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Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by Dasius created Jan 18, 2017 Views: 46,342 Replies: 1,539
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api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll why? I'm doing everything for working. I will installing c++ 2015 fck directx update but no. Why?

Check out How to - Common Issues (Please Read First) for a possible solution.

when i quit and rejoin all my weapons get broken and heated...

version: (last:0.0.72)

another bug: i can't mute music :0

HELP!! I really wanted to play this game but when I open it, its super blurry and dark and when I go into settings to try and fix it it'll still be super Blurry. I have also tried Increasing the games gamma but when I click on the bar for gamma it just takes me back to my desktop with the game still open in the task bar. I have tried both 32 and 64 bit aswell as the itch.io app and they all do the same I don't know why my computer wouldn't be able to run it I have a 1070 graphics card. also Im running the newest version whatever that may be it says it was last updated on wensday (today is the 5th of march aka a sunday)

Under Graphics, hit the Reset button. Then adjust the Gamma and Resolution sliders up. This should fix the dark/blurry problem. Happy Smithing!

when I click reset nothing happens it just minimizes the game and when I open it again and go to adjust the gamma slider there's like an invisible barrier keeping from moving my mouse there but once I click on something like the tab for full screen and then click off of it I can move my mouse anywhere but if I try again to click the gamma it just minimizes the game and I have tried the resolution but it's so dark that even if made a difference I couldnt tel

Unfortunately I haven't seen anyone else reporting the game minimizing when clicking on the gamma slider, so I can't recommend a workaround for that at this time (if something you try does end up working, please post it so if anyone else has the same problem they'll know how to handle it).

The only recommendation I can offer at this time would be to delete your settings file which can be found here:


I hope this helps!

There isnt even a file that exists under that directory for me

Can you find the ShopSim folder in the Local folder? If not, you may be searching under the wrong User folder. The file you're looking for is Settings.sav, but depending on your Windows search settings, it may not look through the hidden folder AppData to find it.

I searched the whole collection of appdata folders and nothing came up that had settings.sav in it

I'm afraid you've exhausted my (sadly) very limited list of possible solutions. Perhaps when the game is patched, you could try again. In the meantime, maybe check out the community boards Here in case someone else has posted a solution that I have missed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Most serious bug so far is that I sold a tin PoleArm (regular tin hammer head) and it thought it was a copper PoleArm. Bye bye $1000.

Also, every time I load a save, every pre-made weapon has fallen apart into its components and the heads/blades all need cooling again.


Which version are you running? The wrong material type glitch was patched in version 0.0.72. As for the heated blades/hammer heads, that fix is coming in the next patch. For the weapons falling apart upon load, the dev's working on a solution, but it will involve changing the way weapon assemblies are handled, so we'll just have to be patient with that quirk in the meantime. Happy Smithing!

Latest version, everytime i turn of the game and when i start it and load back in all colors are messed up i cant see a thing, sadly only starting a new game gets it fixed

have you tried the reset button in the graphics tab


On version 0.0.72, when you grab the dark crystal with the right mouse button and hold onto it, it alters your vision with a dark circle overlay. And when you let it go, the overlay disappears. However if you continue holding the right mouse button and "throw" the crystal by clicking the left mouse button, you'll no longer be holding the crystal, but the dark overlay will remain in effect until you release the right mouse button.

Quando clico em shopsim na pasta aparece isso DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine oque eu tenho que fazer


Hey LukaoGames,

Try this


O que isso faz

I started the game and it won't get pass the screen that says my little blacksmith


Every time I exit and come back into the game, blades and hammer heads are all heated. I have issues with npc customers getting caught or stuck in the doorway, spinning in circles and asking for new item after receiving theirs. I mentioned about the graphics issue, resetting graphics in the menu fixes the dark screen but that would be nice to see fixed. I had an issue also with the front sign. I clicked on it, and could input the building name, but clicking Done button wouldn't exit out of the text screen. Those are the few major bugs I could see. I am in 0.0.72 Alpha.


Hey Dasius,

This is a great game for Alpha, you have done really well. I just wanted to let you know about a few bugs I found.

1. When your in the pause screen after hitting [ESC] sometimes the mouse cursor disappears. The fix for me has been to click the [LEFT] mouse button. This does reset the cursor, however I almost started a new game in the process :)

2. I was placing 3 ingots on the anvil and the last ingot I placed vanished, however the item I was trying to create (Great-sword Blade) still worked, seems like the ingot just went invisible or something.

3. I was crafting the same great-sword from #2 on the table and after I placed the two handed guard on the blade, the whole assembly spun sideways and got stuck inside the table. I couldn't dislodge it, I tried to restart the game and load my save, however that did not fix it. I had to start a new game :(

4. After reloading my save I experienced a bug that made all the blades and hammerheads in my shop heat back up!

5. Sometimes when loading the game back up, the graphics glitch out to all the colors being black and red. The fix for me was hitting the reset button in the graphic settings.

6. After ordering two items at once (one hand grip & pole-arm grip) I broke the pole-arm box and tried to pick it up and grabbed the other box instead, which basically sent my pole-arm handle on a sub-orbital spaceflight, I couldn't find it afterwards. Out 10 bucks ;)

Also one last thing however its more of a question for you then a bug really, you decide. I was wondering if the controls to rotate an object while its held in you hand is meant to permanently rotate the object, because if I release [ALT] or [CTRL] or both, then the item snaps back to the old orientation it had before I rotated it.

Hi Quartermaster!

Thanks for all the great input! Here's a little info on some of the bugs you've found:

  • #1: The cursors can be finicky, I've had them disappear on me too. Scary when you're not sure what will be clicked!
  • #2: The 3rd ingot snapped into the same location as one of the other 2, which is why it disappeared. Sometimes when this happens you'll get the 2 ingot output instead of 3. You can use RMB to drag the hidden ingot out from under the other to fix this.
  • #3: The weapons assemble in the orientation of the part you're currently holding. Try to make sure the part you're holding with RMB is parallel (flat) with the table surface to minimize the stuck weapon bug. If something does get stuck you can usually use Alt and Ctrl to rotate it free.
  • #4: They'll heat back up and and weapons you've premade will be disassembled. Dasius is working on the fix.
  • #5: You're right, the reset button is the best fix for the dark/blurry screen at the moment.
  • #6: This is the unfortunate consequence of physics based items. Perhaps the weights of things could be changed around to minimize this? I'm not sure how Dasius will resolve this one in the long run.
  • #7 (unlabeled): Release the Right Mouse Button while still holding Alt, then grab the item with the Right Mouse Button again, this will reset the item's orientation to whatever position you rotated it into (if you release Alt first, it will return to its original orientation).

Again, thanks for the response! I hope you're enjoying this game as much as I am! Happy Smithing!

You've probably gotten this alot but the AI keep getting stuck infront of my shop, infact I was waiting for about 30 minutes with no customers only to walk outside and see some with a text bubble stuck on some rocks. Besides that bug though, the game has been running fine for me, I'm excited to see how far you'll be able to take the game in the future, I like the concept : )

Hi I downloaded this game for the first time and it's fun. I really like it however when I changed my graphics to 1080p everything is dark and zoomed in so I can't turn my guy at all and I can't go into the settings easy at all even when I put my mouse over the settings button.

My specs:

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Intel i5 3570k 3.4 ghz

gtx 1060 6 gb

Sorry for not having a picture but it's difficult to get one. I also have uninstalled and reinstalled several time and the same problem happens.

Hi Jazzytrav! Try deleting your Settings.sav file located here:


(of course replace "YourUserName" with your Windows login). Hope this helps!

(Edited 3 times)

I tried looking for it all in that order but I can't find that file. Once I open the game the only way I can leave is through Task Manager and I saved the game before I do that, would that cancel the save? I forgot to mention earlier I have not saved this game before because it started during my first gameplay and I didn't know what to do. And the graphics button down won't work I can only go as low as controls and when I go into it and I can't go back so I have to quit the game


Another method of finding the ShopSim folder is going to the Windows Start Menu and typing %appdata% (with the percent signs). For me this pops open the Folder C:\Users\(MyUserName)\AppData\Roaming. Of course I want to look in Local, not Roaming, so I have to go up one level to just AppData, then go into Local, then ShopSim.

I assumed this folder was created upon startup, but you're not the first one unable to find it, so it may only be created upon saving the game.

Also, I'm using Windows 10. I believe the AppData folders are handled the same way in Windows 7 and 8, but I can't tell you that for certain. Hope this helps!

(Edited 1 time)

Thank you for the help and I found the saved game. I deleted it but I now have another problem. When I start the game it loads up fine until I spawn in the room, it start out blurry but when I try going to the graphics to reset it the whole game freezes so I have to exit out through alt f4. I'm sorry for bugging you but I really like this game.

Edit: "I found the fix, delete the setting.save file in the Shop Sim file and it worked :D

Awesome! I'm glad this worked for you. If you find any other bugs (or solutions) be sure to keep sharing! Happy Smithing!

When I play it, it looks like it is dark and pixelated this was happening on the old version and alpha two

I will uninstall the old versions and see if that is the problem


never mind my gamma and resolution scale were at zero

A lot of players miss those sliders in the graphics options. I'm glad you could find a solution! Happy Smithing!


some customers won't even accept the wheapons i give them. sometimes it takes a little while and one time I waited the entire time

(Edited 1 time)

Found a bug

If you create a Great Sword or One handed Sword you can get the Blade of each sword back.

Grabbing a fully crafted Great Sword by the BLADE then using your mouse to hover over the Pole arms grip it will place the blade from your Great Sword onto the Pole Arms, The AI will still think you've created a Great Sword for them and all you have to do is hand them the Lower parts of the Great Sword (Handle and Hand Guard). They will then buy the Grip/Handle and Hand Guard but with no blade attached. So you get your Great Sword Blade back and receive the money from the AI.

Create Great Sword

Grab the Great Sword with your Cursor by the BLADE

Move the Great Sword over a Pole Arms Grip

The Blade will attach itself onto the Pole Arms (You will be left with an Unfinished Great Sword)

Bring the Unfinished Great Sword to AI Shopper

Once the AI Shopper buys your Unfinished Great Sword (Handle and Hand Guard) grab your Pole Arms and deconstruct it on the Anvil to get your Great Sword Blade back.

Clever use of the polearm glitch! Hopefully this will be remedied in the next patch. I know the dev's currently working on it. Happy Smithing!

(Edited 1 time)

Deleted save game settings as recommended in earlier post. When I swap to full screen I still get the gamma/minimizing glitches. If I stay in windowed mode I don't get that problem.

My current problem is I can't exit the menu after placing attribute points.

Also NPCs do not take their greathammers.

I'm kinda annoyed about a bug on here. Every time I start off on the game and I manage to get to tin or any other ingot higher than copper and I heat them and turn them into weapons they keep turning into copper weapons instead of tin, steel, or iron, etc. Please fix that would be great and also your doing an awesome job on this game. :D

are you sure that you are on version 0.0.72 ? This has been fixed as far as I know :)

I just found a bug where I got stuck in the menu editing my shop name, I could click the done button but the menu still opened

A common bug in the current version. For now, press Esc, save your game, and reload. The shop name should remain, but the overlay will be gone. Not an ideal workaround, but it's the best we've got right now. Happy Smithing!

I had my graphics level low and i tried to turn it up, well now i cant even open the game without it crashing soo....

Hi! Try deleting your Settings.sav file located here:


(of course replace "YourUserName" with your Windows login). Hope this helps!

(Edited 1 time)

I really enjoy the game, but there are two bugs that makes the game difficult to play:

1) Sometimes AI will get stuck going out the door and will infinitely spin in circles, opening/closing the shop will not fix it and if I managed to push them into the yard, they'll just walk around the yard and no more customers will spawn.

