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A handful of questions

A topic by tallon created Sep 11, 2019 Views: 94 Replies: 1
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I explored everything, planted all C4 and burned the plants. Got killed quickly after my speech. Might be because the game runs at like 5fps and it looks like you can take about 5 shots until you die. I was wondering why the Elder would want to burn the plants...wouldn't he not care? Also, I ran up to the room with the firework thing hanging out of the window before they came to kill me, figuring that's the signal I'm supposed to set off, but hitting e to interact didn't do anything and neither did shooting at it, so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong there. I did try to have cult members follow me and lead them to the bunker door, but nothing really happened, they didn't follow me or enter the there something else I'm supposed to do there? Because the game was so laggy for me it took me forever just to read everything around the compound and go back and forth to plant the C4, burn the plants, etc...only to die like a minute after the raid started, lol. Not sure if it's my computer or what the deal is, I had it on the second lowest graphics settings. If you can answer any of my questions that would be great but no pressure. To summarize them, 1. Why would I want to burn the plants? 2. How do you set off the signal/what am I doing wrong? 3. What am I doing wrong in regards to getting the cultists to follow me to the bunker hatch? And I'm not sure if you can address the lag issue and my quick death or not.


1. (Elder burning the plants)
Elder Donovan burns the crops because it will release the "Entity" vapor into the air. This, in turn, will drug the SWAT team; it was a tactical move. He was aware of the raid well before it started, which is why you can burn them at any point. (Of course, he didn't tell that to his followers.)

2. (How do you set off the signal)
The signal can only be set off during the raid. If it isn't being set off post-speech, it would be a bug.

3. (The clumsy cultists)
Unfortunately, the cultists are very clumsy, and brain-dead from all the "Entity Tea" they drink. (The elders use the Entity drug to keep them subservient.) The Donovan SWAT officers knock them out QUICK, whenever they're within a few feet. The best method, really, is to make a big sweep, grabbing as much as you can at once, then defending them as they pour into the church. I'm part of the dev team (specifically music, SFX, story) and I have trouble getting the "Good Ending" myself.

As far as lag, perhaps try deleting the game entirely and reinstalling? It runs fine for all (3) members of our dev team. There should be no issues. Also recommend perhaps trying a "disk cleanup." (Personally, I use CCleaner every few days.)

Scythe Dev Team