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Dark fantasy romance, lots of dialog choices. · By Rolling Crown

Game is not working

A topic by Elianagi created 15 days ago Views: 52 Replies: 8
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I just payed for the game and downloaded it. I am operating on Mac OS 10.14.6. When I open the game all I am getting is the NW.JS screen which just keeps flashing NW.JS. 

Please someone help me as I really want to play the game


Hey, did you maybe take "demonheart" out of the folder it was packed with? It seems like it can't find all the game files. Other than that, I don't know what could cause the error. I've uploaded an older version of the game too, just in case.

No, I left demonheart in the folder. Thanks for uploading the older version, I'll download it to see if it works

The older version doesn't work as well. If It doesn't work could I possibly have a refund, unless you have any other suggestions on how to fix it?


I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I will issue a refund.

I would like to hear from other Mac users, is this issue affecting everyone? Maybe it's related to some system update, there have been a few reports about this recently.

Thank you

Unfortunately,  I seem at have run into the same problem. I have tried to download and open the app twice now and no luck. I'm operating on an older mac 10.12.6 and have also gotten the NW.JS screen. It's unfortunate, I would have really liked to play this game. 


If you have a Steam account, you could claim a Steam key and try to install it there. That has worked for someone else. If not, tell me and I'll send you a refund.

Thanks, I'll try that! I'll let you know if that works for me.