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Sam and Sara

A topic by simoose created Jan 11, 2017 Views: 173
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Game page :

Sam & Sara is a 2D platforming game I've been working on, off and on, the last couple of months. The idea was to build something, start to finish, in 38 hours of actual work. My reason for this was to test out a time schedule I wish to implement during game jams.

I asked what to make on Twitter and got challenged to 'make a game about challenging yourself'. I translated this to a game in which a man named Sam or a woman named Sara constantly races towards old memories but get hindered by their own past.

Game play wise this means that every time you reach a goal, a ghost of the past appears that performs the exact same actions as you have done before. Hitting a ghost equals losing the game. A high score system keeps track of how many goals you could reach before getting hit by your past.

I am proud to say that I have launched this game and was able to finish it in the 38 hours of work.
Everything in the game : code, art, sound, music, game design, ... is my own work, making this a highly personal project.
The final finishes were done as part of the finally finish something jam, that is still on going at this moment. (

I hope you like what I made.
All feedback is welcome and highly sought after.

Some screenshots