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Ortho maps need walls, doors, and/or removable roofs!

A topic by Just Parker created Sep 20, 2019 Views: 147 Replies: 1
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Hi, I purchased flowscape to make dungeon maps for my tabletop RPG campaigns. It's obviously very rough around the edges, but it has the potential to be THE tabletop battle map generator. The library of medieval and fantasy assets is great, but I'm currently stymied by a lack of road, floor, wall, and door tiles. It would also be nice to have more light sources like lamps, candles, and torches. There are a lot of really cool buildings, but they are not useful for interiors without the ability to remove the roof. I'm currently working on converting a campaign map to flowscape, and it's very frustrating, mostly because there is so much  potential. I have to spend a lot of time carefully placing objects and coming up with creative workarounds to the lack of interior assets, but when it works it just looks amazing. There are other fantasy map generators that sell for 2-3x the cost of flowscape that will be absolutely left in the dust if you can put some work into the map-making functionality. So, these are the features I believe are necessary to make flowscape a brilliant map-making program:

In order of priority:

  • Floor, wall, and door tiles that match the current set of architectural styles
  • Ability to snap assets to a grid
  • In addition to the current architectural styles, add dungeon, temple, and cave assets
  • The current collection of buildings, but with the ability to hide the roof and each upper level individually (so we can make a map for each floor of the building
  • More props for interior lighting (and RGB color mixing for lighting)
  • More fantasy props like weapon racks, spooky skulls and magic symbols, alchemical supplies, statues, etc
  • Roads
  • Ability to use  assets from the unity store; If this feature is added, it will remove the need for a lot of work building assets on your end.

Thank you for the awesome software, I can see how close it is to being the best fantasy map maker in the world, so I'm really excited to see it evolve! Please reach out if you need any more feedback!


P.S. I'd happily pay $60 for this program if you add all of the features above!

I second the ability to add assets from "unreal", or any other packs of objs like user collections, etc.