but i also need food in my belly i wish you guys lots of luck!!!)



    Hey ToxicWaffler,

    Multiplayer is something I hope to do one day. Let's just say, it's one of my end goals.

    No worries. Your belly is more important but thank you for the well wishes. 

    All the best and thank you for your suggestion.

    you should be able to make grips out of wood, also how do i de-equip items?

    you should be able to make grips out of wood, also how do i de-equip items?

    my first suggestion is that it would be cool to engrave or just customize the parts you create to make special things. and I know its blacksmith shop but how cool would it be to have the same general concept but with a carpenter or stone mason or fletcher , the list goes on , maybe even to the point where you can have multiple people doing multiple jobs and expanding their shops and customizing , I know its a lot but its a great goal to go for


    Hey bkbobbyjoe,

    If I and the team manage to get a multiplayer version out in the near distant future, that is something that we will consider. I think it would be pretty cool to have some small ecosystem where players can help each other or compete against each others shops. We'll see.

    In any case, thank you for your suggestions.

    you should make the crystals really hard to find and then make it so each time you find one it makes your job easier. like, the fire stone could be infinite fuel for the smelter, or you could put it on the place where you heat up your ingots and it will make the ingots stay heated.


    Hey KassyIsSassy,

    At the moment cyrstal are not in their final state. They will serve a greater purpose in the future. 

    Really appreciate your sugestion.

    2 things. Make the boxes easier to flip just in general, and mane make it so its a TINY bit less of a mining sim. I mean , if I bought the ingots to make a shortsword for a person I would make two dollars in profit misusing all costs. Come on. You got to do better than that. Mane add a miner you can hire or something but it takes time, produces random ore, and the miner can only collect ore equal to the level under his pickaxe. So you have to give him a tin one to get copper. That would make it fair.

    you should also have some professional testers run over the game, I think it would help get the bugs out faster

    (1 edit)

    make it compatiblewith mac

    Can you bring back the earlier form of ingots and the particle effects  as well as when you had to properly place the ingots with out them magnitizing for more immersion

    I suggest an option menu on the main screen

    maybe add some other shops that sell crystals or ores to replace the delivery would make things a little more realistic like considering that only paper was delivered lol  and just guessing, if the crystals are going to be used to enchant items might wanna involve an echantment table of some sort that you have to build/buy . Adding more mines would also be nice but the further you go into the mines or from home have slightly better chances of rarer ores but not too much of an increase.[ i would also suggest if there would be other ways to level up, for example, being able to equip/drop/switch weapons and go into a dungeon of some sort and kill some monsters and such?] - maybe i dont know really because it is a black smithing game although you could have the monster drop ores (golems) and crystals( elementals).  well.. thats all im contributing, if i think of anything else ill just add on to this one or make reply to this and thank you for taking your time to read all this. i know its a lot XD thanks again! o3o


    Although this comment has approximentlly a 1/1000 chance of being seen (due to the current number of comments and the probability of actually reading this far) I'll make a suggestion.

    So my ideas realatively simple;

    You know how Geo sells parts to you? Well why not turn it the other way as well.  SInce it takes time and resources to make parts, it may take time to get back to the shop. So, on a bad day where you can't get any customers, why not sell any scrap parts or weapons to Geo for a reduced or increased price depending on mods, materials, and the other stats yet to be put in. Personally I don't know the limits of Unity nor if this is actually possible but for players who made a pretty terrible mistake and decided to go mining right before "tax" day it'd probably be pretty useful to be able to break even so they don't "lose" the game later on.

    And that's my idea. If you need a short synopsis of this paragraph:

    Make it so you can sell to Geo for cash when broke.

    Welp that's all I got for now have a wonderful day/night :D

    P.S.: You might want to add initial/special crafting recipes for more/less money to, not just size or material.


    Hey Hettow,

    I am working on getting "Geo" to purchase things from you as well.

    (8 edits) (+1)

    Hey Dasius, I got also a few ideas that would make more interesting the game, like:

    (my English and spelling is no good just yet, sorry if my spelling makes your eyes bleed lmao)

    1- special customers comes with the request for you to build a special weapon with special ingredients they brought to you. this kind of customers will rarely appear (like 1 out 10).

    2-it will be cool if you could implement elementals to the weapons like sword or great Sword, which will require you to obtain certain  material and carefully crafting. This kind of weapon will be more like an order, costumers will request this kind of weapons and come to the next day to pick it up at the same time of the day that they ordered it.

    3-it will be also cool if the blacksmith had his very own and unique hammer that can be upgraded through experience so you could build more powerful weapons.

    4-Adding the ability to build armor pieces will be cool idea.

    that's some ideas I come up with while I was playing the game. I hope that help you in some way... :D

    ps: if you haven't notice I like the word "cool."


    So far, i really liked the game. But there's an issue where i get into sandbox mode and lose all of my ingots, logs, coals and moneys when i get back into shop mode.

    There's also the stability issue that keep lagged the hell out and send things flying. Don't get me wrong, it's hilarious.

    Also, i would love it if you allow the player to make their own grips and guards using woods and small parts out of metals, and of course, armors.

    Oh, and is it not an option for the player to equip the things they make as a weapon? That way you can add some more thing like thieves that break into the house when you forget to close the doors or beasts and animals in the forest you can hunt for its fur. I don't recommend hunger system for the player though, just a more clear energy bar would be better.

    Oh, and also it would be great if you could consider giving the player horses or carts to stroll to the mines faster and more efficiently. Because as far as i'm playing in ver alpha 0.0.9, it always feels like a total pain to walk into the mines. Cool for the first and second time, but tiring for the third time.

    So far, good work with the game though! I really loves the concept and effort poured into this. Wishes to see this game fully released on steam soon!^^


    I really like this game and it is really promising so far! I'm not exactly sure on what you have coming up the pipeline idea wise but here are some suggestions from me.

    1) - Make the player have to purchase mines

               In the beginning of a game, all mines would be locked. This means that the player must purchase ingots and have them delivered, but when the player makes enough money they can purchase a mine. Have the mines scale with price. For example, the cheapest mine would be a copper mine that the player would be able to purchase first, then the next would be a tin and iron mine and so on and so forth. This would add another goal for the player to work towards.

              As a side note, later you can implement workers that the player can hire to work in these mines that would deposit any ore they mined outside the mine for the player to come by and pick up occasionally.

    2) - Have the ability to hire and outfit guards / have theft events

               Now before I get into this, no I do not want any combat mechanics in this what-so-ever, I believe that would detract from the spirit of the game. I do however believe a theft/burglary event of some sort can add another fun element and obstacle that the player can overcome. Perhaps every night or when the player goes to sleep, there is a random chance that a burglary can happen. When it does happen, the player will awake to a message on their screen saying something along the lines of that there was a break in and lists the items/money that was stolen. The items that are stolen can be random somewhat, but giving weight to the type of item and the cost of it. So for example, if you have a lot of copper ingots but you also have a handful of iron ingots as well, the thief will go after a couple iron ingots before the copper. You can work out the mechanics exactly but I just wanted to put you in the same place I was thinking.

        Now to minimize the risk of future burglaries the player can hire guards from the castle. The guards would have different stats that the character can use to determine which guard would be better. Now, the more better the stats, the more expensive the guard is to hire. After a guard is chosen, the player must equip them with armor and weapons. The better quality the weapons and armor, the better the guard is....or something along those lines. You could also hire more guards to guard any mines you've purchased too, because those can be potential targets as well!

