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You Belong

On sleepless nights, under moonlit sky, home never feels far. · By Clear World Games, Tyson Wetton, Luna E., Jackdegraaf

can't get past title screen

A topic by saiyohara created Sep 22, 2019 Views: 203 Replies: 3
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this game looks so cool, but i made an account just to ask if i was doing something wrong. after booting it up and going through the (super cool) title sequence, the "you belong" just kinda flashes out and i'm stuck with the nice blue scenery...and that's it. i've tried every button on my keyboard and nothing seems to progress it. sorry for posting such a dumb topic ajdhsdjf


Sorry this didn't work for you. Please don't feel bad about making a topic, it's there so we can hear from  our players :)
So, this is the first time we've heard of this issue but it might be something with the scaling, have you tried running it in windowed mode when you open it? Also, what operating system are you running?

Either way, this build will be replaced in the next few months so if you're interested, feel free to stick around for updates on our Itch Page
or on our

Thank you again for taking your time, it's interactions like this that keep our team motivated :)


oh my god you're right, i've been running it in windowed mode. i think that's probably the problem shdhfh thank you for replying! i'd def be interested in sticking around to see the next update :D


Hope it helps :)