2) When the above bug happens I need to restart the game, I wanted to have a legitimate blacksmithing business so I crafted a lot of pre-made weapons...however, when I restart the game, all blades and blunts go back to "heated" blades and blunts, and decrafts everything I had made...everything is just laying around in pieces.

pppllleeeeaassseeee fix this

(Edited 1 time)

Hey Dasius first I want to say this is an amazing game. For being an alpha it does run pretty smooth. Few issues I saw that if you could take care of I would love. One the music can't be turned off at all, and it also runs at 100% volume all the time which can't be changed. Please look into that as soon as possible. Second, I noticed that the swords when you put on the cross piece can, and will lock into the work table. Third, When you log off, and reload the saved game every weapon you made previously immediately gets resmelted, and breaks. Four, I noticed on the blacksmith table you are able to put two ingots in the exact same spot, and when you go to make the item, it only counts as either one or two, and when the piece is made, the other ingot in that area appears in that spot. So far that's all I've noticed so far.

(Edited 1 time)

I have had that people spinning thing, but there are some more issues I noticed. 1. Sometimes when you make a one handed sword, or a dagger, and try to give it to the customer, they can't seem to grab it. Because of this they end up changing their choice to another weapon that they can grab, then end up spinning outside, or in the shop. I have had to corner them, and shift run into them until they pop out of it, and then reset their AI. 2. The amount of money you make per weapon, and the overall price of ingots above copper don't mix. I legitimately went for almost 20 days before I could buy enough ingots to make a tin great sword $1500 gold for 3 ingots. Sold the sword, got $1690 for it. Now I know it takes all materials into consideration, however it will literally take 1000 days before you can get to iron or above, and I would really love to try those out without hacking the files to lower the prices. Also I know it's in Alpha and I have the 0.0.72 version, however, that sent you a text message sound is really hard for me to hear over the music. Could you possibly turn the volume on it up, or change it to something that's more noticeable. Many of time I have went back inside after making some weapon heads, and found that someone is standing there with 5 s left waiting for a weapon. Another thing that is happening is when I load back into the saved game the entire world is dark. I need to go into graphics, and click default to reapply the correct settings.

Each weapon is sold at a 10% markup + charisma + rush. This means each copper ingot used to make a weapon that is sold nets you $1 profit, so the early game goes really slowly. Ignoring the cost of everything else, you would need to sell 500 copper ingots worth of stuff to get a single tin bar. The other stuff is where you make most of your money early game.

Once you get to tin, things pick up a bit. Each ingot is now giving you a $50 profit, so only 20 ingots to get to iron. Once you get there, it's only 50 Iron to adelite, 20 adelite to mythril, 50 mythril to adamantine and 20 adamantine to titanium. Of course, by the time you've got to the higher tiers, your customers will be really impatient making it hard to meet their demands.

O.k. so you are saying it will take a while to get to the higher tier ingots, but it's worth it. O.k. I get that I will keep trying, and about my charisma it's at 6, which I used the redistribute point option to change some things around, and put everything into charisma. Logged off, and when I got back in, it reset the points back to what it was before with the redistribution used. Have you seen that issue as well?


Fun Game so far! I've run into a few problems in succession, However.

#1. I'm having a hard time trying to get an AI to accept a weapon that was premade and already sitting close by on the counter. Example: Great hammer sitting on counter close by, AI walks in and asks for Great Hammer, I pick up hammer and place it directly in front of AI. They don't pick it up, time runs out, they leave. Quite frustrating to say the least.

# I've had this issue twice now and I can only fix it by restarting the program. I missed the first two AI of the day (because of this first issue) and then suddenly, I don't get anymore AI coming in...I've waited up to 2 in game days without a single AI. IDK if this is intentional, but it's frustrating.

thank you! Can't wait for the next update.

Also, I'm running the latest version.


#1: The AI don't seem to notice weapons that you haven't given to them, and in order for the AI to notice them, it has to be outside of, and then enter their 'detection radius'. (So take the weapon off the table, turn around with it and give it back to them)

#2: Sometimes an AI will get stuck, preventing further AI spawns. Usually closing your shop (clicking on the door sign) will reset their pathfinding and let them leave, but if that fails you can walk up to them and push them around.

A temporary fix to #2: If you save, select sandbox mode, and then return to shop mode, the AI in question will be gone and you can continue business as usual!

I have run into that issue where the AI won't take the item in hand. I haven't tried the turning around, but I have found that dropping it on the ground, and then repicking it up makes them notice it as well.

not sure if anyone else is having this problem but every time i save then log back in later all my weapons have been broken apart and the blade or hammer head is in its heated state. this forces me to go and cool them all off again and assemble everything all over again.

(Edited 1 time)

One of my customers bought a tin one-handed sword for $22. In the purchase history list, the sale was only for a "one handed sword" (no material). That $1k of lost materials really hurt that early in the game, but I've since recovered.

The one-handed sword in question had the type 3 blade (hit twice while hot, with the hole in the middle), a fancy grip and the guard. I didn't give the sword to the person in any particularly unusual way. You might want to look into this if it wasn't a once-off weirdness.

Can I ask which version you're running?

Version 0.0.72

Something similar happened to me once. Then I walked around the house and found a blade somwhere like 50m avay from house. So I have taken it and come back to sell it again.

(Edited 1 time)

Im just having a problem now that i got the newest version of the game i cant start it. all i get is a unreal engine crash menu so i cant play the newest update i can only play the older version :( please help me if you can

Here is the link to a video i made on it VIDEO

Here is the Crash Log(it is very short for some reasson):



You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.

I cant doing anything below options on my screen becasuse i think it still thinks i am in windows mode but im in full screen so i cant change any thing so i cant sort out the lighting glitch and i cant change back to windowed becasue it wont let me click the accept button

When i exit the game and i comeback weapon i made turn to heated weapon

Keep an eye out for the next patch. Dasius has been working on the heated weapon issue (as well as several other bugs). Here's a link to the checklist he's been working on for Version 0.0.73: https://trello.com/c/MPi62D06/114-patch-0-0-73. Happy Smithing!


I have version 0.0.72 and I found a bug how to make extra money for free, by accident. When you place some polearm grip into doors, or somwhere into a place where customer is taking his stuff with him, somethime happens that blade from sword will also jump into that polearm grip. This means customer will pay you, but the blade will remain with you(on polearm grip, so you may need to reset the game), then you can sell it again without buying a new material and make more than 110% revenue instead of 10%.


Take the pole arm with the blade to the anvil and hit the anvil with your hammer. Separates the parts, so you can sell the blade again! (without restarting the game)

Also, all weapon heads can be attached to pole arm grips ;)

I wouldn't have thought of stealing back the weapon heads after the customer has bought it, I thought you needed the workbench to change parts like that.

Sometimes when you move a polearm or great sword if you have already created items it will steal the head and render the original piece unable to accept new pieces.

(Edited 1 time)

So i played this in an earlier version but updating to the most recent there is an issue. when i go to play, the game loads and then minimizes and will not open. i have three monitors and the rest can be seen here:



managed to fix this:
C:\Users\[your user acc]\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\SaveGames

and deleting everything in that folder

A couple of bugs I have noticed, running MyLittleBlackSmithShop_Win64_Alpha_02 version (newest right now):

1. Sometimes when giving the customers their order, they will do some interesting things, such as spin in a circle and not reach the exit, sometimes while also creating 2-3 new orders and then stopping. Sometimes they'll spin in circles and then just stand still, so a new customer won't come.

2. Ingots disappear sometimes when putting them on the anvil. However, it doesn't seem to affect what you can make AND it's avoidable if you drop the ingots on the anvil from a little ways up.

3. I've had some issues with grips not attaching to guards/heads. I have no idea what causes it, it seems to happen randomly.

4. Sometimes when assembling weapons, they get stuck in the workbench.

5. When editing the sign, sometimes the UI for editing doesn't go away.

A temporary fix for 1, 4, and 5 is saving, opening sandbox, then returning to shop mode. I have no idea what my specs are but I run the game on the highest for all settings and never have any issues so my specs aren't the problem, I don't think. Thanks for listening, I'm sure you've heard some of these before and probably know of some of them but I though I'd provide a report regardless.


Hi James! Quick note about #2: The disappearing ingot issue seems to be the result of an ingot snapping into the same location as an ingot that is already on the anvil. After an ingot disappears, if you grab the ingot on the anvil with RMB and move it around, you can usually wiggle it loose and put it in an open spot. Happy Smithing!


First off: I really love this game. Super buggy at times, but that's to be expected of a game in Alpha. Other than the bugs I've noticed over 5 and a half hours of gameplay, the game is actually quite fun and, somewhat surprisingly, addicting. I'm running the game in version 0.0.72, and I've no idea what my machine's specs are other than 64-bit Windows 10 and an Intel core i5.

So here we go, from most common (times it's happened) to least:

One: Most common bug(at least for me) is that some items will rip other items apart, and I have no idea how to remedy this. I have had blades, hammerheads, and guards stolen from one item by another item, which results in, say, a polearm with a greatsword blade and a two-hand guard that can't be combined with other items, even the original blade once I've taken my new polearm to the anvil.

Two: Some weapons really love to get stuck inside the blueprint table, most noteably greatswords and one-handed swords, as well as polearms on occasion.

Three: The NPC's really love to jog in circles. Usually one NPC per day will start running around in my front yard once they've received their item and will restrict the spawning of other NPC's. A workaround to this problem is clicking the close shop sign and then re-opening it. Also, NPCs will flat-out refuse to take weapons I've just made. I have to chase them down and, about 50 meters outside my house, and after standing inside them for a minute, only then will they accept the weapon.

Four: Eight times now, I've had an NPC buy a weapon from me for about $20 when it's been made with materials vastly superior to the price they bought it for. I lost my first Iron Dagger to an NPC who bought it as "Dagger" (no material specified) for $22, if I remember right. The first Titanium Polearm I made, a really special thing that I put a lot of materials into (Titanium Greatsword Blade, 2nd appearance + Two-Handed Guard + Polearm Handle) was just sold to a person named Vbasus for a whopping $38, rather than the roughly $342914 I should've received, if my math is correct for level 16 Charisma. Needless to say I'm back to using Adelite for a little while until I can raise my money back.

Five: It's been nearly impossible to break a weapon apart on the anvil ever since I installed the game, but with perseverance and a lot of hammering it's OK. One minute worth of hammering to break one thing is one, maybe two customers missed, so not a huge deal.

Six: I sometimes go flying when breaking a box of polearm handles open. I've taken to standing as far away from the box as I can.

Other than these grievances I have with the game's current state, it's really smooth. I can run it at relatively high settings (most options are set to high, some to medium, none to epic though) without stuttering. The game itself is pretty fun. I'm looking forward to the April update!

#5: To break things apart on the anvil, you need to hit the anvil, not the thing you want to break apart. It took me a while to notice this, and it worked every time since.

If you have a part (usually grip or guard) that refuses to connect to anything, take it to the anvil and separate it from whatever it thinks it's attached to. This, as well as your #4 issue usually happen shortly after the #1 issue.

Thanks for the helpful information!

Im just having a problem now that i got the newest version of the game i cant start it. all i get is a unreal engine crash menu so i cant play the newest update i can only play the older version :( please help me if you can

Here is the link to a video i made on it VIDEO

Here is the Crash Log(it is very short for some reasson):



You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.

Please Help me Figure this out i really enjoy this Game!!!

and i really whant to record it!!

@ToxicXender I would love to help you with your problem if I could.

There's a thread on the Unreal Engine forum, UE4 AnswerHub, HERE where several people discuss the issue you're having and it's clear that you need access to the development build of Unreal Engine to implement the solution they recommend. But you don't need the development build to run this game (I certainly don't have the development build). It should all be packaged by Dasius as a standalone executable.

The only solutions I can recommend at this time would be to try following one of these video tutorials for reinstalling the game:

Or try installing the game through the itch.io app: https://itch.io/app, since I'm told that it will help install any missing files/tools that the game requires (I don't know this for certain since I've not had trouble installing using the normal download/unzip method).

Also, check that your antivirus isn't interfering with the download & installation (that has happened to several players as well). As far as I've seen, you're the first player to report the "You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash" error, so if one of these methods helps resolve your problem, let me know.

I'm sorry I can't be more help than this. Good luck!

Ok Thank You For The Help. I understand that You Cant help me right now and i will try doing it through the app.

i was Told By the creator HimSelf To download i through the Browser becasue i was having trouble with it in the app.

But i can all way's try it again oh and Unreal Engine Does Not Work For Me Since im Using a 32-Bit OS

Ok i installed it through the Itch.io app and it still does not work.