    3) - Have better ingot organization

           This is more of a quality of life thing, but trying to organize and put away ingots just seems a bit too tedious and awkward when trying to put them on a shelf or something. Perhaps have the ingots snap to each other so that they will automatically orient themselves next to another like ingot, or have special shelves that the player can make that has a grid that the ingots can snap to, much like they do already with the anvil. It just takes a bit too much time in my opinion trying to orient ingots so that they all fit nicely on the shelf as it is now.

    4) - Be able to build a cart for your horse / yourself

           With the ability to craft shields and what not, it got me thinking why can't you also build a cart for your horse? There could be different carts that you can build from a small cart that can hold a max of two boxes and can be pulled by the player much like a rickshaw. The medium cart can be like the cart that is in the game now, but can hold 4 boxes and requires a horse to pull. The largest cart should be able to carry 6 boxes and actually require a 2nd horse. These carts would obviously increase with price as you upgrade and would require various metal and wood parts to build.

    Well I know it is kind of a lot to read, but these are just some of the ideas that I have thought of while playing your game. This game has a lot of potential and I know you probably have a lot of ideas on where to go, but I hope that you possibly consider one of my ideas. At any rate, this is a great game and I know that whatever direction it goes, it will surely be fun!


    i like the idea of the theft/burglary.
    But i would build it out. I would say when the player forgets to close the door the chances are higher that a thief is going for your money.
    Also there could be a way to craft a lock, which decreases the chance of getting robbed. 

    I personaly don't like the idea of a personal guard, because in the timeline blacksmiths didn't had there personal guards.
    The Blacksmiths had to pay taxes, like everyone else and the city guards should protect them. 

    But the idea of taxes already exists and will be implemented in the game i guess.


    I just had the idea that maybe you can equip the weapons you smith and hunt a boar or something, tan it's leather and then you have a new realm of possibilities with hide amor and leather over shields etc. Also I think the crafting needs to be more complex like a sword should be copper, guard, grip and pommel. Also maybe a whetstone of some sort? So you can get orders to sharpen blades and once created if you sharpen something it's worth more and bone or ivory! Bone was sometimes used for short daggers or handles or pommels and ivory was used by the romans and saxons for grips and pommels. And just armour in general I reckon, like come on what decent blacksmith didn't make armour? Love watching the game but unfortunately can't play as I have a Mac.

    yeah is a good idea, bc the blacksmiths not only makes weapons


    Daisus i solved your puzzle, now what, i got a new crystal, i have 5 w this one


    Try it again Gokana in the new update and something else happens. Ill let you figure it out.

    this gets interesting n_n
    (1 edit) (+1)

    I'm a fan of your progress and the idea of the game.
    I really hope there will be a finished game on steam and im looking forward to support.

    My suggestion would be:

    Hire Adventures/Friendship System/ Just kindly gifts for the player

    With that said i mean: It would be nice if the Costumers would have names and you could slightly interact with them. Asking them what there adventure is, for what they need the weapon and suggest them other Blades/axes or try to sell them a shield. 
    For Example a Costumer comes in and says :"Blacksmith make me a copper one-haneded axe please"  --> You say/ask "Sure no problem, what's to use for if i may ask"  -> he could say something like "thats on of your business" or could say --> "there is a bandit camp i need to raid" --> your response would be(if you have other tiers of ore unlocked)  -> "maybe you need something better than copper for that? May i interest you [insert ore here]" or "Many bandits require good protection! May i interest you in a [insert shield type] ? "  -> and they would be interested or not.

    The reason for it is, costuemrs just rarely buy shields in my shop. im on Day 10 yet and noone even bought a polearm weapon. With that implemented the Player could sell the typ of weapon thats left. 

    Hire Adventurer/Kindly player gifts

    A nice little idea would be, that you sell weapons/shields to costumers and the next few days you receive a mail with letter that says something like "Hey Blacksmith! I am [Name] and i just bought a two-handed copper sword a dew days ago, remember me? Anyways.. i completed my adventure and your Sword just did it's job perfect. I was able to clean it with ease. After looting i just found [Ores/Ingots/logs/a Grip/and so on..]. I thought it would interest you. You will reveice the gift in your garden!"  --> there could be a little area were costumers can place there gifts in tiny boxes, when opening the boxes would disappear and only the gift is left like 2 copper ingots, 3 copper ores, 1 log .... 

    And what i really would love to see would be: repairing weapons and shield

    i bet im not the first one with this diea, so i think i dont need to go into depth in this one. 

    so the short version is like -> Costumer comes --> One-hand weapon broke --> and the way to repair it can be different.. my idea would be that you need to remove the blade of the weapon -> smith a new one and replace it with the old blade.

    EDIT: --> also sharpen the blades would be nice

    Can stone become usable?


    Hey Hettow,

    In the future, I'm hoping to add a use for it.

    house upgradessss

    Here are some of my suggestions which surpise me that haven't been said yet: 

    1.  Armor, Armor and Armor. Such would be great because like shields it would be tedious with all sorts of tiny pieces. Great addition that was by the way. 

    2. A way for crates to collect ore without the player having to grab each one. Perhaps controlled by opening and closing the crates.

    3. A pitch/yaw axis keybinds in order to rotate items. I think it would fit well as Q and E when using WASD to move. Since E is currently used to equip that could become F. Or all of these could just be rebindable.

    4. Perhaps making it so crates don't levitate in front of your face as you carry it? Or at least making the scoll out item distance longer.

    armor has been said - Both In making and in repairing (all repairing including armor) 

    Quite likely the system that lets you smelt objects back down to their ingoty form will likely be utilized at the start whenever (if) it gets introduced unless a more specialized method is made. - as for the other two... 

    Well. There's uhh alt? and Alt-ctrl? or maybe that's ctrl and ctrl-alt which allow various rotations.. though they're not always perfect because the directional compass of an item isn't always upright and forward...

    Also I hate games that take the use key away from use to incorporate some silly leaning/rotation key that I would just remove if possible or at least rebind. It's so absurd to have the longest string of games use E for use, but then the stray game with spin/rotate/lean goes "what's that? WASD and E and Shift and Ctrl are the same in 99% of games? F that lets make ours reversed and upside down and make you have to turn the keyboard over because unique!" It's dumb. so Dumb, so easily hate-able and dumb.


    But that's just my Opinion.

    And I assume you know about the rotation buttons - and are suggesting a "auto" version, Essentially speaking - Where Alt/Ctrl "hold" and Q/F "pulse"... or rather "Hold without additional action" - while alt/ctrl would be Hold "with additional action"

    Also afaik most of those are currently rebindable - I at least know I rebind action wheel from Z to one of my mouse buttons as well as character sheet, and there's still several others in controls...

    As with most PC games rebindablity is nearly essential. E to use or F, whatever someone's preference is. My suggestion with rotation is based on flight controls commonly used in games. Essentially a system for a rotation axis that can be rebindable. Alt and ctrl-alt is  not currently rebindable. Also E in this game isn't use its equip. Not used very often so I don't see the issue with having it moved if necessary; but that is just something that gets worked out with rebinds and personal preference.

    i would say that E is good e for equip now F? thats bad that would not make sense (but if you make that a lamp hot key that would be cool) ctrl is a good button for rotating use, theres just something about use E that makes me want it for equipping stuff or as a use button if it dos something like rotation it just would bother me to no end mabby R would be some use if you dont like ctrl?


    1. i would Love it if you could hire adventures to bring back "special" stones that if you add the to a weapon they might give it a enchantment and make the weapon cost more

    2. give the player a stronger beginning (like 20 bronze?) and make it so that delivery's take a day to come they will just be at your door when you wake up (this might give the other shop some use as well). And maybe make it so the mines give you a "little" bit more ore? and possible make it so you can make your own grips? so it would be entirely possible to not use the delivery system or at least rarely use it?

