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Bugs/issues on demp. Sticky

A topic by Dεмøη created Jan 17, 2017 Views: 63,834 Replies: 131
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I cant see my partner, whats happening?

Hi i have problem - when i join server i cant see my riend , only his shadow , some idea to fix ?

I have a problem.. I can't see the multiplayer button on the top. I did everything that the videos are showing me.

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I cannot see my friend, only his shadow, same for him. When shark breaks platform it breaks only for player shark [i mean about one shark per player], host only can hook items, player cannot.

Did I install something wrong because when I played with my friend the model is invisible can you fix this?

Unable to reel in fish. Cast line out, line goes under, reel in and nothing. kept starving to death until i found potatoes in a barrel.

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There's no fish when I tried to fish. in multiplayer

hi i just found out a bug you can't get fish from fishing rod  this is a bug that keeps making me problems on my server i have 1.05 version  and this one bug makes surviving harder i can't catch fish sorry for my bad english

All is fine but i have one problems i can,t see the people in game.

The server and client side settings are messed as I see one thing then my friend sees another

I have a problem, I played with a friend and kept all the success, 
 and I came out of multiplayer. today I created a server, clicked "select save" and my save is not, what should I do?

i cant see other players and my friend cant either 

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