I think it is because im running a 32-bit OS instead of a 64-bit OS wich i never will get because windows 32-bit is cheaper for me than a 64-bit XD

Yeah, sorry. I believe Dasius has mentioned that the 32 bit version of MLBS isn't as stable/reliable as the 64 bit. There's another patch coming out in the next week or two, but I'm not sure if it will resolve your problem or not. But again, if you do come up with a workaround or solution (even if it's something drastic like reinstalling windows), let us know on the boards here in case someone else has the same problems. Thanks, and good luck!

Hi Dasius, Just wanna say I found a bug? Like u know where u find the fear Crystal the walls aren't ''real'' I can just go right trough them, Btw it's in front of the house. And just gonna say it will be a great game if u continue like that :)


Hey PolishNorwegian,

I did get that fixed for the next version. Thank you!!

My web browser tabbed me out to show me a pop up while I was leveling up. When I returned, I couldn't find my mouse pointer. After some furious button pressing, my mouse returned to my screen but I couldn't look around anymore upon leaving the level up screen. The problem seemed to fix itself upon creating a new game.

Me has problem. I went to graphics the second I successfully download the game. I set everything to low just to see how it ran. I pressed accept and the game (except for the menu screen) went all green and black. I don't know which setting did that but the accept button no longer works. Nor does the reset button. I've tried deleting and re-installing the game multiple times but the only thing that stays the same as it was is the problem (ironically). What do I do?

I'm in version 0.0.72 and I'm running on a windows 10 AMD A10-9600p RADEON R5


Unfortunately, reinstalling the game won't fix the problem since it doesn't delete your savegame or your current settings. They are stored elsewhere on your computer. Try deleting the Settings.sav file located here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\SaveGames

If you're having trouble finding it, reading this post (and its replies) should help: https://itch.io/post/128793/view-in-topic

Hope this helps!

Could You Help me with my problem? i posted it some where on this page XD i would really appreciate it because i really

would like to record game Play of this :D

i thought i'd add to this issue which i have as well i selected to play in full screen mode and it does the same thing... looks like changing graphics in any way messes up the game? also attempting to play in full screen it loads in windowed then shifts to full screen... it breaks at the shift to the super dark and red and red buttons that not all work badness

as soon as i download the game (V.13) it looks REALLY blurry and if i click anywhere the game minimizes and it dosent even give me the "finger" to ckick on the bottom half of the screen... plz help [p.s. i've watched this game on youtube an i love it :) ]


Hey GhostSniper5655,

I'm looking into issue similiar to yours hopefully I can have a fix for it soon.

Are you in fullscreen or window mode?

Once I started up the game, it looked great. Perfect appearance, running fine, small bit of lag. Went into the Quality settings and reduced my graphical settings to 1920x1080 from 3840x2160. I do have a double monitor setup. One monitor's current resolution is 4k, while the other is 1080p. Once I pressed the button to exit the quality settings menu, my screen broke entirely. The game was split onto both monitors, one monitor being zoomed in (1080p monitor) while half of the other (4k) monitor wasn't even showing, Gamma was reset to 0% for absolutely no reason. Now I can't see the game because of the low gamma and It's unplayable because I am unable to adjust any settings because of how major the screens have been adjusted.

Of course, this occurs once the game has loaded up.

I have tried completely deleting and re-installing the game. Seems to be stuck no matter what I try to do... If there's any possible fix you know about, please let me know. Great game by the way, looks incredibly addicting!

Computer Specs:

Intel i7-6700, 32 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960.


Same as ayrios said above

"Unfortunately, reinstalling the game won't fix the problem since it doesn't delete your savegame or your current settings. They are stored elsewhere on your computer. Try deleting the Settings.sav file located here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\SaveGames"

Have you tried to play on only one screen?

Im on a windows 10 and the game runs and the audio runs super slowly


Hey FliryDragon,

I'm not familiar with that issue but maybe check if your audio drivers are up to date? Maybe try restarting your compute rand running the game again?

I downloaded the game and it seems to be running fine except for the fact that i cant move my pov around, So I am just staring at the wall while i walk around. Thanks in advance.


Hey Solnoid,

Are you in fullscreen mode or windowed mode? Are you able to access any of the menu options?

yea I can access the menu option and alternate between full screen and window, I can do everything even closing and openin doors, it's just I can't look around


I apologize. I'm looking into the issue. Not quite sure why that is happening.

Do you by any chance have other peripherals connected to your computer that might cuase the issue?

Nah man, I'm sorry, its just i really want to play this game, so i get a little too excited. But as for your question, the only other thing i have connected to my computer is my keyboard.

thank you for responding i know you are a busy person :)

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Can do anything with the audio settings. the music is way too loud. Alpha 0.0.72


I believe music settings are coming in the next patch. Currently, you can only adjust your volume using the Windows Volume Mixer. Thanks and Happy Smithing!

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An AI got stuck in the right side post outside the door (looking toward the house) and apparently kept all others from coming.

I'm running 0.0.72 Alpha

All I did was give him the one handed hammer he desired and a he started running in circles eventually running into the post outside the door and getting stuck.

I'm using a laptop with 12gigs RAM. and I7 Core processor.

Though must findeth a virgin to sacrifice in a ritual to release them from thy spell. No seriously just run into them, and eventually it will pop them out, and reset the AI to walk away.

After i downloaded and launched the game everything in the game was hella blurry and sometimes when i click, my cursors appears then freezes my game after that the only buttons i can press in the menu are "continue, save game, new game, and controls" so i dont know what to do now. HELP


When the game is in full screen, I am only able to interact with the top left corner of the game. Now I am unable to change the settings to go to windowed mode since it is out of the area that I am able to click on.

Is there any way that I can revert back to windowed mode. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game several times and to different hard drives (one SSD and one HDD).

Per the requirments:

1. I am running Alpha 0.0.72

2. See above

3. N/A

4.See above as well

5. CPU:i5-6600k 3.5 GHz 16GB Ram 64 bit Windows 10 GTX 1080

I was really looking forward to playing this game and I am sad that I am unable to get to play it yet. It looks like its just up my ally.

Thanks, roknout1294

Unfortunately, reinstalling the game won't fix the problem since it doesn't delete your savegame or your current settings. They are stored elsewhere on your computer. Try deleting the Settings.sav file located here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\SaveGames

If you're having trouble finding it, reading this post (and its replies) should help: https://itch.io/post/128793/view-in-topic

Hope this helps!


Im on .72 and theres a glitch i encountered twice in a day and requires me to restart the game every once in awhile after completeing a sale the say this will do and turn around outside the door and no new customers will come.



I have had a problem with the AI not being able to pick up weapons. I don't know if this is something that you know about, but I have had problems with the AI walking towards the weapon that I made for them and then when it ends up inside them it takes sometimes 10-20 seconds for them to pick it up, all the while their timer counts down. If it hits 0 before they have managed to pick it up then they will leave, sometimes coming back a bit later other times they won't. Also I have had a one handed sword that the AI who ordered it couldn't pick up, and everyone who came in after wanting a one handed sword will not take it. They don't even recognize that I have a sword in my hand in that they will not try to come towards it to pick it up they just stand there waiting for me to give them a sword.

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i am trying to play the newest version, .72 i think it is and i went to fullscreen mode, after that when i went in the pause menu, and when i put my mouse cursor over any option under controls the game would not highlight the option, nor would it let me click if i click the game would freeze. and if i just played the game the vision is so blurry i dont know where the door is. how do i reset this. please email me at "punkfunk@live.ca". i cant share screen shot for some reason, but when i took it it just showed my desktop and a small window of just black.


Hey, so everytime I try to play the game, the game is WAY too dark for me to see anything, and whenever I try to click on an option from the pause menu, it minimizes the game, so I can't change the resolution or the brightness. and I can't open the game in a window, it just defaults to fullscreen. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall, but it didn't do anything to fix the problems.


I have found that People who are asking for greatswords often get glitched afterwards and never pay you, but your greatsword is surely gone with them. It also breaks the game temporarily and you have no additonal guests until the glitch guest leaves or unglitches and disappears.


I have also found that If you swipe a Polearm Grip past a One hand sword it may sometimes disconnect the blade from the one hand sword and all of a sudden create a polearm. This doesn't even necessarily need to be on the crafting station either.

any idea why I cant look around with mouse?

Another player reported having the same problem. Apologies, but I am aware of no recommended solutions at this time. The dev responded to the previous post asking about any other conflicting peripherals. You can read that post and its replies HERE. Thanks!

I'm not sure if it's just my own computer, but whenever I try to launch the game, it says that I require the component Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime, but whenever I select it and it downloads and I click launch again, it says I need to download it, but then gives me an uninstall button for it, and it just keeps on doing this in an endless cycle, and nothing I've done or looked up has worked. Please Help!!!!


The customers won´t buy what I made them even if I made an exact replica of what was on the wall, this is especially true with all hammers. Other than that it is a great game, keep up the good work!!!

I turned my graphics too high back accident and now the game wont let me go back into the graphics settings to change it.


Try deleting the Settings.sav file located here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\SaveGames

If you're having trouble finding it, reading this post (and its replies) should help:


As soon as I put it into fullscreen, I could no longer switch it back and the game interacts like it's still in windows mode with the cursor coming "off screen" half way through the game.

hey i downloaded the game and started running it and as soon as i did i noticed one major bug that has made the game unplayable for me. I cant rotate my screen. I moved around and found the open door to click on to make sure it wasnt my mouse and sure enough it wasnt because left and right click still work i just am unable to rotate my player in anyway. Please help. I saw this game on mr fruit's gaming channel and it seems really fun and i would like to play it. I am running alpha 0.0.72 by the way.


I have found an exploit within the game!

If you sell an item to a person and right after it save the game and quit. When you load the game back up you will find the item you just sold on the floor taken apart with the "blade" heated. Which means you make the sale and keep the item to sell it again when the opportunity shows itself.

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Version 0.0.72

#1 - GAME BREAKING: Does not seem to affect blades, only hammer heads, but works with great hammers, one handed hammers, and polearm hammers - pushing a cooled hammer head into a pile of grips turns every one the head touches into a sellable hammer! It only graphically adds the hammer head onto one of the grips, the rest of the pile will still visually be plain grips, but they can all be accepted by customers as fully made wares.

#2? - Not sure if this is a bug, or just mislabled. Skill point reset line says "Daily Reset Points" but as far as i can figure out, you only get one ever. I reset all my points into agility so that I could explore the map at less of a crawl, expecting to be able to change them back the next day. Was then permanently stuck with all my points in agility; and none in my other categories.

#3 - With 5 points in agility, I noticed no difference in speed whatsoever.

#4 - Saving and loading a game breaks down all pre-made items back into lone grips, guards, and heated blades/hammer heads

#5 - Sometimes when loading into the game, graphics are all messed up. The screen is nearly black, with only the heated blades and heads strewn about the shop glowing through the darkness. Going into graphics and pushing 'reset' kinda fixes this, but makes everything look washed out.

you will love 0.0.73 :)

1) was fixed, definitely!

2) is new to me, I never tried to reset more than once :D

3) yeah dasius said that this is a veeeery minor change

4) this was fixed in #73

5) yeah this has been fixed somewhat around #72 - my way of fixing it once for all was:

* enter game, fix graphics settings

* ender sandbox, fix graphics settings

* enter shop mode, fix graphics settings

Since then everything was settled :)

every time i load a game everything is heated and all my weapons are ungrouped.

When I put together onehanded swords they sometimes get stuck in the workbench, making me lose out on my money and blocking the workbench. cant remove them

I read somehwere earlier in this thread that you can try to rotate them out of the workbench. It worked for me :)

Correct, when an item gets stuck in the workbench, follow these steps to unstick it:

  1. Grab and hold the item with the Right Mouse Button (RMB)
  2. Continue holding the RMB and Press Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) and move the mouse around to rotate the item.
  3. While still holding Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) release the RMB - The item should remain in your grasp in the orientation you rotated it to
  4. At this point you can drop the item by releasing Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) or grab the item again with RMB

Happy Smithing!

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Hey there. I've got error that I could not report via bug report tool (although it opened), as the game didn't minimize and didn't went to background. I had to restart machine.