    3. maybe make it so that it takes a week for the mines to reset but you could get a lot more ore though it would take a lot longer to mine it all, possibly making the entire day go by so you have to take a break from your shop on that day?

    4.also i want a dog... 

    just in the corner...

    might bark occasionally...

    PS (also if you add a calendar to your room?)


    I hate dogs.

    Nah jk but no other than the Dog most of those have been suggested and thought about. - well, maybe not the like "Stronger beginning" - unless Easy mode does something along that line - but the customers or whatever kinda thing, that's been played with from multiple angles, the mines being expanded - multiple layers of mines or what not. Making your own grips is planned, I believe,  and Geoff (the other shop) has better prices. ._. Every grip you can buy in delivery, is cheaper at Geoff's - plus he has the cheaper wooden grips (1 and 2 coin respectively) - Although, Wooden grips are literally that value, while the cheaper grips at Geoffs are legitimately cheaper, and will get you a few coins more profit.

    Geoff also has unique Guards that you cannot buy through delivery. - Not many, yet, but that's likely to increase over time, Likely you'll be able to make these all eventually, but delivery will probably remain limited

    (1 edit)

    well the people who have "shity computers" (like me) cant run it at full... capacity ? so if you could maybe if you can make it less of a big run job or what ever it is so it can run better on peoples "shity computers".

    I would also like a tad bit of optimization. My toaster PC isn't as bad as your potato but I do get considerable lag inside mines. 


    First thing first, I love the game! I have played it for many days and I have enjoyed every moment. Yet, there were few things that I'd like to suggest for now. I'm sure there has been loads of suggestions already, but these are the ones that I'd like to change.

    1. It would be nice if you could go to bed whenever you want so you don't have to wait the whole night. 

    2. Also, as the night is so dark, it would be nice if you could craft or buy some lights on your property. The small lantern doesn't really do all that much in some places. It does well in your shop, but not so well at outdoors or even in the mines.

    3. As you start making higher tier weapons, it becomes meaningless to make cheaper weapons anymore. You wait customers to buy the best tier weapons you can make but they just want lower tier stuff. While it's fun to make them for the first three hours, it can get boring pretty easily and this is critical to keep players interested. I don't really have any suggestions for this, but for now, I just stand behind the counter day after day waiting to make a profitable sale. Maybe you could decide what tier to sell or something. I noticed that if I left my Mithril weapons on the counter and the customer wanted Adelite weapon, they took the Mithril one if it was the same type of weapon they wanted. This was a small help but as you go higher it's still quite rare.

    4. Make the horse so you could ride it without the cart and put small items into a saddle bags. Bigger items like logs would go to that cart. Saddle bags could work like small inventories so the items wouldn't fly around.

    5. The player could also have a small inventory for a couple items so you don't have to throw stuff around 1 piece at a time.

    6. You could make some customers to pre-order some stuff for the next day so you can make them ready when they come to get them. These orders could be more profitable than normal orders and include more items customers wants to buy. Another way to do this could be a bulletin board where the player can  go check if any customer wants to order something special.

    That's all for now, I really hope this game will continue to develop and I'm definitely looking for the future updates!

    (1 edit) (+1)

    1. You can you just need to be out of stamina.

    2. You may want to increase your brightness. Though this would be a nice idea. Purchasable lanterns that you can light and leave at places. Better yet smithable lanterns!.

    3. What could work would having a sign that blacklists things that you as a business don't make. Ex: We do not sell: items made with copper or tin, weapons with normal grips, or pickaxes. Gotta keep the place classy you know?

    it's still not whenever you want and I always need to wait past 1:00 no matter what I do.

    It's not the matter of brightness but textures and reflections.

    That would be great indeed. Especially now when the customers want even more stuff such as brass, bronze and steel.


    VSync would be a very welcome addition, as I usually get 5 tears on-screen with maximum settings.


    Hey NicholasRC7,

    I'll see what I can do.


    Suggestion> Bows, arrows and Crossbows, bolts

    Bows- could be easy made from wood and string (string could be pursed from other shop or ordered from list)

    Arrows- would be made from wood, heads from ingots and feathers (10 pieces from 1 wood and 10 heads from ingot, feathers also could be bought from other shop) (or found in forest if you will add birds in some updates or even hunt them)

    Crossbow- wood, ingot, string, wooden handle, front from ingot and string

    Bolts- wood, ingot, feathers, from wood it would make 20 pieces as it twice as short from arrows, 10 heads from ingots because they are same as in arrow and same with feathers.

    I really enjoy your game so I hope you will read this suggestion and I will see Bows and crossbows in furthers updates

    (Sorry  for my mistakes not so good in English)  


    It would be great if we could have a radial menu for the shield rims. It is such a pain to try to get all the way to the tower shield rim when you have to go through 5 or 6 rims before that to get to it, and even worse when the rims dont stay on the anvil.

    It would also be cool to have a wooden staff weapon. Maybe the polearm grip could be the base and then you just put a crystal on the the end.

    Really loving the game though. Thanks for making a great game!



    Bigger village!


    - You can wake up, look at your mailbox, and see some random messages, random advertising from other shops and orders to deliver in the home of who ordered.

    - I liked that small village in the front of the castle, make it bigger! =D

    * I jumped the castle wall stepping on a shield while holding it, also possible with closed crates... less effective, but throw us even further if something is passing throught the lid.

    * Put some invisible walls surrounding the map to avoid us to go on areas that we weren't supposed to go, going beyond the map borders makes the game freeze. (made it using the glitch above)

    - And also an buyable area map! that we can place marks and write on it!

    As you can see, i'm exploring everything the game has to offer, and i'm really enjoying it.

    O.o I've never gotten game freezing from going to the edges of the map on a Magic Shield Carpet (TM of Blacksmith of Little Blacksmith Shop)

    I've been past the castle gate, under the castle, ontop of almost every mountain range I wanted and rode across the skybox (as in with my head generally pressed into the roof of the map until the shield was forced through my feet causing me to plummet back to the ground)

    Perhaps the freezing part is more in line with a possible corruption in the data, (redownloading sometimes changes that) or more specifically with how you computer reacts to the information, and just doesn't like that information

    that happened twice, both where i went veeery far veeery fast (with the crate), probably the game didn't had time to load the empty area and froze

    the other times that i did it i was teleported back to the church, probably didn't gained enought speed =p

    The possibility to design you own weapon piece would be awesome

    but probably very hard to program and open to many bugs and weird stuff, which i could still explore =p

    If I recall, There was speculations among the team about the possibility of personalizing parts if you're a patron/donor of a high enough tier

    i mean in-game design the piece the format you wish, like drawing, pulling, stretching, cutting...


    Dasius, I love your game! This kind of smithing system should be standard in every RPG from now on :)

    There is obviously a lot of potential for new content but maybe you should try to balance the existing mechanics first...

    Some thoughts about that:

    - There need to be better rewards for rush, serving customers with very specific wishes and serving every customer (not sending them away if they want cheap copper weapons, because you really just want the next customer if you can already craft iron weapons)

    - Some kind of reputation system could fix all three of these problems. If you always serve your customers on time they will spread the word and you get more and richer customers. This would also motivate the player to still sell cheap weapons if you are at higher metal tiers

    - Give the player more reasons to rush. I really enjoyed your game the most when I tried to be as fast as possible and have all kinds of weapons on stock so I just had to refill my weapons racks until the next customer arrives. Right now I can just close the shop if I want to relax a bit. You should consider adding a schedule the player can only change once a week. You got tons of weapons on stock and want to work 6 days a week 16 hours a day? Your reputation will improve but you will have to handle all the additional customers. You need a vacation? No problem just change your schedule but you will have to do it one week ahead so your customers know when they can expect your shop not to open.

