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A topic by UNcreativeUsername created 83 days ago Views: 86 Replies: 3
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How many endings are there in this game?



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thanks for the info. could you also provide a hint on how to get 2 endings (besides Alpha,Epsilon and Omega endings)?


Here's the requirements to get each ending:

Ending A: Beat the game for the first time.

Ending C/B: Beat the game on a 2nd playthrough, either of these are available depending on the route you take. You can brute force Ending C to appear by selling a very specific item though.

Ending D: Obtain all "Grand" items and trade them for an Aries card in Zone 0. Play the game as normal, this will ending will overwrite endings B/C.

Ending E: Spot the 3 UFOs and have the Ashley Bat. Then go to Zone 2's rooftop when it is purified. Note that you can brute force Ending D to happen if you decide to go to The Room when you've exhausted everything in the lead-up to E since you'll receive the Aries card by the end of it.

Hope that helps!