1. I put pole arm grip in vertical position on blacksmith table.

2. I added a blade to the end of the pole arm grip.

3. New item was too wide for it went into the walls, danced for a while and then I got frozen screen with no response from the game.


This is Win10 x64 with GTX 850M.

I can't select a weapon type, I can bring up the menu and then it just says "Heads" in the center and I can't get it off of that.

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Customers seem to not be able to take my Great Swords. I hold it to their faces but their clock just runs out and they walk away as if I never made the sword. Only happens with Great Swords. It also kept happening after several restarts.

I'm also wondering why the time is so short now. I'm at lever 5, and the most time I get to make a weapon is 60 seconds. That's not enough when I need to make a Great Sword or a Great Hammer. Making other items gives me 5 seconds to spare at the most. Is this just a higher level issue? Because it's starting to annoy me a bit. I've begun making weapons before hand, and just handing them over whenever customers come in, which is also unhandy since I can't predict what they want. I could be sitting with 3 Great Swords when the customer gives me 50 seconds to make a Great Hammer. This also clashes when I need to order new supplies.

There are also moments when nobody comes in for a very long time. Opening and closing my shop seems to fix that and draw new cstomers. One time I had no customers for 2 days! (or maybe this is just a good reflection of reality :p)

Another thing, the instruction blue prints show that you need 2 ignots to make a great hammer, while in reality you need 3. For a small hammer you need 2, while the blueprints say you need 1. This doesn't change, even when I change the shape of the ignot on the anvil. Using just 1 ignot will result in a small dagger blade.


Hello BlackOreoCookie!

The AI is a little bugged in the current version. Sometimes dropping the item and picking it back up will get them to take it from you. Also, after leaving the shop, sometimes they'll run around in circles forever. When they do this, no new customers will show up (only one customer at a time currently). You can usually unstick the broken customers by pushing them around. With the timers, they get shorter every game day. So you start with over 150 seconds on day one, but after about 15 days you'll only get about 30-45 seconds. Lastly, Dasius has said that the blueprint is currently incorrectly representing the ingot total for making items so in the meantime here are the recipes:

  • 1 ingot = small (dagger) blade only
  • 2 ingots = one handed sword blade OR one handed hammer head
  • 3 ingots = greatsword blade OR greathammer head

Happy Smithing!

Thank you! :)

I pass my game in fullscreen and the game become so dark when I left click the game alt tab and I can't click on graphic when I re upload the game d'ont change

try clicking "reset" in the graphics menu and try setting your gamma to 0.20 :)

Uhhhh I just sold an Adelite Greatsword for $16

I don't think that's supposed to be able to happen.

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So i'm running version 0.0.72 and i was changing some graphics settings and now when i open it, it's initially in windowed mode and then when done loading it goes to fullscreen but only lets me click on things in the top left quarter of my screen. Because of this i can no longer get to the graphics button to reset them to default. I tried deleting and redownloading but it didn't work and remembered all my settings. previously when i was messing with the settings it had made the screen very small i the top left corner and i had to reset it from there but now it shows the game full screen and everything can be interacted with in the top left quarter of my screen so it seem to be different from that. Edit, a post above about deleting something in GameSave fixed this

As a side note (these are smaller bugs) when i saved the game and came back to it before this happened all the pre made weapons i had sitting in the shop had all the forged parts of them as heated and they all disconnected from the rest of the weapon and all the crystals i had found and brought back to the shop were placed back in their original position. Edit, Often when i order Polearm Grips and open the box inside the shop as to not carry them the extra distance, they explode out of the box and will sometimes disconnect the blade from a great sword and attach it to the polearm. I can't recall if it's done that to any other weapon.

I'm running an i7 with 16gbs of ram and a gtx980. i was just trying to run the game in windowed mode but i can't do that with its very high base resolution since it makes it bigger than my screen, it doesn't seem to agree with any other setting.

Sorry for the long post, fun game though hope i can get back to playing it soon!


my microsoft update is not updating it's giving me a red shield with an "x" inside of it

Okay, so I am running the 0.0.72 version and for some reason when I put the ginto full screen mode the screen went dark, colors got inverted and the game won't let me put it back into windowed mode. I'm running this with an Intel Core i7-6700 CPU, a 16 gb ram and a 64 bit OS

Hello I have a problem with the games when it launches it me but in small window, as the game starts it launches large and I can no longer modify the configuration so I am blocking, sorry for the fault I am French , I can post a screen

Dasius both in the previous version and in the current version (Alpha 0.0.73) i have been unable to play the game due to the fact that my character just can not rotate and i know i have seen other people comment on this and still no solution? i have been trying to play for over a week now and cant play the game just because the rotation mechanic is broken. please help me fix this as soon as possible. thanks in advance.

You should make a clean install. Delete all of your files and install it again. Maybe it works

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Also, check in your task manager if there are any programs that might be conflicting with the game. Make sure all non essential programs are not running while playing the game.


dasius not sure if you got the notification from me posting the solution but maybe you should include this on the download and launch steps :).



Ya just seeying it now. Ill post it for others to find the solution.

Thank you!!


okay so i finally figured out my own problem. if you are experiencing issues with rotating your character its likely because you arent using the itch.io to launch the game. download and launch the game in itch.io and that should fix the rotation issues. hope this helped someone else besides me :)

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Version: Alpha 0.0.73

#1 When i first started the game everything was blurry, but the fix is just to reset graphics settings.

#2 There comes no customers. I tried to go into /appdata/local and deleted the whole ShopSim folder but it didn't fix it, (bug #1 was still present after i deleted the folder, but the fix worked again). I tried to go to bed and proceed to the next day to see if that fixed it but i couldn't go to bed, (I didn't wait for night tho). I waited around for 10 minutes but there were still no customers. I even tried "turning it off and back on again".. ;)

And now I'm going to bed, the clock is 01.50 AM here in Sweden. Have a good one!

Edit 1: Spelling
Edit 2: Added some stuff
Edit 3: Worth noticing is that I don't install through itch.io program, I just download and extract the zip file in a new folder.


about the no-customers: does your shop door say "shop open" ? if not, click that sign!

Yes it does, i played the game plenty before. Thanks anyway!

I just noticed this seems to happen if you

* load a game

* sleep


how do I fix that? I too have no business in my shop

download the latest version of the game, it has been fixed yesterday :)


Just updated to 73. Started a new game, and i've had zero customers. The game looks and runs better, but now i have no customers. I think the changes are really cool, I especially like the fan as opposed to the button. Very nice touch. Any ideas as to why i'm not getting any business?

does your shop door say "shop open" ? if not, click that sign!

it does! I never had this problem before the update!

Yeah there is a hotfix, #731, fixing this bug! It happens on save game load and when sleeping.

Works like a charm now :)


Yeah that means a quick update in order to fix a critical bug :)

ah okay, will i have to download another update file? Or will it automatically do it in my game?

If you use the itch.io app it will automatically update, I think - if not, you need to check the downloads every once in a while and re-download the game :)

Deleted post

me too :(

i can´t hit the ingots on the anvil no matter what, i have tried re-instaliing


Hey Shield,

Is this in sandbox or in shop mode?


In sandbox mode I cant hit metal on the anvil... i can still break ore and interact with the left mouse button but i can not make metal heads for anything in sandbox. shop works fine though... its weird.


Hey Lightdeck,

Some aspects in sandbox are not finished.

I would at least expect the main aspect of the game would at least work.


Yup, as the people before me already said, I get no customers, and yes, shop is opened

I started a new game because I want to experience the game again with the update, but with no customers, it just doesn't work very well, my own quick fix was to click start game again, this time I have customers... till the 2nd day, nobody came again


Hey Aldenalden4,

Ill roll out a patch today to fix that issue.

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i had no customers, till i restarted the game and now there back! I do have a problem before the update i had 3 mitheral bars and now there gone. Anyidea if there under a tree?

well that sucks, i missed a customer wile making a great sword and they left. it got stuck. i got it fished out but no more customer came to the shop for the rest of the day.

I do like the changes, the send customer away button will come in handy. Customers just grabing stuff off my table if i have some thing pre made they need is also really good.


then you will love the hotfix released an hour ago, it aims to fix the customers avoiding our shops :O

Bug Report
Version 0.0.73
-Can not hammer on Anvil in Sandboxmode

0.0.73, no one ever comes into my shop ever ever.

Hello I am currently running version 0.072 (while im typing this updating to version 0.073)

The issue I ran into is quite annoying considering that I worked pretty hard to get expensive ingots..

When a sword well in my case a greatswords get stuck in the crafting table after it is completed, the only way to get it out of there is to swipe a two handed grip over it and grab it with that handle. (Also whenever you do this the previous handle is unusable). When you give that weapon you saved at that moment (in this instance an iron greatsword) to a customer, game considers it as a copper greatswords and the customer pays out around 40 bucks.

Steps to recreate the problem:

1- Get an expensive sword stuck in bench

2-Get it out with the stated way

3- Sell it for 1470$ less


5-Shop closed and went bankrupt.

Running a PC with 8gigs of RAM, Nvidia 520MX graphics card, Intel i7 - 2670QM Quad Core CPU 2.2 Ghz


my game won't open up. i'm in version 20 and i'm using windows 10. please help


starting on march 24, whenever i run my game, the graphics are extremely bad. i deleted the save file i have ben working on the past long while, but nothing changed and now all my hard work is gone. Is there any way to solve this?

If the screen appears blurry, it's probably the resolution scale. In the menu, click Graphics, and look for the Resolution Scale slider. Otherwise, try pressing the Reset button under Graphics, then adjust the resolution scale up.

apart from that, if you played the version that never saved weapons anyway, you will not be able to play properly with this save game, the logic has been changed to account for 1) the heat state of weapons and weapon parts and 2) weapons staying together on loading - so there have been some big changes that would not have worked as import from old save files - soooryyyyyyyy

But the new version features a ton of bug fixes, please grab the latest version, 713, just released :)

Thanks! This really helped, but I wish I could get my save game back/ have multiple save files

i posted this before the hotfix for 0.0.731. still same graphical issue. trying to run as full screen but i keep clicking trough the window. windowed mode i cannot adjust anything. if i hit reset my screen goes black and game gets put in top left corner and cannot be fixed other than deleting the settings file.

ok let's try a different approach:

  1. delete the settings file
  2. enter graphics settings
  3. check the slider "resolution scale" - is it to the far right and says 100% ? if not, drag it to the left and then the right again
  4. double check that the "Resolution" makes sense for your screen
  5. select window mode
  6. select fullscreen mode
  7. click "accept"

fingers crossed!


let me know how that goes

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hang on YOU have to try that, I do not have your initial issue :/

edit: I just noticed that for me the game defaults to a strange resolution that is not actually the case, so when I do reset or apply without changing that, it jumps to get BIGGER than before, so then I could not fix it IF I had a smaller screen ^^

Sooo double checking the resolution and force setting fullscreen -> window -> fullscreen might refresh the GUI to fix it for you

(Edited 2 times) (+1)

Im playing on a 50" 4k tv and my computer can handle it no problem. so size of screen is not the issue. its when in fullscreen it will click through the window on whatever is behind it out of the game. after switching to full screen and waiting for it to revert it goes back to windowed mode taking up the full screen. its playable but when i mouse down my task bar will pop up and mouse wont stay in the window. im testing on my old laptop right now to see if the issue is with the update and not just higher end monitors or machines.

Edit; works fine with my laptop. maybe its in issue with large scale or anything connected with hdmi

Edit2; [FIXED] turned down to 1080 and it stopped clicking throught the window. now im having horrible screen tearing. 60hz refresh rate on tv is my fault though. need to get a new monitor for desk.


yeah my maximum is 1080 so I could not even test larger screen resolutions xD HDMI should not be an issue because I am using HDMI and 1080p :)

soooo might be this game is not 4k ready xD

I would so much love it if you can make this game for apple computers. I am on one of those and i can't get windows. I don't know if thats harder to do or your already doing that. But I've seen gameplay and I would like to download this game but sadly I can't. Keep up the good work though!

wrong area but it would be nice if you could do this. WHOOPS! LOL


again i made another mistake. Well not mistake actually. Its OS X computers. Which has the apple so yeah. Keep it up!