    I hope this helps

    - Oggi

    When the update? Soon?

    and Daisus mit may be a good idea that in the game we can use our own weapons and get more creation materials from enemys or something like that...

    btw, although you would have to modify enough code for that :P

    yur'a blacksmith not a swordfighter, Jim.

    But no seriously. Not in MLBS, if Dasius makes another game after or during MLBS's project, maybe, but fighting is one of the least likely things to appear in MLBS, unless its in the vein of somehow giving an unforeseen quest (as in it just happens eventually and never visually seen) given to a customer for materials in which you'd be paying them for, But even that is pretty low on the totem pole, at least, I think, Hard to say since I've seen suggestions of hiring NPCs so many times, and so many varied responses to different kinds of them..

    PLEEEEEEASE Put in a request board! You could have NPCs that put in requests that you could accept and make the requested items, then wait for them to grab (Giving them a much shorter time frame of them being at the shop, like 30 seconds), and maybe giving more money than a regular job?

    What if we, as a community, got involved in "pushing" the game to the Men at arms YouTube channel ( and suggest that they make a weapons and maybe a shield from the game? This might get more ppl interested and help drive up the Patreon support?


    This game is nowadays popular enough to live a standard game development life. Yes, indeed, we could push it further... but I suggest you to wait... it's STILL not the right time

    Please make a use for crystals such as, the Fire Crystal makes the smelter fuel last twice as long when attached to the smelter, or instead when picked up while holding the lantern makes the light from the lantern brighter and illuminate further, the Fear Crystal makes The Taxing People (Are they even in the game yet?) stay away for longer when you attach it to your door, the Protection Crystal makes Shields sell for more when attached to the (Whats it called?) WoodCutter Thingy, the Water Crystal makes you swim faster and allows you to go underwater while looking down and pressing W (it must be attached to a metal object that is like a cylinder with a little crystal slot on the top it attaches to your arm but it is just a texture it cant be equipped all you do is press W while in water and facing down and it allows you to swim down and when you look up and press W you get a small jump out of the water), the Earth Crystal (apparently that's a thing) when attached to the Smelter makes Coal last twice as long and the trees in your backyard grow bigger and give you 3 wood instead of 2, and add a Steel Crystal (does not float but will fall slowly and doesn't glow at night as it reflects Sunlight) that can be attached to your Anvil and gives each tool +1 of a random stat (because I have had 10 intelligence and hammered a hammer head smelted it reforged it reheated smashed it again and again and the stats don't change at all! WHY!?) but this is the hardest crystal to find, the attachments are like a little gold tube with a Crystal shape on the front of them that is attached to the top of smelter(Earth), back of anvil(Steel), front of front door(Fear) and the bottom of the woodcutter, and then there is the attaching of the Fire by holding the Lantern and picking it up and the Cylinder thing for Water hidden IN a different boat the Water is in one boat and the Cylinder is in a boat at the other end of the river.

    There is, in fact, already a use for the crystals. But it's a super secret hidden use, and all the different crystals have the same end use so don't bother looking for them separately. I would say search for the use and not find spoilers so you don't know what's going to happen.

    is there a reason for the crystals yet? If so, how do we use them?

    I've not played this in a while, so I'm not up to date with all of the new development logs.

    Hey, the crystal will have a use in the game's story in later updated. Right now they're useless.

    thanks for letting me know.

    Actually, the crystals already have a use, you just have to...look...with yo thingys that look. (They're all used in the same thing).


    what about in game seasons that change on an in game calendar like 30 days then the season changes


    i'd love more ore nodes


    How many do you currently believe there to be? though, I'm pretty sure more areas are planned.


    i think about 3-ish. one is outside the mine


    there are only 2 in the mine and they are usually tin

    there are infact 6 (as far as i found) 2 in the mine and 4 outside the mine if you follow the clif or wall what ever you wanna call it...


    i'd love the ability to dequip tools somehow

    i suggest a way to make handles

    you should add more stuff but i wont really explain not that your really interested in what i have to say

    I noticed that you added a shop keep on the other side for grips i was wondering that once the castle was available to enter if you could make a miner shop or something basicly a shop where he sells the respectable ores the reason for this is that you must walk a pretty long distance to even purches this and you also still need to process the ore it self even after purches this would give you the choice of either buying the ingots for full price at the delivery service or walk up to the castle and buy ore for maybe a little discount but you still have to process it...


    If it's important to keep people out of the quarentined castle for now than you should make the rock hills around steeper because I managed to get all the way too Geophery and Geophery by walking and jumping my way there. Plus in one spot farther up I managed to crouch jump over the wall to what I can only assume are the pallas doors. Sadly you have most doors unopenable. I also used the same techniques to get to Ironwill King. I found it awesome that he has a line of dialogue scripted even though he's probably not intended to be reached yet. Also please make the mine/cave deeper or at least add more ore deposits, or something..

    there's like, 800 ways, to get to the king, Including one where you can almost walk right up to him from the front (its like a small staircase of rock faces)
    so that one is probably intended.

    The castle isn't intended, but its not important to actually keep people out of it, and I imagine as the Castle is fleshed out more in the future, that there won't even be a quarantine, unless the Quarantine relates to a certain something(s) else, in which case, You, the blacksmith, will have control over/a heavy... say, in when it can be accessed again. (as in quarantine lifted/fixed/etc)

    Chromebook compatibility would be awesome if its even possible if it is please try to get it out to us thx and great job on the game havent been able to play it but the gamplay looks awesome


    Pets like a wolf/dog/cat, ability to make structures from wood/metal materials such as a shed an animal house/horse stable, repair requests to take an items add a specific ingot to it and repair it, lock in item locations for ingots/handles/shield parts ect ect (maybe like a chest or something), findable skill books that teach you how to craft new types of gear (or just add a perm + in certain stat when used or perm +5% sale price), house color scheme changer to customize the look of your house(for a cost) 

    (1 edit)

    Here is another suggestion i have but its more aiming to the stats when you level up:

    Lucky Ore: Each level in this stat will incese the chance of ores instead of stone by 1.5%

    Lucky Vine: Each level in this stat will earn you 0.5% chance of twice the yield in an ore vine (Basicly it loses 5% instead of 10% on every hit)

    Quick Learner: Each level in this stat will incese your experience earned by 1-5?%

    Loot Goblin: Each level in this stat will give you a 2% chance of more loot when opening the secret chest.

    Wood Cutter: Each level in this stat will give you a 1.5% chance of a rare log when chopping tree's (uncommon or rare)

    Wood Expert: Each level in this stat gives you a 0.5% chance of earning more wood then usual (+1-3)

    Carbon Troll: This stat will incese the chance by 1.5% of carbon instead of coal/stone.

    Coal Miner: This stat will incese the chance by 1.5% of coal instead of carbon/stone.

    If i come up with more ideas i might edit this one else i cant really think of more atm...

    Can you make it so that I can sell polearms with axe heads on them? It just seems to make sense to me that many polearms, and most halberds, have some kind of head resembling an axe shape.

    Been following this game for over a year now, and it's amazing how much progress has been made. Def my favorite game to play on Itch.


    way to upgrade lantern to be more powerful, like you add the lantern and the gems to the anvil forge them together then the light from the lantern affects the worlds like revealing hidden(ghost,magic) bridge or text or it just becomes brighter.

