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OTHER: Her Loving Embrace [EARLY DEMO]

A stylish turn-based RPG/action platformer hybrid. · By Pringle

re: Video for the DEV - This is cool

A topic by wobblyfootgamer created Sep 30, 2019 Views: 212 Replies: 1
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I've just got your email about the game release so I've had a play (This is cooooool) and I think  i've found a bug. 

After going into the training camp and pressing a few keys (Sorry, i can't remember)  the character flashes multiple colours after which, if you leave the training camp, the audio from the colour change effect is still playing. Is this correct?

I'm just gonna make some tea (Here in the uk) and then I will have another play and post a better and longer video.

All the best and good luck

thats from charging up your super meter which is activated with charge (shift / C ) and attack ( B / X ) 

looks like there was a bug in the first builds that made the noise / meter persist after battle

i didn't encounter that when playing now tho