I dont know if this has been said, but there is a bug where when you have an item on the counter while handing the customer their weapon, they take the one on the counter instead... but the game still thinks you sold the item they actually wanted. the item they were supposed to take is left behind too.

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are you sure about that? I think for me the game actually paid me the weapon that the customer took. I got paid a great sword (which they took) even though I held a pole arm into their face

Edit: And yes, it has been reported somewhere xD sooooo should be fixed in the next patch maybeee?


Hey Lightdeck,

I am aware of the issue. I'll be working on a fix for that.

Thank you!!!

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Bug Report
-Double Axe Head disapers after hammer at it again
-Can not asemble Roundshield


Yeah the sandbox is a bit buggy, but like dozens of bugs in the shop mode have been fixed :D

the blades glitch through the table, the new handles glitch through everything and when you hand them the item they take it and it flies over the counter, sends u flying back and glitches through the ground like every other item, and when u press z on the anvil its highlighting both blades and hammers but says u have blades selected no matter what!

There is a bug where every time I make a weapon and close the game, when I get back on the weapon is disassembled and the head is red hot.

Version 0.0.7

Make a weapon, leave is on the front counter, log out, log back in.

System Specs:

Windows 10 Home

AMD A4-6210 APU with AMD Radeon R3 Graphics

3.45 GB usable RAM

64 bit


Be sure to download the latest version: 0.0.731, it has the fix for heated weapons on reload. You will probably have to start a new game, though. There are compatibility problems with previous version game saves. Happy Smithing!

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steps to recreate:

- See update notification

- get excited

- download

- start new game

- make weapon X

- put it on the counter

- wait for costumer

- craft weapon Y that he wants

- hand it over (without letting go of the mousebutton?)


the Costumer takes weapon X that was laying on the counter and pays for weapon Y that he ordered.

That happened twice within the first 15 minutes of gameplay.

Another Update that makes me not play the game.

I really hope there will be an update soon that doesnt steal your money and makes the gameplay enjoyable and not frustrating.

i'm not able to switch between heads on my updated game. Only allows me to do swords.

Not to mention that all of my supplies that I had ordered and ready to go on the shelf has now vanished along with my money.

And the controls are way more sluggish now.

raise the mouse sensitivity in the options menu :)

anyone know how to attract business to my shop? no customers and i know there is a glitch wherer they dont even come to your shop, please help

Have You opened the Shop?

haven't played game since no costumers but i'm about to try now , all goes well then ill have no problems. It was after i opned shop and everything, they jsut kept walking every other way.

I clicked the shopsim.exe and it said that it couldn't start the game

Have you maybe downloaded the wrong version? 32 /64

I don't know if this is just me. When I open the game, it shows the engine logo, opens the title screen and starts playing the music. I hop in, my FPS drops to 30 and it turns to like 140p and whenever i try to click some windows sounds play and the game crashes and i try to close the folders window and it stops responding and my screen goes black. All of my desktop applications get moved around. My computer is good and able to run the game fine. I don't know what the hell happened. The first time I installed the game, it worked ok. I tried to edit the sign in front of the shop and the game crashed. Now every time I re-install the game, the thing I just talked about happens. Any possible solutions help.

delete the old files

When I open a save game I loose all my coins


Game version 0.0.731

Iron greatswords sell for $8.00

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Hello, first of all, thank you for the really enjoyable game. I saw Mr. Fruit playing this game, thought it was fun, gave it a try, and now I love it.

That being said, on 0.0731, I've found an interesting bug. If you were to accidentally create a dagger, and have it resting near the customers (I did that as a reminder that I have a spare dagger, so not to make another one) but anyway, if you have an item resting near the customer, and they ask for something else, eg: a greatsword. There are cases where when you try to hand them the greatsword, they grab the dagger instead. They pay for the dagger as if they were purchasing a dagger, but then you're left with a greatsword instead of a dagger.

also, sometimes customers don't pay for the material. Last night I made a tin greatsword, and was only paid $20 for it, as they didn't recognize the tin large blade.

Thank you for the game, though it tends to give me headaches when playing for hours at a time.


*edit: Changed 0.073 to 0.0731

I also had that happen if you load up the counter with other items, they will take one of them. Not game breaking just interesting. I have a video on it my little blacksmith shop ep 39

Im playing the 0.0.731 version and if a customer were to want a polearm and i have a weapon on the counter for example a tin dagger they can take the tin dagger on the counter if i pull the polearm away before their animation finishes.

Thanks BMonkey229,

it's allready in the bug list. We are working on it. The next patch should fix this issiue.

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My game don't start, the game opens and is left alone on the screen with a song and nothing appears.

when i open the game the resolution is fine but when it goes to the blacksmith inside it goes blurry, my pointer appears and when i click it thinks i click out of the game Help Please.

hi my version is 0.0.73 alpha and my bug is I don't have customers

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Hello! I have 0.0.73 alpha. Got a reoccurring issue in shop mode where the cost of the ingots used in making a weapon is not factored into the price that the AI pays for them, i.e. this screenshot where I got 5 dollars for a one hand sword. Its happened multiple times in both 0.0.72 and 0.0.73 and a couple times has reversed a fair amount of game time.



Hey bobble, I've had a similar issue. One thing I suggest you do, is save every time you can afford a new ingot. (for example, if you are buying 9 iron at a time, and you can finally move up to adelite, save on every adelite ingot you can afford. That way, the worst case scenario, is you restart and lose maybe half a day in game time.


when I try to put a weapon I already made on the counter and a person comes and ask for a different weapon I make it and give it to him and most of the time the weapon that I put on the counter he takes instead of the one he wants? is that relly a bug?


Hey jefferymccarty,

It is a bug. I am looking into fixing it.

Thank you!!


Hello! I absolutely love this game, and I see so much potential.. I only began playing last night, but I found this game through SplatterCatGaming's YouTube channel. i continued to watch HoneyBunnyGames' series. I've always wanted to get into game development, mainly concept design. I am very passionate about Black Smithing also. I saw My Little Blacksmith Shop, and thought," This could be my chance to get started!"

I've played until day five, and I have placed pre-made weapons on the shelves and counter. The customers order a weapon that I'm out of stock with, so I go to make it. When I hand it to them, they disregard me and grab one of my pre made weapons. They pay the full price of what they grabbed, but the orders say they bought what they ordered. When I check the details, it counts the weapon they grabbed.

I have also noticed that when I have post processing on, it tends to have some kind of double exposure effect when I pick up and move an item.

Thank you for making such an amazing game! I can only see this game getting better.

Developer (Edited 1 time) (+1)

Hey Kijackthesmith,

Glad you are enjoying the game.

Thanx for posting your bug report. These are known issues and a fix is being worked on.

Also, continue following and doing what you love. It'll be hard but the reward is worth it.

Once again, opened shop even AFTER started a new game , no one comes to my shop . My game is up to date there should be nothing wrong, i am doing what you all say to do. Please help.

Also cannot use my mallot on anything.

Save and then reopen the game, that happened to me and doing that fixed it

everytime I saved it only restarted the game for me where I had day 1 start all over

did you try getting the itch.io app? ive found it runs better off of it

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I haven't seen any other posts about this so maybe no one else has noticed or maybe I'm just lucky.

Sometimes seemingly at random when I sell a sword to a customer I dont get paid for the blade itself just the grip and guard. I haven't noticed this with any hammer or the dagger just the swords.

I am running the .731 version

I7 processor

Window 7 - 64 bit

8gb of ram

and and Nvidia Quadro 300M


Hey Kragor,

Thanx for letting me know. The issue should have been fixed but i'll look into why it's still happening.


Hey Mr.Dasius The Download Link doesn't seems to work for Me! Can you post a New Download Link Pls! On Game Jolt Maybe! Thnks in Advance!


Hey Akun16,

I would recommend getting the Itch.io desktop app.

I would like to centralize my game in one location for the time being. In the future, when the game is more polished, I might put it on Game jolt along with steam and others.

Still cannot sell weapons BECAUSE No one comes into my shop. I have opened the shop and even restarted my game multiple times. what else is there to do besides uninstall?


Hey Jakethesnake1710,

Did you by chance download the lastest build?


Currently having the problem where sometimes if one heated copper ingot is on the anvil, I am unable to successfully hit the ingot. I can swing at it, but no noise is made and nothing happens. I have tried moving the ingot to a different spot to no avail. Switching to Sandbox and back to Shop is the only way I have found to fix the issue, temporarily, without completely restarting the game. Unfortunately, this happens very frequently, usually within the first 5 minutes of restarting.


I have figured out the problem. I didn't realize that changing head type is done via the anvil itself and not the ingots. When it's set to blunt heads is when I get this issue because, obviously, 1 ingot cannot produce a blunt head.

Hey just wanted you to know that on the most recent update when you try to use the cycle wheel to create different heads it doesn't allow you to select anything and currently doesn't allow you to create hammer heads making it difficult to keep up with the AI's greedy demands.

also i thought it was a wifi or computer problem but at my friends house (who has a lot better wifi) the game runs smoothly on my laptop and i still cant make hammers

Did you place >two< ingots on the anvil and hit Z to select "BLUNT" ? :)

i tried all that but when i hit z nothing happens and if i hold z it wont allow me to select anything

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it ill see if that fixes it

same problem happened

1) place ingots on anvil

2) hold Z

3) select type

4) click or let go of Z

It has to be in this order. YOu cannot select anything without ingots on the anvil, you need to HOLD z to be able to select

My game just doesn't work. It's dark and really blurry. When in menu I can't go past down controls with my mouse. Every time I click the game puts me back in my home screen.


Try removing your settings:

Save Game Files can be found:


I can't click on the graphic setting

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Hi there! I discovered your game through Mr Fruit's Gaming Channel, and I think I've developed a small addiction at this point. :P

One of the more annoying bugs I've discovered is that, sometimes, a sale is made that doesn't factor in the metal used - it'll simply say the weapon type with no metal mentioned and then a measly price. I've noticed it happening more since getting to iron (though that may just be because it's more noticeable), and it seems to be happening more often with swords and greatswords - I think it has happened with every single iron greatsword I've made (though that may simply be a coincidence). I am playing version Alpha 0.0.731.

Anyway, love the game! It's a great little pearl, and I can see it becoming quite amazing! :D

UPDATE: All right, so I've discovered that the bug already occurs at construction - it will sometimes merely say, for instance, that a greatsword has been constructed rather than an adelite greatsword. In that case I have found that I can simply take it apart and try again until it works (though it may require a few attempts). At one point I even experienced that a tin greatsword I was making turned into an iron greatsword upon construction (the blade was still identifiable as tin, but it sold for the price of an iron greatsword - perhaps incidentally the previous iron greatsword I had made only sold as a greatsword, which was the reason I was forced to make a tin one). Looking back, I can see that it was happening all the way back with copper, but the price difference was so much smaller I didn't notice. The greatsword was always the main culprit, though.

UPDATE: Regarding swords and greatswords, combining the grip and handle before attaching the blade seems to avoid the issue. I have had no cases of "metal-less" weapons being constructed today. (Though I had one greatsword that freaked out when I put it together, causing a slight mess in my workshop and ending up with a crooked handle. The customer who got it was still satisfied, though.)

The version which I am running is the most recent, 0.0.731. The issue I am having is how I can only function a quarter of the screen. For example, I can push resume, save game, new game, controls, but any other button on the pause screen I can not press. I am not sure how to reproduce this issue either, thank you.

Not sure if this would count as a "bug" but rather more of an exploit I found by accident, but can successfully replicate almost without fail. You can give someone a different item than what they are asking for if you simply hold it out of reach after showing it to them.

For example. A customer walks in and asks for a One Handed Hammer. If I have any other item on or near the front of store (2 shelves to the left, the one shelf to the right, or on the counter), if I hold the hammer out to him, but pull it back and out of their reach before they can take it, they will default to the next closest item. So although they are asking for the hammer they will take a great sword and pay for that item. Sorry if this isn't very clear it's late for me :). Great game and keep up the awesome work!

When my dad was playing about a week ago, he managed to hit the money cap. So, not really a glitch, but there's a number overflow when you hit 2 trillion dollars. He was playing on version 0.0.731.