    (1 edit)

    I wish you would expand the mine and is there any pvE? also where is the horse in 0.0.9?

    the mine or mines already has plans of being changed

    There is no PVE, and its extremely unlikely that there will ever be blacksmith addressed pve - if there is anything, its likely to be something you hire customers to deal with, not yourself.

    The horse is buggy. in 9e it was removed to stop the ultra common issues that occurred because people didn't always see the warnings

    (3 edits)

    Hello Dasius! I've been playing this for a month now, and I thought that this was an amazing game! I'd like to suggest some things.

    1. Magical Weapons

            Yeah, I'm suggesting fantasy-like mechanics. But we do have magical crystals. Once you level up, There is Magic Option other than Charisma, Agility, Strength, and Intelligence. It will be easy if every level up gives 5 points, like in IGP's new video.

    How It Works

            Once you forge a weapon head, you take it to a Magical Desk and fuse your magic with the weapon. You either fuse Fire, Water, Earth, or Wind Magic into it. Then you can take it to the Crafting Table. 

             If you sell a magical weapon, they give magical currency ( eg. Cursed Copper or Spiritual Silver) that you can use to buy  items for your Shop. ( ex. Magical Earth Tin Great Hammer )

         New things I mentioned :

                Magical Weapons

                Magic Level

                Magical Desk

                Elemental Powers

                Magical Currency

                Magic Items ( Like Magic One Hand Grips)

    Edit : This might be stupid of me, so it's your choice if you want to do it.

                 I might think about other ideas. (Hmmm....... What about mini-games?)

    (5 edits) (+1)

                                                  What about fusion of weapons? 

    Like this one! Dagger + Axe = Throwing Axe

    Would be a great game to setup vr options. Just a thought.


    VR is already being considered, It's just not priority


    Loving this game! So, suggestions...

    Wondering through the woods I thought it would be good if there was animals, like wolves which gives a reason to equip a weapon. So, perhaps combat. 

    Seasons would be interesting. Different weathers.

    Hiring people to work for you could be fun, for example travelling far for unique materials, instead of yourself. Or running shops in other places. Perhaps taking on apprentices? Also, if there was combat, hiring bodyguards.

    Making armour, however I have a feeling this is already planned (armour is on the scarecrow) 

    Reasons for travelling. I loved exploring, but other than finding crystals and unfinished content there was not much I got out of it.  Perhaps unique metals or blueprints for weapons. 

    Other blacksmiths! Compete with them, share information and products. Rivals or friend. Perhaps they wish to sabotage your business! 

    Unique commissions from special NPC's where you must gather special materials, and have a long time to do it. Going on adventures to create the ultimate weapon, for a price of course! 

    Bulk purchases! A large amount of weapons over a long period of time, but I could see this becoming a grind to complete...

    Deeper mining! Explore deeper, perhaps even dungeons with pre-made ancient weapons, but dangerous to get! 

    Better optimisation overall. My PC CAN handle the game, but not very well. 

    More customisation of weaponry, perhaps special decorations make of jewels? 

    Factions! Raise loyalty with factions and in turn you get extra customers, like working for a king supplying his army.

    Fame! As your weapons are used by heroes successfully increase your fame! A marker of your progress other than money. Perhaps makes you more willing to increase the quality of products otherwise you get bad reputation.

    Sorry for the long list, and thank you for the game! I have been loving it, and you have got me interested in a genre I seem of have neglected. Good luck for the future! 

    Consoles - Extremely not priority, but like steam and VR I imagine it is being considered already. (Priority for just those three would be steam, VR and Console are a bit of a different horse ride)

    Combat + Blacksmith = Not happening, It's one of the suggestions that is usually shot down pretty.... definitively?.. by Dasius, though I imagine he's not going to shoot em down every time. - Wildlife is likely pretty low on priority as well, but hiring NPCs/customers to fight for materials is something that hasn't been dismissed, so SEEING wildlife might happen. - something like watching the occasional  (insert flyer) go over head or something

    Seasons I believe are being heavily considered, Though it may just end up being "Seasonal update so the map gets a weather change"

    Hiring suggestion - several times suggested, hasn't been dismissed, seems like it might be under consideration.

    Making armor - Planned
    Repairing armor/items for customers instead of making and selling them - Planned as well, If I recall.... Or maybe I read too much into responses to these suggestions, I dunno.

    Quickly back on the Hiring - Assistants are actually on the Roadmap - So. Very Planned.
    Shop raids/Theives/etc - Dasius stated that he was considering and working on something "similar" to that effect, so - semi-planned - Not Combat, but a "while you were away, you left your door open and" kinda thing, I would assume, and assistants would probably play into that, one of which likely being security, while having them, in general, in the shop while you're not, would reduce the likelihood and such

    Reasons for Traveling (Mining was spread further apart I assume mostly for that purpose) there's also stuff hidden around the map (apart from the crystals) and there will likely be more and in different places in different updates (probably) - Something about Blueprints/unique though I think is likely, though not sure to what kinda extent, I feel like there was a tease of something like that this christmas seasonal stuff, but I never personally saw/found it.

    Multiplayer is heavily in consideration, though not priority, just planned to possibly be had.

    Unique is kinda a branch of what we already have in specifications, as well as coming from sources like the Church or King - So I imagine, Planned, but don't quote me on that one, I could very easily be misreading statements.

    Deeper mine - very planned, and we already have one segment of deeper mine with one area of "pre-built" and its "dangerous" (hard, technically deadly but not combat wise) to reach and you do get "goodies" for doing so, though not special goodies that would be worth a fortune. (yet)

    Optimization is always something devs have planned and work on and off on.

    "more weaponry and things" - Pretty planned.

    factions/fame (Reputation) - Has been... juggled? around here and there as being a possibility, though I don't think I've seen it definitely considered.

    Oh also perhaps getting this game out on the consoles would be great, however I understand how difficult it may be to do that. 

    (1 edit) (+2)

    what about a scythe or a sickle head as a variant of the two ingots axe?  (as I said like, four months ago) i don't think it's too hard to do and it could be a nice start off for the 0.1.0 update. and maybe the idea of a recipe for a KEY to open the secret doors.

    btw what is the difference between version 20 and normal?


    How close is the next update to being finished?


    Longer/Further away now that you've asked.
    This is also not a suggestion.


    I think there should some custumers at night.

    you should add more copper to the mine.


    Hey HypedMan,

    I am looking at reworking some things and having a better mining experience.

    I'm not sure if late night customer requests would make sense but I appreciate the suggestion anyways. 



    Armor, Pets, Mounts, Customizable Blacksmith House Interior, A Shop That Sells Ingots, Character Customization, Optional 3rd Person POV,  Lantern Fuel, A Shop That Sells House Decorations, Rare-Epic-Legendary Handles and More Versions of 2 Handed Guards. 

    Just some ideas that popped into my head :D


    Hey SDragonXxX,

    Thank you fro your ideas. 
    I do plan on adding armor, pets and mounts. Same for unique handles and guards. Currently, in the Patron version of the game, there is some customization options for placements of workstations, next I am working on players being able to craft shelves, tables, counters, etc.. Then finally I hope to allow players to build a new shop from scratch. 

    I really like your idea of lantern fuel. I'll look into that one.

    Thanx again.


