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A topic by Dasius created Jan 19, 2017 Views: 55,807 Replies: 1,117
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I think it should have different types of woods, like some more noble ones than the others

It actually has... different type of woods... you don't know that...

MAYBE they haven't gotten far enough into the game to notice this. Don't go around acting like someone is dumb because they didn't happen to know something that's not entirely obvious.

I think the armor forge would be pretty cool.

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Dasius... eventually I had to quit playing... Every new save file was a useless hope ruined, sooner or later, by a new gigantic bug... I really like, as many I think, the concept of your game... IT'S COOL MAN. It's just too buggy right now... I can't play it...

I'll wait till the next big update and/or release of my little blacksmith shop... untill then that's my suggestion:

"Keep doing what you love guys and the others will show you that they love what you do"

P.S: READ THE BUG REPORTS MORE CAREFULLY BECAUSE OH MY GOD! Just put more attention into that... ok?

p.s.s... i literally mean: stop focussing on adding new stuff to make your fans happy... focus on what you've got already, make it clean as water asap ok?

muiltiplayer would be great

Yea that would be so fun, I hope it will be in the next update :D

There is a letter in the mailbox asking for the amount owed. 
How do I pay my debts? 
For reference, I do not speak English well. @


push the letter into the mail box and it will pay the tax

Thank you!
Thanks to you, I solved your questions!

Aswell as Content is very important i do believe you also need to make that content refined as well doing things like fixing the clipping and making sure swords dont fall through shelves is important to look at before you add content because if you dont constantly make quality of life updates you have too much content to bugfix and end up with a jumbled buggy mess. So you should deffinetly refine your game as much as you can along the way. 

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an auto smelter would be a god send. basically it makes 1 bar at a time of whatever you set it to and will only begin if it has the required materials and fuel. (only available in single player) plz implement some way to progress metals without having to buy them. i was thinking having higher tier metals/materials be mine able with lower tier picks but at a significantly lower success rate, like 1/10 the success rate for each tier higher making the chances of getting better materials extremely low, but still possible. it would allow for the challenge run "No buying bars!"

Also, you could have the smelter and saw bench be purchase able and a mode where you don't start with them. another idea is a wood carving bench where you can place firewood to make handles for weapons and the quality of handle produced would depend on the quality of wood and your intelligence. my final idea is to make a hidden stat that depends on intelligence: prospecting! in short: every other level in intelligence increases the chances to get ore when mining. this could compound with the idea above, the ability to mine higher tier metals, but remember that a higher tier metal will have the severe reduction in ore chance and would require a LOT of intelligence to make the chance for higher ore reasonable.


The idea of wood carving bench is REALLY good you should add more use to it except grips and guards.  Like bows and staffs? that could be great since someone we requesting bows and some magic items. i'd like to have that ingame!


I would like to see something done with stone maybe a refiner or something..... put stones in and they have a chance (a small chance) to be some type of resource.

copper would have like a 10% chance and it would go down from there.  The higher ore types would be like .1% ect.


FOV settings. Please. The current settings are making me claustrophobic.

Can you guys fix the round shield bug please?

Mac support please!!!!!

Hi, I find game really interesting but there are few things that would require attention before I give it solid try:

1. current version ore patches are almost totally empty, please increase ore spawn ratio or if it's problematic returning to veins would be better than current thingy (on 5 ore patches found 2 ore, it's not worth moving from the house instead of buying ingots)

2. could use option to buy wood/ respawn trees in ~10-15 days

and thats pretty much it, after having these two things game would be perfect in current state to recommend it and have good fun at it. 

Another thing less important- when clients come with repair order, don't let them pick up stuff from counters/weapon racks. These thieves!

Thanks for your work

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