When he sold the weapon that brought him over 2 trillion, his money went negative, so he had negative 2 trillion.

Maybe add a limit, or find some way to keep it from overflowing?


Wow! That's real dedication there, and yes, Dasius is aware of this issue. Currently your money is stored as a signed integer, so the maximum value is 2,147,483,647. The overflow into negative was found by one of the testers. The proposed solution is to change to an unsigned integer to increase the max to 4,294,967,295 and add a cap (probably at 4 trillion) to prevent this issue. The only downside is that once you hit that cap, your sales won't mean anything other than recouping the cost of materials you just bought. Anyways, rest easy, the fix is in the works. In the meantime, Happy Smithing!


0.0.73 here. Some times when selling great swords it won't count the blade in the price. Just sold two iron great swords for $21 each. Taking a $60k hit when I am just starting to get into the next tier kinda sucks. Guess Ardite will have to wait another day or two.

The rest of the game looks awesome and payed a bit in sandbox. Loving this game. It's fun and relaxing and can't wait to see where else you take this.

@shanadowa https://itch.io/post/141187

Thank you.

Current Version 0.0.731

Running this version, My Depth of view is really messed up, I can't see anything it's all really blurry.


This is due to the Resolution Scale setting under Graphics being turned down (which can happen on reload). Drag the slider to the right to correct the blurry vision. Happy Smithing!

ok so i am experiencing a bug where when in the menu my cursor, isn't actually my cursor. my in gmae cursor is up and to the left of where my mouse cursor shows it's supposed to be.

Usually this is the result of the game thinking it's in a different resolution than it actually is. Try changing the resolution to something different and see if that fixes the problem.

that was the first thing i thought of. problem is, it is so off center, that i can't even change the resolution. and no amount of uninstalling helps.

if you havnt done so, instal the game with the itch.io app.. i found the normal downloadof the game had more issues than the app.


Also, you can try deleting your settings file to reset everything to default. It can be found on your PC here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\SaveGames

If you're having trouble finding it, reading this post (and its replies) should help: https://itch.io/post/128793/view-in-topic

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ok that seems to have fixed the problem. thanks for your help


Worked out how to equip tools, it's pretty buggy though.

When you first equip an axe, the axe is teleported to what I assume is the origin of the space, and floats there as if carried by a player.
When you first equip a hammer, it follows you properly, until you use it on an anvil which will freeze it in in it's place at the end of your swing.

When a tool is dropped after using it the first time, the parts physically separate, but moving the handle will make the head float in the same direction. The head still highlights, but can not be interacted with. The tool can be equipped again.

If you then equip the axe for the second time, if follows the player around properly.
If you equip a hammer for a second time, it acts just as before.

When a tool is dropped for the second time, the parts separate again (if they were fixed), and the handle no longer highlights. You can no longer use the handle for anything, or equip the tool.

Aside from equipping tools, I'm not sure how you're supposed to turn wood into boards, hitting them only seems to make firewood.


Also, you can't equip a tool of the same type you currently have equipped. You can't equip a hammer while wielding a hammer, or an axe while wielding an axe. The default tool counts as a hammer, so you have to pick up an axe first.

My game start up in a SUPER HIGH resolution and i cant presse certain button so i cant change the resolution because the accept button in the graphics menu is too low is there a way to fix this ls or put the accept button on top next version plsssss

Ah I been Playing My little Blacksmith shop But One time someone Order an Polearm So Im gonna make a short sword But when I try to hit a one ingot nothing happen even a many times i try to hit it And My Been Playing This for Day 10 (In the Game) So help So i can progess more


Sounds like youve selected Blunt weapon head. Which is 2 or 3 ingots. No, 1 ingot option for blunts...

im on v0.0.731 and whenever i have a weapon near the area where the npcs order their weapon, instead of waiting for their weapon they just take the closest one and pay me for that. This bugs me because if someone wants that weapon that he just took i have to get all the supplies and make it again. (Windows 8.1, GeForce GT 730, AMD A6-6400K APU, 3.9 GHz, 4.0 GB RAM, NVIDIA High Definition Audio, 187.8 GB free space) [Dunno if you need the last one]. Steps to reapeat.... Make any weapon, put it on the front counter, wait for someone to roll up, they just take it and pay you for that weapon not what they asked for. Thanks :)

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Hey Vulcan,

Thanx for posting the issue and I am aware and working on a fix. For the time being, until the next updat, keep any weapons off the counter other then the one the customer is asking for. Let me know if there are any other issues.


So, this is the closest thing I could find to an "Issues" thread, but that's besides the point.

I'm in version 0.0.731, and all the ingots are so... expensive. I don't know if it's because I shouldn't be in this version, or if it's just you're choice in price, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I just want to know if that's how it's supposed to be or if I have to do something to change that.

For now, yes.. Just keep at it, with the ingots you can afford until you can buy the next ingot.

So it's actually worth it to buy a $500 Iron ingot, make a dagger, throw a fancy grip on it, and sell it? and you still actually make profit?

Tin*. I meant Tin ingot.

yeh, you make profit on whatever you sell... just be wary of a bug, where sometimes you dont get paid for the ingot used in the weapon. Always check your sales board after a sale and save often, so you can reload the game if it does that.

I have a bug in the game. basically when I am cooling short blades like the dagger and sometimes one handed sword blade. what happends is the blade drops into the cooling tub and goes underneath off it. Then it is almost impossible to get it back out. I have lost like $510 to this glitch.


Hey Hazzard Laser,

Thanx for the bug report. I'll look into fixing it for the next update.

Hello! I Might Be The Only One Still Having This Problem. Wich is When i launch the game through the Itch.io Desktop app it says

"Fatal Error" Upon Launch. And When i Download It From a Browser It Still Does This Error. Im Running Version


Here are My Spec's

Processor: AMD E1-6015 APU with Radeon(TM) R2 Graphics 1.40 GHz

RAM: 4.00 GB (2.99 GB Usable)

OS: 32-bit Operating System


Hey Zap,

I would suggest sending a message to Itch about any issues with there app/website.

One suggestion I would give is open the game folder which can be done through the itch app and try running the game from there.

I can load the game up but once i enter the game, i can't play it. Yesterday i put it in full screen and ever since then whenever it gets past the loading screens it will put the game in full screen then minimize it. I can maximize it but once i do it will minimize again

I am having a problem. It's listed above this comment


Hey Mostwanted884,

Does this happen only with this game or does it happen with other games/software as well?

Just with this one. I managed to press Alt + Enter while it was trying to minimize and got it out of full screen.

I have started playing the game recently and have encountered 2 major problems so far.

The first is that if my mouse goes below, about halfway i think it is, on my monitor then i get my desktop mouse instad and it will either tab me out of the game or just not able to click on anything.

The second is that the options menu is vey slow and when i go to change options it sort of freezes for a minute or so but i can still move my mouse, this is not a major issue but more of a slight annoyance.

If needed i can provide a demonstartion of etiher of these.

Many times when I'm building weapons on the crafting table, they glitch and get stuck in the walls.

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There is 2 ways to fix this that I know of:

Vigorously shake your mouse while holding the object,

Rotate the object out of the wall. (Neither of these work 100% tho)

hey Guys. Im Running the newest version of the Game.

I had a bug where i sold an IRON great sword and just got 21$ ...

I was Not able to reproduce the situation but it really triggered me, because i saved up for this iron peaces.

(Edited 1 time)

As of this comment, I'm on the latest version.

Whenever I change a keybinding, it doesn't stay for me. What I'm doing is changing the item wheel to another key since my Z key is broken, and whatever (working) key I choose doesn't bring up the little wheel. I have tried making it upper and lower case, neither works.

Another bug I've noticed is that I commonly drag my mouse out of the game screen, although the game is still in progress and not in the escape menu. I don't have mouse keys or anything enabled, so I don't know of a way to fix (except full, but I'm on a bad laptop so I'm trying to keep my frames as high as possible with a smaller windowed screen)


Hey Arcorior,

At the current build, there is no support for keyboard bindings. 

The lastest version should force your mouse in the game window. If not, i'll take another look at why it's not.

Thank you!

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Heyo! I don't understand if something is actually wrong or I am just mistaking it, because I don't see anyone else with the problem. After using my daily reset token, I wait an in-game day to see if I can use it again, and I am unable to. I figured it meant real days so after a real time day, I get on and I still don't have the daily reset token. I don't understand if I have to spend a full days worth playing the game to get it or if something is wrong.


Processor: AMD A10-7850K Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G, 3700 Mhz, 2 Cores, 4 Logical Processors

RAM: 8.00 GB

OS: 64-bit


Hey Padatsky,

I'll look into why its not resetting, but it should reset every "ingame day".

The radial menu doesn't work. I can switch to hammer head after I select blades. Restarted the game just in case it was a glitch, nope, it's defo a bug.


The radial menu detects how many ingots are on the anvil to determine which options are available. For instance, hammers do not have a one ingot hammer head, and as such will not be selectable with only one ingot on the anvil.

I DONT know what it is but my game starts i full screen but its still in windowed and i cant change the graphics nor the res nor can i resset or accept

i,m runing the latest version as of right now and when you see this its still propably will be the newest becase i have the same prob scince 32bit so yea pls help ,thx dasius


Hey Max the soul stealer,

I would suggest deleting your "C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\Settings" file.

Hi I have had a problem starting the game because of an error message about an audio application. The error said" The program could not start because x3daudio1_7.dll is missing from this computer." What do I do?


Hey DJSwagger_Youtube,

Any missing dll is not a result of the game but with windows. Try this link and see if this help https://www.microsoft.com/en-u... .  If not, I would suggest contacting  Microsoft support. 

Hey, Dasius, if at all possible, could you make this game run on something that doesn't need Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime? Because whenever I try to run the game, some error with it happens, so I can't even open the game ;(. Please, if at all possible, because I do really want to try playing the game!


Current Version 0.0.731

  1. If you have anything on the shelves next to the counter (left-hand side when you are facing outside the door),  If you sell something to someone they will take an item off that shelf instead of taken that Item you made.
  2. If you have something premade on the shelves and you try to take it off the shelf and hand it to the customer they don't register it's there, you have to break it apart and reassemble it.
  3. Swords mainly getting stuck in bench or wall when attaching to guards.  Usually when you have the blade in hand and guard on the bench.
  4. When picking up a piece off the ground after opening package another piece would tend to go flying off in a random direction.
  5. Jumping and getting stuck on something like the forge, water bucket, or rocks.

Oh almost forgot rotation doesn't work correctly in game.  I tried to rotate grips to fit onto my bench but I couldn't get it to rotate.

  1. Known bug. Customers seem to take the closest weapon, once they notice the weapon they want is in their range.
  2. Customers don't notice weapons that are already inside their range when they enter the store, you need to take any weapon out of the range and put it back in for them to notice it.
  3. Generally when you craft a weapon, the guard/grip stays still and the blade teleports into place. If the guard is pointing into the table, attaching a blade to it will cause the weapon to be stuck. To fix this, hold alt while looking at the weapon to rotate it (ignoring physics), until it is out of the table.
  4. This is because the grab system pulls the item to a fixed position in front of you, usually closer to you than the item originally was. When the item snaps to this position, it pushes anything on top of it at highs speeds. Be careful picking up an item at the bottom of stack, and you should be fine.

Hopefully you can use these workarounds in the meantime.


Thanx Platoonsgt1 !


Sorry I am talking about if I have a polearm on the LH shelf next to the counter and the customer wants a one-handed hammer.  I would hand them the one-handed hammer but they would take the polearm off the shelf leaving the one-handed hammer on the counter.

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I'm also experiencing this and it's driving me insane. Oh, you wanted a greatsword? Here's an Adamantine greatsword I just made yo- aand you've decided to take a Mithril spear off the shelf, and pay me for a Mithril greatsword. I just wasted money.






Just to clarify what's happening. You're showing the customer the weapons they want (1H-Hammer). They then look at the closest weapon to them (Polearm), and take that instead.

To avoid this, make sure there are no other weapons closer to them than the one you're handing them. Even better, as customer won't yet pick weapons off of selves when they arrive (Bug 2), you can keep your weapons further back in the store until needed.