    An apprentice or assistant would be cool. Someone to do some of the work, like for example: mining for ore on every cycle, of course you'd have to make the pick and he could only mine the appropriate ore with that pick; assembling items by handing him the appropriate parts (if you gave him a guard, two hand grip, and one hand mallet, naturally he wouldn't be able to make anything. Give him a polearm grip and a small blade however, he'd make the polearm), and perhaps after he finishes assembling the part, automatically taking it to the customer. Traveling blacksmiths or merchants that teach you new weapons (Egyptian Kopesh, Japanese Tanto or Dikatana, German Halberd or Zwiehander, Chinese Dao, etc... ) and alloys, such as Damascus steel or just carbon steel, nickle iron (meteoric iron), amalgams for gilding weapons and shields, or various other steel alloys, like cobalt steel.

    For historical accuracy: Historically speaking, swords were the most common weapon for self defense. Axes, maces, and hammers were used predominately in war. Maces were used to crush and weaken plate armor.  Hammers, such as the maul, were also used to crush the enemy, but were often paired with spikes for uses against thinner armors. Axes were found among the high class rabble outside of war more commonly than hammers and maces, but not quite as common as the sword, as they were less versatile and it is often frowned upon for a nobleman to carry any weapon other than a sword. They were designed to cleave through enemies limbs, not for self defense per sey. The polearm form of the battle axes, such as the sparth axe, were primarily used in war due to how hard they were to wield. However, many places in the medieval time banned peasants from carrying weaponry. In this case, axes were more common, because they had a domestic function, axes were often not included in this ban. Axes are also cheaper to make than swords, and ultimately lighter. Battle axes were not included in this, as they were made for battle.

    In short, axes and swords should be the most common weapon requested to be made, in that order because axes had a higher demand due to the domestic use. Then one hand hammers (for their domestic use), followed by the polearms, and the remaining two hand weapons as well as the other blunts (the flanged mace and morningstar). Shields would be requested as commonly as the polearms and they other war weapons. 

    These last two paragraphs are, of course, only important if you wanted it to be more historically accurate. I see no reason as to make it this game accurate, and I'm not requesting it. I'm simply informing you in case you wanted it to be.

                       -Jorðr, hobby smith of modern and archaic methods


    Hey JustAFriendlyContributor,

    Thank you for your contribution. We are planning on adding an assistant eventually. I actually want to do it now but that would just push the update to the public even further, so it will be in another update.

    The game, as you are aware, isn't aiming for realism. 

    My philosophy is, why escape reality to video games when only to live in the same reality.. again. Where do you escape to next? So, I do want to have some elements of "realism" but not too much. Very little as possible. This is more about having fun in the end. 

    Thank you again.



    You guys should add local and online multiplayer please.


    Hey there, I've been having a great time playing this little game, really fun to chill out and make some weapons! 

    I have a few suggestions gameplay-wise, I'll list them here.

    • More snapping of items to locations, especially the workbench. If you could have it so that parts snap to the workbench in the same way ingots snap to the anvil that would be great, save fiddling about bashing parts together until they decide to be a sword.
    • A bit less physics/more weight to items, I've lost a couple of parts due to picking up something nearby and having them fly off into the distance (farewell copper ingot, safe travels...)
    • Some directional signs for a few of the locations, like the shop and the mines. The blank signs at the front of the house would be ideal!
    • A bit more direction as to how to make weapons, shields and tools. Perhaps some blueprints around the shop? It could just be as simple as more like the sword blueprints lying around currently, but showing what parts you need to make items, even in just a visual way. It's a little tricky to work out some of the parts needed, e.g. I would have had no idea how to finish a shield if I hadn't looked at the wiki and found out I need a metal boss to put on it.
    • Some way of breaking down items once you have forged them, in order to get back raw materials if you accidentally make the wrong thing.

    Looking forward to the updates for this game, it's really neat, keep up the good work! 


    You guys should add local and nonlocal mulitplayer

    Hey I've got a pretty useful suggestion, considering the number of parts that are being implemented over time. 
    The idea is, that much like with the selection of weapon type, striking a part will (if it can) display a UI element that allows the style to be chosen, instead of constantly having to cycle through the part styles. This wouldn't be necessary for parts with small amounts of styles, but the standard sword and shield parts are somewhat tedious to construct and can massively increase the construction time.

    Please Make A Shop Editor!

    please add a way to transport stuff

    You can use crates to transport items. There should be 4 of them near the back patio of the shop. Just put the items in and click the crate. Now the crate is closed, and the items inside won't bounce around when you carry it!


    Ayy i love the game, but what if yyou added random invasions where mobs would attack. Then the player would have to make swords for the warriors, or maybe even make the player able to kill enemies with a sword? anyways, love the work you're doing.


    Hey thatkittenlover,

    That is in the works :)

    Thank you!


    It could be an idea but not sure. what if at some point in the game the king orders something from the black smith and depending on how u make it (rarity of items) the king pays extra but not too much. for example: if he wants a sword u cn make it with any ingot and any rarity grip and handguard.

    or make it a more difficult requirements on the weapon/tool/shield


    Another idea not sure if its mentioned but maybe make an option for co-op game so you can have a friend to help in the shop and allow players to work together.

    that will probably happen but very later whenever it gets released on steam, if that does happen that would be actually amazing

    Why my game dosent save?

    (1 edit) (+1)

    If you are talking about not knowing how to save the game, you can press Escape and click 'Save Game'. I believe it is the topmost button. If you are saying that you click 'Save Game' but it never actually saves, that might be a good question for Dasius or Kurzidan. You should post this in the Bug Reports page (, since this is more of a bug than a suggestion.

    I mean i click "save game", but it dont sawes.

    I posted it on bug report site too, but no one answered.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Thanks for reply MasonatorRoblox!

    I suggest that you message Daisus or Kurzidan on Discord through a direct message, or post it in the MLBSS Discord channel.

    MLBSS Discord:

    You can message them directly by going into the Home tab of Discord, then going to the top of the column just left of the servers, then clicking the search box at the top and typing either one's name. I believe that Kurzidan may have more knowledge on this, so you should probably ask them first.


    If you are talking about not knowing how to save the game, you can press Escape and click 'Save Game'. I believe it is the topmost button. If you are saying that you click 'Save Game' but it never actually saves, that might be a good question for Dasius or Kurzidan. You should post this in the Bugs page (, since this is more of a bug than a suggestion.

    (1 edit)

    I would like to suggest being able to build a bridge in the "secret crystal area" after completing it once of course, and i've been wondering if there are any plans for the closed door near the forest alter towards the river? or is there another secret thing we gotta do to open that and its already in the game just no one has found it yet?

    There seems to be a bug or something when making a custom weapon for a customer that if its not the correct one your shop just starts getting sprayed with common weapon guards and its really annoying having 300 of them laying on the floor and there is nothing we can do about it.

    I have never heard of that glitch. Though if you mess up on an order, you might deserve to have 300 guards sprayed at your face.


    I find it annoying having to look at every heated ingot in my forge to find the ones i need, and storage of ores and ingots is a issue for me. Unpacking crates is tedious, so i tend to have a lot of loose entities around my shop, and this causes myself many issues. I really like the packages things come in when you order them, i think it would be cool to have a packaging station or just some movable baskets or something like you can move all the other things (furnace, forge, anvil, etc). The packaging station could require a piece of firewood or maybe a log or something, and turn whatever is on it's work surface into one of the magical delivery crates that are so easy to unpack right where you need them. More options for storage is something i would love to see on this fantastic game. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    With the forge, I suggest that you put your ingots into sections, putting on only the metals that are requested the most, and leaving a space for any other ingots in case a customer requests an ingot that's not already on the forge. I would suggest that you put a maximum of 5 ingots in each group, since that is the highest amount of ingots that you can use on one item (this is the shield, with 2 ingots for the frame, one for the boss, and 1 ingot for each of the 2 handles, which makes 5 ingots total).

