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All releases of Demp Sticky Locked

A topic by Dεмøη created Jan 17, 2017 Views: 18,508
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For update info, go here :

Types of versions:

  • Full - Complete version, without any installation.
  • Singly - To install mod just simply unpack .rar file content to game directory and override all files.

Test version:

- (v1.02c) (2017/01/22) (Raft v1.05)

Newest version:

- (v1.02c) (2017/01/22) (Raft v1.05)


- (v1.02b) (2017/01/22) (Raft v1.04)

Old versions:

-(v1.01b) (2017/01/19) (Raft v1.04)

-(v1.01) (2017/01/17) (Raft v1.04)

- (v1.0) (2017/01/16) (Raft v1.04)

Other downloads:

  • none

Folder with the game should look like:

Mountain View