I found a kind of cheat way of making money by putting out a ton of daggers out on the counter then I just wave the item they want in front of them pull it back they take the dagger I get money equivalent to the item they wanted.  Of course having the dagger in the most expensive materal and handle jacks up the price.

So I am up to the Adamantite metal and I just made an 'Adamantite One Hand Sword' for some guy and he payed me $16 for it XD. I checked the purchase list and it claims to just be a 'One Hand Sword' rather than an 'Adamantite One Hand Sword' however I definitely made it completely out of AdamantiteThis is the image ... I am running Alpha 0.073 and my specs are [Intel i7-3770 @ 3.4GHz, 16GB of ram, 64bit Windows OS, Nvidia GeForce GT-630]

This is related to an ongoing bug, where a blade already part of a weapon reattaches to another grip/guard. The resulting sword has no value associated with the blade, whereas the remaining grip which had its blade removed retains the value of the blade. (Non-sword weapons also have this bug)

If you're clever, this bug is quite exploitable. Performing the bug again (attaching the valueless blade to a new grip) will give the blade's value to the previously connected grip.

1-Version 0.0731

2-J'ai fait une séries d'armes en avance pour les héros.

Lorsque j'apportait une nouvelle arme demandé et non préparer pour un héros, le héro présent a prit une autre arme pour partir. Je ne connais pas sur le coup ce qui a fait cette différence.


4-Make a lot of weapon.

5-I send it later.


Hey Chugo,

It's been too long since i've written anything french so I will try to answer respond the best I can.

Francais: Pour cette version, tu dois seulement avoir une arme sur le contoir ou les client vont prendre le premier arme qu'il voit. Je travail sure une solution.

English: You can't have more than one weapon on the counter or the customers will take whatever they see first. I'm working on a solution.

No need to write in french, i can read haha.

And thx for the information.


Oh ok :). 

No problem.

Tbh, I just wanted to practice my french a little..

We can chat anytime if you want, no problem with that, i will do my best to use a correct french. (A défaut de l'anglais >.>)


No worries!

I was making a one hand sword from tin and when I sold it I only got 17 gold. The log said "One Hand Sword" with no "Tin" in front even though it was. I just lost all my hard earned money from this. (running latest version .731 alpha with a Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card)


Hey W1LL14M,

It is a known bug. Sorry for that. 

Still trying to find a solution for the bug.

Appreciate the work then. ;)

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(I just discover i wright in french. fail in copy past with google trad XD)

A bug about shield:

1-Version 0.0731 - sand box

2- When you make the shield, the parts of the shield dont become on entity. That can do a hit box bug if you keep a part on your hand (right click). Also, shields will be fly until you brock them on the anvil. (It's funny to see :D) The hand grip cannot be take, but it is not on the shield.

2bis- The shield doesn't assembly like shild: You can't just touch each other. You need the right position, in the right angle, in the right side.

Edit: The Enarme doesn't permit to move the shields. Same with the shield boss who fall of my tower shield (Marf!)

3- After made 3 shield (on incomplet, 2 complete but don't claim to be a complet shield, like sword or hammer), i can't do this bug anymore.

4- For the first time (?) Stay right clik input when you place a element on the shield.

Edit bis: 2ter- I have put a second head on the axe. Yes, my axe have 3 head: Normal head (single axe head) and the dual blade head. That work with the hand gard.

3ter- http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/23/6/1497126222-triple-hache-1.png

4ter- Put a head on the axe already finished.

5-Mother board: Rampage V Extreme ASUS

Intel i7 6heart 3300Mhz

Graphic board:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

8Gbit ram.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Thanx Chugo for the bug report. 

In version 0.0.8, we might not see shields implemented. The weapon system still needs perfecting and implementing shields will make things more complicated but i'll come back to reports like yours when I am ready to complete implementation of shields.

Issues with axes should be cleared for version 0.0.8.


Ok! I don't touch Shield again :D Except if i want to see something fly! \o/

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

I will be productive this night (22:37)

1-Version 0.0731 - sand box

2- I do a sword on mythril, Just for the beauty of gesture... And... i dont know why, but i've obtein a pistosword (no kidding)


4- Place the gard first, place the grip after. Look funny to use :D

5-Mother board: Rampage V Extreme ASUS

Intel i7 6heart 3300Mhz

Graphic board:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

When you level up, after you select where to put your points, how do you leave that menu? I have tried escape, tab, and left clicking. Along with button mashing the entire keyboard because I was stuck in the menu...

P again. for sorting the stat menu.

Thanks! My bad, I forgot that P opened the menu in the first place.

Wont let me look up and down or let me use my mouse pls make a way to change that or fix it plz


Hey ValianOrbm

Unfortunately, you didn't give me enough information to know why the issue is present. Are you running any software that might alter your mouse? Are you sure the game window is active? What are you system specs?

Hey thanks for replying i am not sure it is my mouse.

I tested another game that was created with the same software UE4 and that also didn't let me use the Y or X axis of my mouse.The right,middle and left buttons of my mouse did work however.


Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU         960  @ 3.20GHz, 3193 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

Name NVIDIA Quadro 4000

Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 12.0 GB


Logitech RX1000 mouse using HID_Compliant Mouse driver.

Thanks for replying and let me know if more info is needed


Hey ValiantOrb,

I'm not quite sure why you are having issues with UE4 specifically. I'm assuming it works fine with other games outside of UE4?

It could be a internal issue with UE4

Have your tried changing the game between Fullscreen and windowed mode?

Also, is it possible you have a 3rd party software that  may interfere with UE4, like an antivirus software?

OK thanks i will try testing all of those things  and i will get back to you as soon as i can


Version 0.0731
So the gettin paid less than what it is glitch:
I can make the customer accept any item I want by placing the item on the bench and then quickly bringing the wanted item in its vincinity and then back out. It seems like he'll grab any item closest to him once the right weapon has been detected. 
Also this seems to glitch out and mess up when you decide to hold the right weapon in their face but he/she grabs a different weapon resulting in much monies lost in investment on an item.

Already know.

That my first sentence, in french, sorry.


Also side note, glitch can be exploited rn for anyone who lost all their money investing their newest ore by making every customer buy a great hammer/sword with my first point above. Just dont have any item within reach for the customer to avoid this bug.

(Edited 3 times)

In current version .0731 under "purchase details" it is counting a copper greatsword blade (3 ingots) as a copper short blade (1 ingot) in name and price, should be $30 but prices at $10. The names of the polearms are switched as well, prices are fine with them.

1. 0.0.731

  1. 0.0.731
  2. npc's take other weapons besides asked weapon
  3. N/A
  4. make any weapon and leave it on the counter, then when an npc come as asks for a different one, make that then put it on the table, the NPC will then take the old weapon, paying you for the new one (usually causing a loss in profit)
  5. not needed, this isnt a performance issue

I have a bug where the costumer request a certain item but takes another item. That would be very frustrating if i wouldn't make multiple items. For instance: costumer is requesting a one hand sword but takes a one hand hammer or a great hammer or dagger, not taking what he wants. Potentionally taking the wrong item. Can you take a look at it?

Newest version of the game. It wasnt like this before. Thank you

Hi I really like the game but I noticed some bugs, mainly with selling items.

1. If you (for example) stand on a greathammer and pick it up the hammer puls you in the air, it is enjoyable but most likely unintended, also items tend to fly off if you pick up something underneath them.

2. selling doesn`t work with pre made items, I premake items because it speeds up the process and gives you some extra money for the short time but it tends to be buggy. At first I put my items on rack next to the door this, however stopped customers from taking the item, you could swing the requested item in thier face forever before they took it, if they took it at all, now I leave my items in the back, next to the crafing bench and this happens no more.

3, incorrect sales. I don`t know if this only happens with pre-made items but sales are incorrect, if I check the sales log I see daggers that appearantly had gaurds, normal polearms grips that get sold for fancy polearm grips (note that the price remains $10 and this always happens, a naming bug) a dagger that has a large hammer head (also gets sold for $30) or Greatswords that get sold for $8 cause the blade isn`t recognised (also happens quite often). The polearm grip is a naming bug but all the other buggs are bugs in the sell process, daggers are sold for more cause of the (none existant) gaurds, sword have hammer heads and greatswords loose thier blades(note, only greatswords lose a part, the blade, further parst get switched, same value or more expensive or non sword items get a one hand gaurd V2 added)

I hope this is usefull, keep up the good work

(Edited 3 times)
Hello, I play the Alpha version 0.0.73.

I have fourteen days in the game and a customer asked me a great sword. I gave him a copper great sword, but the game considered a copper  great sword like a tin great sword and on the list of materials, the game considered that I had only used an ingot to do a short blade ... Inconsistency and double bug ... I can not describe the steps to follow except that I am the 14th day.

* Windows 7 Premium Family Edition
64 bits
Intel Core i5-4690K CPU 3.50 GHz
16 Go RAM
GeForce GTX 750 Ti


alt tabbing seems to crash the game every once in a while, but not often. 


Greatswords have a bit of a glitch where you dont get paid for the blade of the greatsword. Both myself and my two brothers have experienced this. It's not such a problem with copper but anything more expensive is a ridiculous loss. Sometimes it works but only like %20 of the time. Thanks for your great hard work. We are in love with this game :)

i am running the latest edition and wheni put a resolution on a higher state half of the screen is unusable even when im not in the menu i have a gtx 1050 ti with a i5 2320 and 8 gb ram

(Edited 1 time)

I can confirm the bug with greatswords. Game is freshly installed, third order I get is for a great sword, make it, get paid only for grip and guard. No other completed item was present at the time.

Just to clarify: All other weapons have been selling fine. I am now at day 4, and only greatswords are affected it seems, so I just stopped making them.

ic you have a problem where your screen is fullscreen and you can't minimze because you can't click aplly try finding what keys you need to press to minimize a screen o found them a while back but can't seem to remmember

I had kinda the same issue as (aidyn89) but Greatswords were fine the past 20 days, fine and dandy, So I was making an iron greatsword, and I never knew there was a 2nd variant. Just said eh and sold it, and the metals weren't counted, so kinda was irked but I had 3 more spare iron just set to the side, so I had made another greatsword and now the original Greatsword isnt adding the metal. Im running on 0.0.73 Blank GreatSword, w/ no metal pricing?

Also another thing thats bugging out is that I try to go into windowed mode, and it stays in fullscreen and just cant clink any buttons around and its weird positions. sorry to bother ><

  1. 0.0.731
  2. Cannot separate guards from grips. Sometimes this happens outside of player control (see 4) and it should be reversible.
  3. I was going to screencap this, but apparently my save didn't take and I don't have enough cash at the moment to buy any spare parts (I pre-make equipment and I'm fairly early still)
  4. Buy a 2h guard and a 1h grip, break box when fully over the workstation, get unlucky and they auto-stick.
  5. Irrelevant. (Will provide if needed)

You can separat this kind of item to smash it into the anvil.

(Edited 2 times)

i downloaded the latest version now (the 4 hour version) and the resolution was a little less than I use, so I put the resolution at the maximum and when I went into options to decrease the mouse sensiviti the game minimized and When I clicked the exit, nothing happened

But when i click on any buton (in the pause) in the same place was the "exit" but the game minimized i tryed to use less resolute to dont bug but when i try click accept it close

My game wont load

(Edited 3 times)

So, 0.8 seems pretty stable, overall. Encountering a few issues, though...

Selling items is like pulling teeth. 10 coins for one bronze axe (bear minimum 21 coins in materials, barring mining), 4 for the next. That required a reset, as I was out of money. Tempering items might make them more valuable, but as I got 15 coins for a bronze dagger with a common hilt, with 100 quality...maybe not. There seems to be nothing in-game that tells you about tempering, either. Also, one person outright ignored the greatsword I made for them.

Smelting works well enough, but two fuel-related problems: removing fuel doesn't stop the smelting quickly at all; usually long enough to smelt a bar or two. And leaving fuel causes it to burn until it's consumed, even after the smelter turns off. I'm not sure if logs have a non-firewood purpose, but I haven't found it if it exists.

I'm not sure about the purpose of the crystals, as the fire and water crystals have no tips. I haven't tested tempering near the light/dark crystals enough to figure out what they do, though the effects are neat.

