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Finding VR games on this site is way messy

A topic by Kasper Hviid created Jan 17, 2017 Views: 152
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The company Oculus have created four different HMDs:

  • Samsung Gear VR (together with Samsung)
  • Rift DK1 (Rift Developer Kit version 1)
  • Rift DK2 (Rift Developer Kit version 2)
  • Rift CV1 (Rift Consumer Version 1)

I personally have the Rift CV1. However, when I surf for games on, the games are simply listed as supporting 'Oculus' which is the name of the company, not the Rift HMD, and also, I have no idea if the games are made for DK1, DK2 or CV1. (these are different HMDs which are not compatible with the same games. Rift Developer Kit was the first VR people got to play with, so there was a lot of exitement and a lot of games was created for it.)

Right now, this site has lots of great VR content, but it is really offputting that I have to guess if those 'Oculus' games are compatible with my Rift CV1 or not.

Can anything be done to make things a bit more userfriendly?