    If by 'crates', you mean the ones that you can open and close, just hold alt and spin it upside down. Then set it down upside down, and click to open it. Then you can just lift the crate and everything should be in a nice little pile.

    Hello I want to suggest that you make an option to make crates, shelves, boxes for storage but once they are made then they are moved like the workstations. The crates we can make now sometimes are ideal for storing grips, guards, ingots and shield parts but they move too easily so would be better if they are like the workstations. 

    I would also like to suggesting making it easier to get the shields (like the tower shield especially) through the door to the customer.

    It would be nice to be able to make multiples of the workstations so you could have a shield worktable, weapon worktable and different forges for the different ingots.

    Also I am having 2 glitches with the newest NON-patreon version. 

    1: When I try to name my shop the name appears on the bigger shop sign up the hill instead of on mine.

    2: When trying to make tools quite often the parts will fall through the table.

    (1 edit)

    1.   I highly oppose the idea of making the crates like workstations. Like that, you can't really carry them around. It's nice to carry a box over to the mine, fill it with ore, then carry it back. If Dasius did this, he would have to code in the movement of everything inside the crate. Also, that way you can't make flying machines, or fling boxes into the air.

    2.   I haven't had any problems with getting a shield through the door, though I've only made one shield. I suggest that if it's too big to fit through the door, slide it through the gap at the bottom of the window to the right.

    3.   I think that is a good idea, though unless you are building 3 things at once, it wouldn't really matter for you to have multiple work tables. I do really like the idea of multiple forges, but until then I suggest putting different ingots in different sections of the forge (by 'forge', I assume you mean the platform where you heat the ingots, not the thing where you smelt ore and create alloys).

    4.   I have also had the same sign problem. I have also noted that editing the text on the sign next to the big shop does not affect the sign by the starting shop.

    5.   I have not had this problem, unless you mean that when you grab a part off the table, it phases into the table. This, for me, is super easy to fix since it only requires you to hold right click, and to move it out of the table.

    (1 edit)

    Yes my parts phase into the table and yes I can fix it easily and it wouldn't be a problem if it was just an occasional piece here and there but it gets annoying when it is every piece I try to set down. Also I have had times where the part phases through the table and falls to the shelf below. I have also notices it is harder to put things on the shelves because of the phasing. I tried to place a pickaxe on the shelves between you and the customers,  it phased into the shelves without me noticing til I let go. Then it sat there shaking for a couple minutes before flinging itself across my shop, knocking things around as it flew.

    As for the crates I too take them to the mines. I simply meant for there to be another crate option that doesn't have a lid and is simply for storage.

    As for the multiple tables/forges yes I mean the platform for heating ingots and currently I do separate my ingots but I think it would be a cool option to have.

    For the shields I do slide them in through the window because the tower shield is so large it has to be just right to fit through the door (try it a few times).

    I for 1 am the type of person that makes lots of items ahead of time and I like to be organized so I like the idea of multiple storage and workstation options.

    I am a bit surprised that the grips are all uncommon now unless you walk to the shop down the road where you can get common wood and rare grips. Wish we could order the common ones from the shop since they are "common" anyway.

    (1 edit)

    It would be cool if there was a vacuum item that went into an inventory slot. It would be a bit of an easter egg like the crystals are. When you click with it, it would suck anything that has physics towards it. This would be great if you accidentally dropped boxes into the river while using them as a flying machine and accidentally falling off. This happened to me twice, and I had to jump into the river to see underneath the water to know where the boxes were, and then try to look around and hope that I finally highlight it with my mouse. Also, I was carrying the fire crystal around for some reason and decided it would be a good idea to fling it up into the air. I spent countless attempts to grab it with a flying machine, but I fell too quickly every time. Thankfully I didn't save it, so I still have it sitting on my display counter. Anyways, a vacuum would be a cool thing to add.

    (1 edit)

    Also, it would be great if you could toggle grabbed items phasing through objects. It's really annoying when you are trying to put a guard into the cubby hole above the work table, but it won't collide with the walls of the cubby hole, and you're not sure if it will be stuck in the wall when you let go.


    Another idea I had is that you could press a button to highlight all items nearby. It would help a lot when you drop an item into the oil to cool it down and you forget where in the bucket the item is, or if you accidentally drop something in the water and you don't know where it is (seriously, it took me half an hour to find both of the flying machines I had made after they fell in the water), or if you accidentally grab something and the thing in front of it goes flying, and you don't know where it landed. In my eyes this would work a lot like in Minecraft, where if you hit a mob or player with a spectral arrow, then they are highlighted, and you can see them through walls and stuff. 


    Yet another idea of mine is that the smelter could have a mechanism where the ingot mold tilts forward when the ingot has finished casting, causing it to fall forward into a crate that the player leaves sitting there. This would help prevent the ingots from stacking on top of each other and possibly getting flung.

    Yep, I've got another suggestion. It would be very useful if you could press a button while looking at a workstation to reset it to its original position.

    Also, it would be nice if when moving the smelter, whatever items were in the smelter at that time would be put into a special 'delivery crate' sort of thing that would appear where delivery crates normally do (one crate for each section of the smelter, with the items put into their respective crate, and each crate labeled with the compartment it came from). The crate should be small enough to fit into the fuel compartment or the ore smelting compartment, depending on which compartment's items the crate contains. It should also spawn any firewood horizontally when the crate is opened, since spawning it vertically would cause it to get stuck.  It would be even better if a message were to come up telling the player that the items have been put into a crate and moved to the delivery crate location. This would be super helpful for when you move your smelter to an entirely different place and you don't want the materials inside to stay where they were before. This would also be useful if you somehow manage to get the smelter stuck somewhere, and you don't want the items inside getting stuck too.

    (1 edit)

    7th suggestion: Player position reset in Escape menu, along with crystal position resets. The player position reset would work like you woul expect, teleporting the player back to whichever shop they use. The crystal position reset would reset the crystals to their default positions. The only exception to the crystal reset is if the crystal has been brought into either shop at any time during the game. Resetting the crystal positions will move any crystal that meets the previous requirement to the counter of whatever shop is currently used (1. floating in the air, about dagger height or more above the counter, and 2. each one having their own designated position above the counter).

    8th suggestion: Ore Vein Tracker. This would have an arrow floating a bit over the ground (pointing to the vein) and/or a highlight around the vein, similar to the way mentioned in the 3rd suggestion (item highlight).  You would go into a menu (either button activated or in an inventory slot) and select a type of ore. Any vein of that ore type will have an arrow and/or highlight until all of its ore has been mined. The arrow (if you use it) would grow/shrink depending on the distance from the vein, with a shorter distance meaning a bigger arrow.

    I might have more suggestions, but I can't think of any more right now.

    (Edit) 9th suggestion: Fold-out platform on horse cart, that you can click to fold/unfold. Ideal for standing on, this would make accessing items in the cart so much easier. It's hard enough to try to climb up on the wheels and get inside, so having a platform to stand on would be cool.

    Have you ever thought about translating the game into other languages? I could help with Russian at that point. If you will need it, of course.

    A Multiplayer. :3

    They are already working on it. ALL of us think that it is a good idea👍

    Well... It WOULD have been a good idea IF the game was stable

    monsters to fight with weapons you made!!!

    Duuude, that's a neat idea. I think that it would spice up the game's plot!

    Don't worry, Dasius has stated that he will be adding this to the game in the near future!