Non-mined ore deposits don't reset after a game day, so if your mine fills with anything above your pick, RIP mining for a while. Leaving ore on the ground in the mine is a bad idea, as I'm pretty sure it disappears if you leave the mine.

I'll probably mess around in Sandbox a bit more, just to work more things out. Nice update, but all of my attempts at making money have failed thus far. The only profit I've had this update was that dagger.

Oh, so that seems major. There's no such thing as a pickaxe above copper. Making a tin/iron greataxe head instead creates a copper greataxe head. Considering the price of those materials, I can imagine considerable anger upon someone meeting that glitch in shop mode.

Further edit: No, that just seems to happen with all items. No matter what I try to forge, it magically becomes copper. Maybe it has to do with using a copper hammer, but I can't upgrade it if my hammer transmutes all metals into copper. Warning to all players: if you manage a profit, stick to copper. Trust me on this one. I wanted to see what would happen if I smelted tin and copper at the same time, but without at least a tin pick, I can't.


Hey Tallbrain123,

Thanx for the comprehensive bug list. They have been logged.

Mining wasn't meant to replace purchasing ingots. Just another means to make extra cash. I'll be doing more work on it so nothing is final.

There seems to be a thick fog everywhere in 0.8 which causes the game to look pretty bland and washed out, plus it makes it almost impossible to take a good screenshot. I'm guessing it's a bug, but if it's not could we have the option to disable it?

Also I'm seconding what Tallbrain said, making money seems impossible. I played for about 5 ingame days and I have less money that I started with. Buying ingots directly is a trap as the final item seems to always sell for less than what the ingots were worth.


They Twisted HBG,

Is this Fog not going away ever? The fog should only appear when it rains or when you are in the forest.

(Edited 1 time)

i got the latest version yesterday and the fog seems to be constant, i does seems to thin out a bit every now and then but it can be very over powering, also i cant seem to make a profit when selling items is there something im missing ? i read a bit further up that there is a mine i just cant seem to find it :p
DM i found it :) stumbled across it while walking in the fog lol

It's probably always there because it's always raining - in about 90 minutes of play I had maybe 5 minutes of no rain. But even if it is intentional for it to be foggy when it rains I still think it doesn't look good and would really love the option to disable it :)

My problem is that it doesn't feel like normal fog, it feels like my view distance has been reduced to the minimum which makes the game look washed out and bland - I want the old happy colors back! Also, it also affects the inside of the house which doesn't feel right.

why cant i downloud 0.0.8 on the itch.io app ? ( did paid for the update)

(Edited 1 time)

you should have an email with a link to the download

scratch that i read it wrong, i just downloaded the app and i managed to download it fine.. so its either being fixed or something is wrong on your end maby ?

but do you have 0.0.8


Since it's a seperate download file, you'll probably need to uninstall  any previous versions of the game  if you hadn't done so already. If it still downloads another version then you might have to do it manually with the browser. Correct me but I believe a popup should appear giving you an option to choose which file to download.

Whenever i continue my game i seem to have a pick and grip sat on my workbench, not sure if i need to star a new game or not.. i just updated to 0.0.81 anyone got any ideas ? im starting to get a bit of a pile out the back window :p


Hey psychoando,

I'll have a patch to remove it

(Edited 1 time)

Awesome :) no rush though its not a big deal, maby we could get a bin out the back of the house if thats easier ?  like the one in the sandbox mode ?

Edit - it also says im still tired after i've just had a sleep

well if you think about it you get 2 free stuff every time you continue your game ( more gold bwhahahah )

thats what i thought but i cant sell them lol :P

whenever i try to run it, it said "windows smartscreen has detected a unrecognized app running" and the only option it "don't run"

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Hey thedude646,

There are no malware or spyware or adwares on the game. You can add my game to any exceptions list to any softwares that blocks the game.

there should be another button you can press that will expand the bottom of the pop up and you can click run from there

There should be something that looks like text but it is a link saying "more information"

Then you can get the game to run :)

(Edited 1 time)

i can not play more 10s?

Developer (Edited 2 times) (+1)

Hey Radar 0

Not even 10s? Are you able to get to the menu screen?

In patch 0.0.81 when you pick up mithril ingots the game has a fatal error message pop up and the game crashes


Hey DC2200,

There might a PhysX bug. Thanx for letting me know

(Edited 2 times)

so this happened xD not sure what caused it but i logged out with 1 coal near my smelter.. now i have it everywhere it even got in my bedroom window lol

edit - sorry first time uploading a pic with imgur so wasn't sure how to do it if this dont work.. i can see it though :p


Hey Thanx psychoando,

I am aware of the bug and am taking the necessary steps to eradicating the issue.

dont worry about it dude, i didn't know there was 'known bugs list' until just after i put the post up.. sorry for being a scrub and keep up the good work


Naw no worries, I still appreciate it. Thanx

Sir im wondering how to make a sword im having troubles figuring it out

Youtube vids are amazing

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I have a problem where the only heads I can access are shields. Can you help me with this?


I found how to do it, but you should be able to change it anywhere

the game crashes in about 15 seconds theres is not enough time to even change the graphs

I am having the same problem with the coal, I opened up the game and there was coal everywhere! It also caused a lot of lag and I could barely move in the game.

There is a bug with the horse and the wagon. The horse essentially turns to fast (180 degrees) and the wagon's front wheels turn over through the wagon, making the wagon useless as it is now sideways. (Running MLBS 0.0.81)

(Edited 1 time)

In the most recent version (what with the mining) actually going out to mine is rather frustrating due to the crates/horse.  Picking up a full crate will cause the ores/stones in it to randomly explode out of it and go all over the place, and the horse's cart likes to bounce around more than the wagons in Red Dead Redemption, like the premise but the way it's working currently is frustrating.  Also, found what look like logs for the furnace out in the forest but wasn't able to pick them up or the like (didn't have an axe at that point cause the game bugged on launching and just deleted all my starting stock outside the pickaxe/handle)

-Edit: Also noticed that it seems that the wagon, even if the horse is standing still, will bounce and jump about randomly, causing it to spill logs, and that, on occasion, while turning (even with a wide turn) logs will fall out the bottom or the wheels will clip through the wagon (even slightly) and force logs/ore out.  Even had a case of the horse walking in a strait line, with an empty crate at the back of the wagon and a stone and a coal at the front, and nothing for the horse to 'run into' (no rocks or anything) and suddenly the crate shoots past me, I tell the horse to stop and the coal and stone are no where to be seen.  Perhaps the horse's wagon could have a 'closed' state that you set it too when getting ready to move it that kind of 'freezes' or seals it's contents inside it to solve the problem?  Also perhaps removing the front set of wheels would help too, since they clip through the wagon, a ton.

Yeah the horse definitely has room for improvement, it is not the safest way of transporting :)

You can pick up the crate safer when crouching - try uncrouching, sometimes you can then go full speed - you are almost the same speed when crouching, and you don't shake the box as much.

Happy mining :)

I've had it explode the stuff out when picking up while crouching as well, it's less frequent but still does happen on occasion.

I can't change to any other equipment... 

i cant open the game its just keeps saying i need Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 pls help me

When the horse follows me the wagon always glitches out. it will either shoot up with shoots all the ores into the air, or the wagon will gitch under the ground, becoming unuseable. please make it so the wagon always stays on the ground and doesnt jerk up or down

(Edited 2 times)

Um my game crashes after 20 seconds when i open it from itch (the itch.io desktop app), is it because of itch or does my computer just suck?

Edit: im in version 0.0.81 Win64

Error code:LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.15+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 932] 

GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread after 30.00 secs


The starter pickaxe spawns on the table whenever I spawn in the game.  This is really annoying when you have multiple useless copper pickaxes laying everywhere (I will not sell them because a miner doesn't come all the time and I need the most I can get)

My game Lags so i Try to change the Graphics settings From Epic to Low, but every time i manage to click low, the game Freezes for about 20-30 seconds then tells me something in the files isnt working, then it shuts the game down

So I have found a very minor bug that may or may not have been reported but I have noticed that on the clock, the minute and hour hands have swapped. The second hand is fine but the hour hand moves faster than the minute hand. Just a little bug I found.


Hey Rublue3748,

I did make the adjustments.

Thank you!

Your welcome! The hands were starting to bug me anyways. Great to see that you make even the smallest of adjustments with all of these bugs!

Ok had a glitch, fire wood turns into coal... dont know how. and i cant improve the quality of a head piece


Hey Dwarv3nK1ng,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I wouldnt say don't worry about quality as its still a  work in progress. and has no impact to your prices at the moment.

thanks man, and good work on the game, love it!

1. I am currently running 0.0.81

2. After updating I started my game and the new game starts out at very low FPS and looks washed out. Sensitivity is also very low and cannot be changed.

3. -------------

4. I just started the game and it goes to full window and it happens.

5. GTX 950 2gb, 16gb 3200 RAM, i5 6600k

i need help with my cursor. it keeps going off the screen when its like in a corner. before anyone asks no i dont have a seccond moniter please help it would be nice to play the game a bit better

when i starting playing a error says game thread timed out waiting for renderthread after 30 seconds what does that mean


I just downloaded the game and it was set to 2438 1536 which isn't the right resolution for my screen, the right one would be 2048 1080 but It won't let me hit apply because when I try to press on the lower half of my screen to change any settings, it clicks of the game to my desktop, I'm running the latest version but I don't think it matters that much, just wrong resolution is set and now I can't change it. I have uninstalled and installed the game again and also the re-install button too, nothing will reset the game to the settings it starts out as. It just automatically goes to fullscreen as it was set before.


It would be nice to somehow set resolution without pressing the apply button if someone sets the wrong resolution, maybe press the resolution you want and press enter and ta-da resolution set

(Edited 3 times) (+1)

Hi, I Have a problem the game resolution is big and my monitor doesn't support. (I don't have access the game menu (options of resolution) )

What version of the game you are running. - 0.0.81

Description of any issue or error message -  my game is in a big resolution and my monitor not support.

An image(if possible) - Dont Have

Steps to reproduce the issue(if possible) - Dont Have

System specs. - GTX 660, 6GB RAM, Intel Core I3 64bits

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have the biggest monitor but it is large, there are certain resolutions that will actually fit your monitor (hopefully) my normal resolutions that I use are 3840x2160,  2048x1152, 1920x1080.  You might be able to switch to a different resolution that could fit your screen, but the game defaulted me to 2048x1536 and I can't change the resolution because the screen fitting won't let me click the apply button, if I try to click the apply button it clicks out of the game. Just wish their was a way to change the resolution without clicking the apply button, maybe the Enter key.


Hey PubbyWinkle,

I'll look into a more optimal way of switching resolutions. 

Try F11 and see if that changes anything?

version .081 64 bit i5 core gforce graphics card 16 gb ram.  everytime i go back in to the game everything i have doubles including a new pickaxe every time which you cant sell lol i logged in one day there was an explosion it was all the coal and copper i had stored in boxes doubled and ther was ore everywhere. and there are still issues with the workbench where stuff gets stuck but ive figured out how to get stuff out so no real problem there.

ok thank you :D

F11 did help thank you so much!

How do I get tools out of my table


Grab them and shake furiously.

Hold alt while holding the item and you can rotate it out (may take a few tries, also the rotate is slightly awkward)

Did u fix the prople for the game crashing right  when  your in your shop

I shook harder than furiously!

Made a dagger out of a tin ingot, and somewhere in the process of cycling the dagger styles it became a copper dagger... lost 500$ on it.

Also the time constraints in this new version seem rather unreasonable if you don't already have everything on hand. VERY often i find i brought an item back from the workbench only to see the customer walking away now.

1. Alpha 0.0.81

2. Radial menu is stuck on "Heads," and does not allow me to select any other type of part to create. Even after selecting "Shields" the menu shows "Heads."


4. None 

5. Intel i5-3570k Ivy Bridge, GTX 660, 16GB DDR3 RAM


Hey Nashbot,

You need to have ingots on the forge to make a selection. The weapon head type is based on how many ingots are on your anvil. If you have 1 ingot, only dagger blades(short blades) are available. If you place 2 ingots your selection options grows. So on and so forth. I'm still updating and the wheel will see some improvements as well.

Got it! Thanks for the quick response :)

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