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Smith and Winston

Explore and Destroy in this fun adventure, with twin stick combat and full level destruction · By Execution Unit, Charlie, MetalDazza

DRM-free on GOG?

A topic by BorisZv created Sep 12, 2019 Views: 418 Replies: 2
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Thanks for your game, I bought it on Steam.
Will there be the game DRM-free version on GOG?

And reporting a issue:
the game doesn't work on XFS filesystem on Linux.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Developer (1 edit)

Hi BorisZv, We're not on GoG, the game was rejected by their curators because it was too niche!

Thanks for the bug report. If you move it to an Ext4 partition it will most likely work. There  does seem to be a problem with 64 bit filesystems. It's on the list of things to fix.

Oh and all copies are DRM free, on all platforms.

(PS: I deleted your other post, hope you don't mind)


Yes, the game works fine on ext4 partition.
Thanks again for the answer.