    Not sure if this falls under feature suggestion or bug report. I made the mistake of changing my resolution in game to one that is incompatible with my current display and so now I just have a massive blue screen when I load my save. I must have made the change permanent otherwise it would revert but I cant change it from in game for obvious reasons! It would be amazing if you could add the settings to the main menu/ home screen or something so I can revert this change without loading up my save!

    Neither of those section are correct... the most correct section would be the FAQ...

    If you haven't gotten this problem fixed, try messaging Dasius or Kurzidan on Discord. They might know more about this. Maybe there is a value in the actual save file that can be edited to fix this.

    Love the game! Very cool, would love to see it go further! Here's my suggestions.

    1. A better system for handling multiple customers. Multiple customers right now is a buggy mess and it really dampens the game.

    2. Dampen the physics system down. It's really frustrating how often things go flying. They're ingots, not bouncy balls.

    3. Change up the progression system. Right now gameplay never changes beyond acquiring the ability to mine things. Right about the point where I started making items from tin I shrugged and turned off the game. Fun for an evening, but a different progression system could be fun for much longer. Consider limiting what you can craft and having expansions based around that. Possible incorporate a quest system with upgrades as rewards. Try to make different metals have different purposes beyond a monetary progression. 

    4. A better system for transporting items around/mining revamp in general. Mining just isn't fun right now, and the transport system of crates doesn't help. A minecart that you push along a track that does a circle between your smelter a mine might work out well. Bonus points if you can easily send it back to the smelter when you're done. Mining nodes for materials you can't mine shouldn't appear. It's just frustrating. A node should have a number of guaranteed drops of its resource, getting screwed by randomness sucks.  5-10 seems good to me, even if 5-6 appears way more than 9-10. Even 3-5 guaranteed would feel better than the current system. 

    5. Does Charisma do anything? I like the idea of having a personal progression system as a smith, but I'm not sure I like the current stats. Maybe Miner Mastery, Smith Mastery, and Merchant mastery, giving you more ores from mining, less strikes to craft, more money from sales respectively? Charisma seems a weird stat for a blacksmith. 

    6. A dedicate button to combine items would be a godsend. Seriously, sometimes merging items together is a massive pain. On that topic a vice for the anvil/workbench that holds items still would be greatly appreciated. Large items are a mess to work with sometimes. 

    7. A tidy up button would be nice, even if it did a fadein/fadeout and consumed an hour of time. Add in some pidgeonhole shelves and bam, you can actually run a buisness. Drives me crazy that the best way to manage your ingots is to order in bulk, drop the package on the forge and open it. 

    1. I agree very much.

    2. I believe that things going flying is mostly due to buggy collision physics, but I'm sure that Dasius is working on this!

    3. There are some 'secret' easter egg/story things randomly dotted around. Try exploring! See if you can get into the castle!

    4. I agree, the removal of the horse and cart made moving items around a bit more tedious.

    5. I believe that Charisma increases the selling price of your products. I do not know if it has changed since then, but last time I checked it just increased the price by 1 Copper every few levels or something. I believe that Dasius will change it to a percent increase eventually.

    6. I agree with this. Sometimes I sit there trying to put the parts together for a minute or two, and then they finally piece together right as the customer is about to leave.

    (3 edits) (+1)

    This my opinion.

    (1) In RPG world, blacksmith are NPC,  but now is difference,  adventurer and heroes are NPC. If can blacksmith can give quest to them, let them fine the  raw material or magic material from other portal lands, and bring back to  blacksmith.

    (2) Quest reward can be like other RPG game,example, give money or make best quality weapon to them or other.  if blacksmith did't pay the reward,  NPC  will not give material and left away.

    (3) NPC  will not 100% accept the quest, base from their equipment, easy quest, highly chance can accept; if dangerous quest, the low chance can accept. quest maybe can fail. 

    (4)Blacksmith not only make weapon, so if can add forge armor,  more cool and realistic.

    (5)Need add some Mage and Bowman NPC walking on small road, or walk together  with other NPC. Bowman and Mage will not be as customer.

    (6) Blacksmith can't use  magic and bow, however, blacksmith can use magic material(1) forge some magic power add in the weapon or shield.

    Multiplayer online maybe?

    play that game with friends seems to be cool so.. can you add it please?

    I believe that Dasius said he will be ading this soon. This is the fourth time I've seen this request in a page or two, so please at least go through a page or two to see if your suggestion has already been made by someone else. It helps Dasius sift through the suggestions quicker!


    I think that there should be a proper wait line for customers, and maybe a wider door. I'm suggesting this because I constantly get bombarded with customers, all cramming into this tiny space. I hear pop 3 times while I'm still doing an order.

    I think it should have different types of woods, like some more noble ones than the others

    It actually has... different type of woods... you don't know that...

    MAYBE they haven't gotten far enough into the game to notice this. Don't go around acting like someone is dumb because they didn't happen to know something that's not entirely obvious.

    I think the armor forge would be pretty cool.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    Dasius... eventually I had to quit playing... Every new save file was a useless hope ruined, sooner or later, by a new gigantic bug... I really like, as many I think, the concept of your game... IT'S COOL MAN. It's just too buggy right now... I can't play it...

    I'll wait till the next big update and/or release of my little blacksmith shop... untill then that's my suggestion:

    "Keep doing what you love guys and the others will show you that they love what you do"

    P.S: READ THE BUG REPORTS MORE CAREFULLY BECAUSE OH MY GOD! Just put more attention into that... ok?

    p.s.s... i literally mean: stop focussing on adding new stuff to make your fans happy... focus on what you've got already, make it clean as water asap ok?

    muiltiplayer would be great

    Yea that would be so fun, I hope it will be in the next update :D

    There is a letter in the mailbox asking for the amount owed. 
    How do I pay my debts? 
    For reference, I do not speak English well. @



    push the letter into the mail box and it will pay the tax

    Thank you!
    Thanks to you, I solved your questions!

    Aswell as Content is very important i do believe you also need to make that content refined as well doing things like fixing the clipping and making sure swords dont fall through shelves is important to look at before you add content because if you dont constantly make quality of life updates you have too much content to bugfix and end up with a jumbled buggy mess. So you should deffinetly refine your game as much as you can along the way. 

    (2 edits) (+1)

    an auto smelter would be a god send. basically it makes 1 bar at a time of whatever you set it to and will only begin if it has the required materials and fuel. (only available in single player) plz implement some way to progress metals without having to buy them. i was thinking having higher tier metals/materials be mine able with lower tier picks but at a significantly lower success rate, like 1/10 the success rate for each tier higher making the chances of getting better materials extremely low, but still possible. it would allow for the challenge run "No buying bars!"

    Also, you could have the smelter and saw bench be purchase able and a mode where you don't start with them. another idea is a wood carving bench where you can place firewood to make handles for weapons and the quality of handle produced would depend on the quality of wood and your intelligence. my final idea is to make a hidden stat that depends on intelligence: prospecting! in short: every other level in intelligence increases the chances to get ore when mining. this could compound with the idea above, the ability to mine higher tier metals, but remember that a higher tier metal will have the severe reduction in ore chance and would require a LOT of intelligence to make the chance for higher ore reasonable.

    ps. I LOVE YOUR GAME!!!

    The idea of wood carving bench is REALLY good you should add more use to it except grips and guards.  Like bows and staffs? that could be great since someone we requesting bows and some magic items. i'd like to have that ingame!


    I would like to see something done with stone maybe a refiner or something..... put stones in and they have a chance (a small chance) to be some type of resource.

    copper would have like a 10% chance and it would go down from there.  The higher ore types would be like .1% ect.


    FOV settings. Please. The current settings are making me claustrophobic.

    Can you guys fix the round shield bug please?

    Mac support please!!!!!

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